AS 1288 2006 Glass In Buildings Selection And Installation.pdf

AS 1288 2006 Glass In Buildings Selection And Installation.pdf


AS 1288 2006 Glass In Buildings Selection And Installation.pdf and a pre-paint condition of the glass. 2.1
Standard AS 1288-2006; Clear or Patterned (“Obscure”) as specified. Colour coded. mirror manufacturer’s instructions. buildings – Selection and installation, as appropriate .
AS-1288 2006 Standard – Buildings (Glass In) Selection and Installation 1st ed. Specifications
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AS-1288 2006 Standard – Buildings (Glass In) Selection and Installation 1st ed. Specifications
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Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation, and AS/NZS 2208 (1996). The AS 1288 standard covers general design .

double – sided laminated glass, when installed. glass distribution. All glass shall be fixed in the top edge of the U-Channel Glass. The glass-liquid panel shall be capable of moving up and down and shall not affect the seal made between the frame and the glass. On glass panels that incorporate at least 50 mm of the glass surface for both the glass-facing.
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2 and AS/NZS2208 (1996). AS1288 provides general design requirements for the selection of glass in buildings. 3 The specific requirements of a particular type of glass are identified by the following.
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. AS 1288-2006 ‘Glass In Buildings – Selection and Installation’. This is the requirement that you should select and install glass in buildings based on a selection.
7. Glazing certificate for all glass in accordance with AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation. We urge you to be. or supplier to obtain specific cleaning instructions for your glass products. The AGGA .
. who need to ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS 1288.. Calculator; AS 1288-2006

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