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Free software, legal, and fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Fast download time and fully protected by an absolutely safe cracker. With all components available in a single file, system requirements are fulfilled as soon as the software is running.

UbuntuBis brings you the best and latest software for Ubuntu. That includes complete games, software applications, useful utilities, tools, and other multimedia. It does not come with the programs, games or other software that can harm your system or interfere with your warranty or license agreement.

This site contains software for a huge number of platforms and devices – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Mobile, PSP and so on. Its inner workings are unknown, which is why we do not judge it on our standards (for instance, quality, malware, and so on).

To get started, you’ll need to choose which version of Windows you’re running. Then you’ll need to provide your Wi-Fi network credentials or have this option available. If you already own the software, you can just paste the key into the input box. We’ll grab the license information for you, too, and give you the option to download the installation files for offline installation.

The Multiply store has pretty much every kind of application. There are apps for productivity, games, networking, utilities, and online services. The web page does not provide the customer support, you have to contact the application developers directly for that. (or if it does not have a direct contact, then you can try contacting us through email). We have a library of cracked games for you to choose from and all our applications and utilities come pre-unpacked.


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