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Be.HexEditor is a tiny and portable application that you can use to modify the hexadecimal code of any file. It addresses all types of users, even the ones with minimal experience in such apps.
Thanks to its portability, Be.HexEditor does not include a setup pack. It means that you can move the program files anywhere on the hard drive and simply run the executable file.
As an alternatively, you can save the tool to a USB flash drive or similar storage unit, from where you can run it on any computer with minimum effort.
What's important to mention is that the Windows Registry area does not get entry updates, and files do not remain on the hard drive after removing the app.
The GUI of the tool is user-friendly. Opening a file of any format can be done using either the file browser or drag-and-drop method. Aside from viewing the hexadecimal code and various details in the status bar (e.g. line number and column, file size), you can edit it, as well as cut, copy and paste it.
Furthermore, you can use a search function when handling large amounts of information, jump to a particular offset, change the encoding method, display the bits mode, switch to a different language for the GUI, as well as specify the number of files to store in the recent files list. There are no other notable options available through this program.
Be.HexEditor requires a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, thus it doesn't put a strain on the computer's activity. It has a good response time to commands and works well, without making the OS hang, crash or show error notifications; we have not encountered any issues in our tests. All in all, Be.HexEditor delivers a simple solution to viewing and editing hexadecimal code in a user-friendly environment.







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✓ View hexadecimal code of any file, including BMP, BIN, CAB, CDS, EXE, FLAC, GIF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, LAB, LHA, LOG, MP3, MP4, MSE, OGG, PGM, PNG, PRG, PPS, PS, PS2, RAR, RAR, RAW, SR2, SND, TAR, TIFF, TIF, VOB, WAV and ZIP files.
✓ View up to 65535 lines of hex code.
✓ Edit the hex code using a variety of methods (editing text, select a range, typing, double-clicking)
✓ Copy, cut and paste the hex code.
✓ Jump to any line or offset.
✓ View the binary data and hexadecimal hex code of a file.
✓ Display the type of file and its details.
✓ View and edit the header information and signatures in the PE and PE32/PE32+ file formats.
✓ View and edit the File OS, Volume OS and File Attributes in the Win32 file format.
✓ View the copyright and author information, including the name of the author and year.
✓ Add comments to the end of a file.
✓ Specify the number of recent files to be stored.
✓ Create and display the recent files list.
✓ Decode a variety of encodings (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE)
✓ Display the hexadecimal bytes using their numeric values, as well as display as binary data.
✓ Display the hex code of a file in the bytes mode (simple text view)
✓ Display the raw data of a file in the bytes mode (uncompressed view).
✓ Display any specified bytes in a hex editor window.
✓ Display the raw data of a file in the hex mode.
✓ Display a variety of data and details in the status bar.
✓ Change the encoding method.
✓ Preserve the file’s initial offset.
✓ View image information (ICON, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, JPG, TGA, PNG, WBMP, WEBP and XCF)
✓ Display the bytes

Be.HexEditor With Key Free

The program allows you to quickly and easily modify the files

The program requires no registry entries or installation; you can move the

The program can open multiple files at a time

The program allows you to view and modify the hexadecimal code of

The program doesn’t leave any files on your hard drive

It doesn’t require manual file browsing

It doesn’t require the use of a setup pack

The program can display big files in a small space

You can easily navigate among files using the file explorer

You can view and modify the file’s hexadecimal code

You can edit the code line by line

You can copy, cut and paste the code

You can specify the line number to be updated

You can specify the column number to be updated

You can specify the file size, name, type, data, the last access date

The system requirements for Be.HexEditor:

CPU: 1 GHz processor or better, at least

System RAM: 1 GB, at least

The program requires

OS: Windows 7 or higher

The program requires

The program doesn’t require the installation of a setup pack

The program requires less than 1 GB of hard disk space

The program requires no CPU saturation or 100% usage; it performs well

Features of Be.HexEditor:

View the data in decimal, octal, and binary modes

View the hexadecimal code in the file

View the lines in the hexadecimal code

View the columns in the hexadecimal code

Save the file as a hexadecimal code

Save the hexadecimal code to a file

View or save the column numbers that should be updated

View or save the line numbers that should be updated

View or save the date or time that should be updated

Copy the code line by line

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What’s New in the?

Editing hexadecimal codes will never be as simple as it is with Be.HexEditor. This tool is made specifically for all those users who want a very lightweight and portable solution for editing hexadecimal codes of any type.
In fact, the program is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and is built with basic functionality.
The program is free; there is no setup pack included; and no additional applications or other software are required. Be.HexEditor is specifically designed for Win32 systems, Windows 7 or later, and does not work on Windows 95 or NT systems.
The program’s hexadecimal view is shown in the status bar, and various details about the file can be checked, such as the size, the date and time, the name, and comments.
Be.HexEditor includes a hexadecimal editor that enables you to edit the file in a custom manner. You can use the program to view, copy and paste any hexadecimal information, and use a search bar to locate any specific value. You can also perform hexadecimal cut, copy and paste operations using easy to understand hexadecimal codes. There is also a settings menu that can be used to customize the program.

Be.HexEditor Review:

Be.HexEditor offers a simple solution to viewing and editing hexadecimal codes in a user-friendly environment.

If you’re looking for a lightweight application for viewing or editing hexadecimal codes, Be.HexEditor is a great tool to opt for.

The application requires a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, and works well on Windows 7 or later, without putting a strain on the system.

Plus, you can use a search function when dealing with large amounts of data, jump to a specified offset, view an offset’s information, as well as change the encoding method.Skye Fishing


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit.
Memory: 1 GB or more.
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent, 2.4 GHz or more
Hard Drive: 20 GB or more
Graphics: DirectX 11 video card or a video card with an AMD Video Codec Pack installed
DirectX: Version 11
Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection with stable ping and download speed.
Hard Drive Space: 13 GB free space, 2 GB for game cache.

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