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Antiguo Himnario Adventista Pdf Download

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how are you this morning?

That’s the question so many people ask at holiday time. I want to give you a simple but thoughtful response.

God-breathed gifts

At Christmas, we often think about the gifts that were given to Jesus. As Luke tells us, he received the gift of the Holy Spirit on the day of Jesus’ baptism (Luke 3:21–22). Through this gift, he now teaches us as well. Every gift from God is inspired by his Spirit. And we should not lose sight of that fact as we await the blessings of the holiday season.

The first gift that was given to Jesus was his father, but it was an unworthy one. As John tells us, Judas Iscariot would not keep his promise to redeem Jesus’ blood (John 6:14–15). He was willing to pay for him in silver, but he was not willing to pay for him with his life. Instead, he bought an item that fit Jesus’ definition of worship: silver (see Exodus 30:11–16). But Judas had sold Jesus for a low price.

In spite of his unworthy purchase, God allowed Judas to use the gift he received to redeem Jesus’ blood. At that moment, it was as though he had actually been redeemed himself. This was the moment of redemption for Judas. He couldn’t keep his promise to redeem Jesus because he had sold Jesus for a low price, but he did pay for Jesus’ blood in another way.

You see, the thief was crucified with Jesus, and the Scriptures tell us that in that moment he was saved (John 19:16–18). He was not saved because of his righteousness; he was saved as a consequence of Jesus’ righteousness. God was willing to accept a wicked man’s gift because of the unworthiness of his sacrifice. Now that’s worth thinking about!

The point is that we should be grateful for the gifts that we have received at Christmastime. They have the potential to be used to make us holy as Jesus is holy, as long as we are willing to let them.

Himni[ó]re Adventista Antiguo Pdf Download

Do not lose heart.

I’m encouraging you to keep your head in this season of waiting. At the same time, allow the truth of your faith to guide the decisions you make. In the meantime, don’t lose heart, just persevere

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