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I want to write these paragraphs(last line was echoed above) to file in the same cwd.
But above method didn’t work at all. I tried to look at the link in stackoverflow


Try using the “>>” redirection operator to write to the same file:
printf “%s
” “$(>.OPTIONS.txt”

If you are concerned with spaces in the output file names, you may use this instead:
printf “%s
” “$(>.OPTIONS.txt” | sed -e’s/ /_/g’


Sharing a personal URL between accounts

I’m working on a management and planning web application, and to keep people from having to sign in twice, I’d like to allow users to log in with their twitter or facebook accounts. However, I’d also like this link to be associated with the account, so I’d need a different link for every account.
User1 and User2 share a personal url:

User1 logs into their account using their email:
User2 logs into their account using their twitter/fb username: twitteruser1

Example of what I’d like to happen:

User1 logs into their account using their email:
User2 logs into their account using their twitter/fb username: twitteruser1

Any suggestions on how to do this? I’m not sure where to start.
Here’s my current login method:
function socialLogin_Login( $userData, $options ) {
if (!is_object( $userData ) ||!is_object( $options ) ) {
return $userData;

$username = is_numeric( $userData->email )? (int) $userData->email : $userData->email;
$username = is_numeric( $options->username )? (int) $options->username : $options->username;
$password = $user

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