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In the kingdom of Wutang, peace seems a distant dream. The ruling emperor, the Dragon King, rules with an iron fist, while his rebellious Wutang General, General Thunderhuan, raises the sword against him. The fighting goes on for generations, with no sign of victory. How will the battle’s outcome affect the fate of two kingdoms?
China, 1066 AD.
The Dragon King, Zhou Daohong, is on his death bed. On his death bed, there is one thing he wants to do: to test the loyalty of his people. There is one kingdom in this world that he wishes to unite. He calls upon the Wutang General, General Thunderhuan, to go and travel to the capital city of King Tang’s kingdom. King Tang has been having trouble with some rebel tribes that want to occupy the northwest of the kingdom, so he is willing to grant the Wutang General, General Thunderhuan, a request.
“This is not some stupid cliché video game with princesses and ninjas. It’s a game of survival in a brutal war between two warring clans!”
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Shaolin vs Wutang: The Assassin’s Game

“It’s stylish, it’s challenging but accessible, and it’s hard to stop playing.”
Rock Paper Shotgun
About The Game Shaolin vs Wutang:
In the kingdom of Wutang, peace seems a distant dream. The ruling emperor, the Dragon King, rules with an iron fist, while his rebellious Wutang General, General Thunderhuan, raises the sword against him.


Angelwood Features Key:

  • Full screen support
  • 5 game levels
  • Easy to use
  • Practice before playing


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Seniors presented slide shows that helped remind viewers about important
life lessons learned. Through this, they hoped to convey that although the
class has ended, college life is only beginning.

Junior Erik O’Donnell, 18, is graduating in the spring with a degree in
mechanical engineering. He started presenting at McKinley and was chosen to
participate in the senior presenters.

While presenting, the key was to have the students interact with the
audience,” O’Donnell said. “Your face shouldn’t be buried up in your laptop
while you’re presenting. It’s very important to keep your eye contact with the
audience as you’re talking, and they should be able to see that you’re engaged
with them.”

O’Donnell said when giving slide shows, “Your only goal is to get a sense
of how the audience is viewing the show, and if they look bored, you can try
to engage them.”

Senior Kevin Monroe, 18, presented on the importance of attending college
and graduating.

“College is very expensive, and we have a very good job market. I just
hope that


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This video is a review for Kingdom Under Fire: Wake of Valkoris.
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You have probably known by now that I like open world games, as you may see in the previews of the game.
In this video: everything you need to know with the controls and the mechanics of the game. A mini walkthrough and a mini review.
Who is this game for? If you


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