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APT Sports Scheduler is a multifunctional sports and leisure scheduling application with exceptional features in its departmental sport calendar, reservation and accounts management, event management, customization and statistics management.
Applications features:
(1) Sport calendar – facility and customer database, search of facilities / locations, etc.
(2) Reservations and accounts management – create new, edit and cancel reservations, view status, detailed information of reservations, manage reservation, purchase and renew customers, operation mode for all reservations, read and delete messages, balances, etc.
(3) Event management – manage all events, publications and information related to each event.
(4) Customization – customize appearance of the application, choose the appearance and package for the application.
(5) Statistics management – reports, view matches, games, player statistics, etc.
(6) Import and export functions – import and export of text files, CSV files, Excel files, XML files, and so on.
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Final words:
This application is not mandatory for you to use, we just recommend that you try it to be sure that it meets your requirements.

Pro Strong Appearance

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By P. Krank

A must-have app for soccer enthusiasts

Get a strong touch app for football/soccer enthusiasts.
This app is of high quality and is worth the price.
It shows all the events you can book for any given day, even for an entire week.
The events appear in a scrolling format, making it very easy to jump to a particular day or week.
Also included is the ability to filter by the type of event, league, league classification, match date and results.
You can easily select the location of your event using the map.
I have not come across an application that allows you to create your own leagues or book players on a match-by-match basis.
You can create multiple leagues and keep track of them all in this app.
I believe this is one of the best football/soccer apps available, and will give you all the info you need to plan your next match.


APT Sports Scheduler [2022]

– *FREE* Sport Scheduling Application for Windows!
– Sport Scheduling APP with multi-user support
– Simple and user-friendly interface for managing reservations (sports, leisure, corporate events, etc.)
– supports group calendar, reminder, reminder, full or schedule booking
– support multi-language and multi-user, multi-project management
– support for PDA, iPhone, iPad, Android devices
– Add event, plan, location, date, room, customer, list, contact, status in Project
– One-stop management for multiple sports and recreation activities
– user’s satisfaction survey
– automatic management of team and league events
– Users can create their own groups to manage them
– Add/Remove calendar, event

Classical French Restaurant Management with advanced features
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APT Sports Scheduler

APT Sports Scheduler is a simple but efficient recreation sports event management program intended for professionals who need a quick and easy way to handle sports activities and sports events in real time.
APT Sports Scheduler is a sports reservation manager program that allows its users to schedule sports events, view sports events and view sports activities. APT Sports Scheduler will also manage sport venues including sports courts, stadiums, sports arenas, sports parks and stadiums and other sports related facilities like aquatic center, fitness centers, track and field centers, etc.
APT Sports Scheduler Features:
– Support 3D graphics and animation.
– Support push notifications.
– Support file transfer.
– Support internal reports.
– Support for Team management.
– Support for League management.
– Support for Customer management.
– Support for Equipment management.
– Support for Graphic/Image Designer.
– Support for Web Designer.
– Support for Community manager.
– Support for Scheduler.
– Support for Front and Back Office.
– Multi user support.
– Support for reverse engineering.
– Support for cloud storage service.
– Support for one time fees.
– Support for recurring fees.
– Support for reports.
– Support for logs.
– Support for file transfer.
– Support for 3D models.
– Support for videos.
– Support for podcasts.
– Support for statistics.
– Support for images.
– Support for clubs and teams.
– Support for leagues.
– Support for trails.
– Support for equipment.
– Support for features.
– Support for resources.
– Support for games.
– Support for other facilities.
– Support for multi-lingual support.
– Support for events schedules.
– Support for journals, logs and reports.
– Support for multiple accounts.
– Support for match reports.
– Support for handicap models.
– Support for multiple users.
– Support for multiple venues.
– Support for customers.
– Support for equipment.
– Support for coaching.
– Support for reservation reports.
– Support for closed groups.
– Support for counter reservations.
– Support for multiple schedules.
– Support for multi-lingual support.
– Support for dynamic reports.
– Support for web-based clients.
– Support for equipment management.
– Support for in-app chat.
– Support for start and end time.
– Support for attendance

What’s New In?

APT Sports Scheduler is a sports reservation management software used for scheduling sports activities. The software comes with features that allow users to manage their sports activities in a convenient way. Some of the features include multi-event management, public and private reservations, leagues, multiple users, books sports activities, routes, venues, parking, and a host of other features.

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