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Is “Yield return” a one to one match for “fluent API”?

A new feature that I have seen: Yield return of a method is a one-to-one match for fluent API. To give you an example, here are what I mean:
public class MyClass {
public void DoThis() {
Console.WriteLine( “Do this thing” );

Is the next code:
public IEnumerable DoThis() {
return new[] { new MyClass { } };

“one to one” because it’s similar to the previous code?


No. Think of IEnumerable as a collection.
IObservable is also a collection. It’s a collection with some more specific members. It is a collection of data, not objects, and the collection is not observable – not as a collection, but as a data stream.
It’s like if C

where should i go to change the channel to show the video that i want. i dont want the channel to show what is my default channel. do any one have my problem??

My TV is analog. Some sort of standard cable providers have an option to change which channels you can watch.

If you see a bunch of red digits above the menu, you’re in the correct setting.

I’d recommend to forget that channel setting and go to the cable provider and ask them.

Most of them can’t help you if they don’t know how to set the TV though.

Yes. I found it, but still cannot change. It opens up a windows that says window cannot be found. Also, in the programming screen when I choose the tuner or the channel number which is my TV settings, when I press OK, it disappears.

But its not a problem, if any program can help me out of this matter, I’d appreciate if any help me out of this matter. Thanks

This article is somewhat out of date.The sentence “The difference between having a fixed or a manual digital tuner depends on what device you use to access the TV signal.If you are using a digital set-top box or the TV set itself, you must use the digital tuner, and you must configure it to record using the correct channel and either record on-the-fly or store the video.If you are using a video or DVD recorder, you may use a fixed tuner instead (a one-time model with a channel guide is called a “channel scan tuner”), and you must configure it to record using the correct channel” needs some work, especially re Channel only for DVB-T and an optimized Channel for IPTV like EIT. ¿What the the AMEi kind of channel for DVB-T/IPTV?

I assume the following page is not the same as my TV by any means. I’m interested in checking if it is correct. its sort of correct. It doesn’t mention if you use DVB-T or IPTV (next to IPTV you can see DVB-C). You can use the DVB-T system to use or not use a signal repeater on top of your house for your broadcast antenna. You also can see that the DVR-5500 has

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