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Map and Vector Drawing

AutoCAD has both 2D and 3D drawing capabilities. AutoCAD supports both line drawing and polygon modeling. These models may be viewed in a variety of ways such as Ortho, Isometric, and MWP (Multidirectional Wireframe). Ortho projection makes it easier to read and understand the design details in the drawing.

3D modeling is done through a series of objects such as: points, lines, surfaces, and solids. Objects may be viewed in different ways such as wireframe, solid, cross section and the like. AutoCAD offers many different options to define the shape and line style of a drawing, from simple shapes to complex parametric. Several modeling options such as the ability to constrain objects or keep them movable are available in AutoCAD for advanced users.

Projection Views

AutoCAD supports various options for displaying the drawing. There are seven distinct ways that the drawing is presented to the user for viewing. One method involves creating a layout of the drawing on paper. Another option is to view the drawing as a series of layers, each one stacked on top of the next. The drawing can also be viewed as a 2D image or as a cross-sectional view, which can be rotated to follow any axis in any direction. The layers and views of a drawing can be saved, as can the layers and views of a drawing that are hidden.

Graphical User Interface

AutoCAD has an easy to use, graphical interface that can be customized by the user. The interface provides a solid foundation for a wide variety of functions that are accessible by using a keyboard, mouse, or by communicating with a PC using AutoCAD native protocols.

The user interface offers functions such as commands, tools, linetypes, layers, blocks, dynamic blocks, drawing views, orthographic views, section planes, feature styles, and properties that are common to most CAD applications.

User preferences (registry) are stored for each drawing project and each project may have its own set of default settings. The user can easily change the settings that are appropriate to their own needs.


AutoCAD has a wide range of communication options. The user may save and recall drawings via a network or removable data storage medium.

The communications options allow for the exchange of drawing data via electronic mail, ASCII text,

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Internal enhancements
The most significant internal enhancements to AutoCAD 2022 Crack 2014 included:

A major focus on user experience and usability. Improvements in user experience include the following:
The ribbon is now available as a secondary UI, which can be activated from the Tools menu. It contains specialized commands for working with the project, and a set of tools that are common to all AutoCAD Crack applications.
A contextual help system now appears when a user clicks on a command or control button.
The main work area and all palettes, dialogs, and toolbars are also context-sensitive.
Improved IntelliSense for all commands.

The functionality that was previously only available through the DesignCenter, as well as functionality related to the contextual help system, are now also available when creating or editing a drawing.

New internal and user interface features

The most significant new internal and user interface features included:

.NET framework support. This gives AutoCAD developers a new foundation that allows them to create and use AutoCAD modules from Visual Studio with.NET.
A new ability to hide objects and work areas to make the UI more responsive and less cluttered.

Additionally, the ability to go directly to the ribbon from the context menu was added. In previous AutoCAD versions, users had to open the menu, find the feature, then close the menu to get to the ribbon.

Other new features
The new features included:

A new ability to customize the number of digits on floating point numbers.
The ability to use the arrow keys to select multiple objects.
Improvements in color management.
A new object lock feature.
A new filter, Extract, that automatically generates filters from the query results of a query.
A new contextual help system.

Major new functionality

AutoCAD 2014 contains significant new functionality. The following are listed in a non-exhaustive manner.

New features

The new features included:

New table-driven layouts: In previous AutoCAD releases, AutoCAD offered layouts using tables. In AutoCAD 2014, a new table-driven layout feature was added. A new AutoLISP source module was created to allow users to create a custom table-driven layout using a predetermined number of columns. AutoLISP is a language designed for developing automation applications for AutoCAD.
New working space: In previous versions of AutoCAD, the working space was available only to the application and not

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Go to File->Preferences
Click on the Options tab.
Click on the Customize Options… button.
Click on the New Customize tab.
Enter ‘autocad.exe’ for the value for ‘Show value’.
Press the [OK] button to save.

Here is another method to check if the.NET framework has been installed.

Start the Command Prompt as Administrator.
Type in:
msiexec /a autocad.exe

If the system reports that the installation completed successfully, the.NET framework has been installed.
To check the installation of the.NET framework:

Start the Command Prompt as Administrator.
Type in:
Reg Query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP

If there is a key with the value of 1, then the.NET framework has been installed.

Installing the.NET framework
Some reasons for which the.NET framework may not be installed are as follows:

The installation may fail due to a corrupt installation package

The user may have disabled the installation of the.NET framework

The.NET framework installation may fail due to a corrupt registry

Steps to install the.NET framework

Locate the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.0A\Include directory.
This directory may exist with different names depending on your system or program version.
To check the directory path, open the command prompt, type in:
dir /x

If the.NET framework is already installed, then the folder will not be present.

Type in:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.0A\bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools

Press the [OK] button to proceed.
A dialog box will appear.
Click on the Install button to confirm.
The.NET framework will now be installed.

The installation of the.NET framework

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Sketch Mode:

Starting with AutoCAD 2023, when you enter Sketch mode, you’ll be able to send and receive changes to your drawing from just about anywhere. Your CAD team won’t need to be in the same office as you to work together.

Faster, improved:

AutoCAD takes a major step forward in performance, with an amazing new drawing engine. This new, scalable design is robust, adaptive, and extremely fast.

Technical Improvements:

Autodesk continues to update its object creation tools and make them more efficient and effective.

Enhanced 3D Modeling:

Have more control over your 3D models by letting you better position and orient them. Visualize and interact with your models to share information more easily. Easily manage multiple models from one sheet, all in one tool.

Efficient, enhanced:

Hands-on features are built on a foundation of accelerated technology, from vastly improved workflows and enhanced modeling to accelerated solutions for new features.


Project Virtual Viewer

Beneath the surface of your drawings, features and components, you can see where they interact with other elements of your model, on a single sheet, or across multiple sheets, all in a single view.

Create Custom Views:

Quickly create custom views that let you interact with your models in ways that match your current project requirements.

More information:

Read the Release Notes for more information on what’s new in AutoCAD 2020, including a section on CAD Designer.

The AutoCAD 2020 Release Notes also include information about what’s new in AutoCAD R20, the release of the AutoCAD R line.

Use the right tools to meet your needs

Reuse components across your drawings

Easily organize and reuse your drawings

Create powerful information-rich views

Easily import and export AutoCAD projects

Easily collaborate with users and teams

Build on what you know and enjoy AutoCAD’s intuitive, forward-thinking interface

Embed your designs in 3D

Share information and collaborate with others

Support a wide variety of standards

Save more time with enhanced interoperability

Learn more

The 2020 Release Notes offer a wealth of information on new features and improvements in

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum Recommended Requirements:
Win7 x64, Win8, Win8.1 x64 or Win10 x64
Core2 Duo, Dual Core, 3.5 GHz or higher
2 GB
Hard Disk:
1.2 GB (Recommended)
Video Card:
1024 x 768 resolution or higher
AGP or Shader 4.0 Compatible
For more detailed requirements