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Prior to AutoCAD, the most popular computer-aided design software at the time was Drafting & Annotation System (DAS), which was marketed by the Paul Systems company. DAS was written for the PDP-11 and some portable computers. DAS had a thick, 12-page manual and was installed in a cabinet, which was much like a word processor, but had a graphic display and two rubber mouse-operated knobs.

AutoCAD has been continually updated and improved over the years to address the needs of architects, engineers, draftsmen, mechanical and industrial design engineers, graphic artists, and hobbyists. The initial version of AutoCAD was oriented toward engineering, with more comprehensive editing features and a much faster drawing speed than most desktop CAD programs.

The first version of AutoCAD included an AutoCAD Project file that could hold the data of any project, which included a drawing, associated drawings, drawing style codes, style data, plotters to print the drawings, plots, and a library. The system was first released for the Apple II and IBM PC compatible.

AutoCAD was the first commercial CAD program for a home computer, although small systems and models had been released in the early 1980s. AutoCAD 1.0 for the Apple II, first released in October 1983, is notable as the first commercially available CAD program for a home computer. The first Apple-compatible version of AutoCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD 1.5, was released in April 1984.

An early screenshot of the first version of AutoCAD. Image courtesy of the University of Florida.

A second significant release was AutoCAD 1.3, released in July 1985, which included a connection to a network of other computers. The most significant updates to AutoCAD after this version were a relocation of the font library to a more centralized location, and changes in the drawing method for text objects.

The year 1986 saw the release of the first versions of AutoCAD 3.0, which included a number of new features and enhancements. These include the ability to create 2D and 3D objects from wire frame models, the ability to import and export DWG files, and built-in scripting for general and technical editing.

In the year 1987, Autodesk released the first versions of AutoCAD 4.0 and AutoCAD LT, which are the first versions of the software

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Functional interfaces allow you to automate your user interface from within AutoCAD. For example, it is possible to create a “Press here to enter text” command that places text at any point on a drawing. These interfaces, along with other APIs, can be used to facilitate the creation of macros or AutoLISP programs that automate particular aspects of AutoCAD’s functionality.

The AutoCAD script language is a powerful and flexible programming language used for control-script automation of AutoCAD. AutoLISP is a scripting language similar to BASIC, and Visual LISP is similar to Pascal. AutoCAD also provides interfaces for use of Microsoft Visual C++. In addition to being able to use VBA, it is possible to write your own automation routines in Visual Basic, AutoLISP or Visual C++. This is most useful if you have large custom code files to integrate into AutoCAD. AutoCAD’s internal XML data format can also be used to store and exchange data with other applications.

Since AutoCAD 2009, AutoLISP and Visual LISP have been replaced with Visual C++ and VBA, respectively. AutoLISP functions are accessible via the M code language, which is a close relative of Visual LISP. AutoCAD programming and AutoCAD scripting are available for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft.NET platforms. AutoCAD also allows use of some Windows Script Host features, as well as access to some.NET Framework objects and methods.

Autodesk products

Autodesk AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an integrated software package for creating and editing 2D and 3D architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) designs. With the release of AutoCAD for Windows in April 1989, Autodesk created what was then a new kind of application for CAD. AutoCAD runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. Autodesk released AutoCAD 2009 in September 2008. New features in AutoCAD 2009 include 2D/3D architectural design, civil and structural engineering, and architectural visualisation.


AutoCAD LT is a powerful solution for 2D and 3D conceptualization, design, construction documentation and presentation. It is designed to complement and enhance AutoCAD. The package is available for Windows and macOS. Autodesk released AutoCAD LT 2018 in September 2017.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture provides a powerful solution for

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Download the program and extract the *.exe file.
Create an Autocad.ini file (if the program does not create it automatically) in the same folder as the Autocad.exe file.
Open the Autocad.ini file and put the following in it:

Device=Autodesk AutoCAD 2017
LaunchPath=C:\Program Files\AutoCAD\AutoCAD.exe

StartupProgram=C:\Program Files\AutoCAD\AutoCAD.exe

Save the file in the same directory as the Autocad.exe file.

Autocad keygen steps
Select the Autocad.exe file on your computer.
Click to select it, and then click Edit.

Press Alt-Enter to open the Open File Explorer window, and then click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and select Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Right-click any Autocad folder and then click Properties.

Click the General tab, select the Hidden files and folders option, and then click OK.

In the Open box, type autocad.ini.

Click OK.

Copy the Autocad.ini file you created in the previous step to the same folder that contains Autocad.exe, and then click OK.

Run the Autocad program.
Select the option to create new files and then click OK.

Select the tool you want to use.

Click OK, and then press Alt-Enter to open the Open File Explorer window, and then click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and select Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Right-click any Autocad folder and then click Properties.

Click the General tab, select the Hidden files and folders option, and then click OK.

In the Open box, type autocad.ini.

Click OK.

Copy the Autocad.ini file you created in the previous step to the same folder that contains Autocad.exe, and then click OK.

In the Selection window, select the option to open a sample Autocad file.

Click OK.

Select any drawing or image file.

Click Open

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Automatic placement of AutoCAD math input fields

Automatic adjustment of width and height constraints when placing 2D or 3D geometry to fit paper size

UPSE for 2D drawings

ZoomView for PDFs and AutoCAD for paper (available in 2019 and newer releases)

Improved sketching and drawing experience

Create scripts in AutoLISP

Script Builder in AutoLISP

Outliner as editable and scriptable model

Improved search experience with the ability to search within a drawing and the improved search input field for older releases.

Improved methods for saving and sharing drawings

Improved design change tools

InDesign integration with AutoCAD and the ability to send your drawings to AutoCAD for changes

AutoCAD 2020: Build faster, solve faster

Easily analyze CAD models, and when you need to, quickly convert them to real-world dimensions

Update: AutoCAD 2020 2019.2 Update 2 includes one-click feature to convert AutoCAD DWG files to real-world dimensions.

Create and update AutoCAD drawings on the iPad

Improved DraftSight, and new techniques for AutoCAD drawing

Start using DraftSight today to create and edit drawings on your iPad or iPhone.

Use iPad workflows for pre-production, collaboration and delivery

Improved CAD Creation on iPad with DraftSight

Rapidly create 2D and 3D drawings on your iPad or iPhone

View your projects, draw, or annotate on your iPad or iPhone

AutoCAD 2019: A selection of updates to make your life a bit easier

Improvements to annotation tools, and optimize drawing layouts for better use of space

Create and collaborate on your designs more efficiently

The ability to easily combine drawings into a single drawing

Work faster with improved handling of smart components

Automatic creation of a viewport in a document window, and a method of importing graphic components as views

Drag-and-drop actions for importing and exporting 2D and 3D drawings

Rapid creation and editing of drawings using DraftSight, and other AutoCAD apps on iPad or iPhone

Automatic insertion of 2D and 3D data in drawn drawings

Improvements to global preferences that allow better use of file storage

A New Creation Tool Experience

Create a workflow to help

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008
Processor: 2.8 GHz Processor or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 100 MB available space
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible
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