Best Site for download EMailer (Updated 2022)

This website features various types of books such as e-books, legal torrents, pdf files and mp3s. The site has more than 10 million torrents, all of which are sorted into different categories like reference, linux, programming, science and much more. When it comes to seeding, the site also allows users to upgrade their accounts and download files without a credit card.

This website specifically focuses on offline reading e-books. In fact, they even have a dedicated section where you can find everything about the e-books. For example, you can pick a book using the Search form and also select the format in which you wish to download the book like EPUB, Amazon, PDF, and others.

Freely Download is one of the oldest E-book torrents in the world. It has over 5 million torrents of books on all major formats including PDF, Kindle, TXT, DOC, and much more. Users can choose the format they wish to download the book in using the Search form . They also allow users to view book reviews and read more. For the newcomers, the site also gives a brief introduction to the various types of books. is one of the best torrent sites to download cracked apps, movies, and e-books. There are over 6 million torrents hosted on this site, and its user base keeps on growing with more e-books, movies, and games being added every hour. You can search for any torrent and select its file format. After downloading, you can use a PPS tool (like 7-zip and Winrar) to open the torrent file. is one of the best torrents to download cracked apks, movies, and games. With over 8 million torrents available, users can search for their favorite torrent and download it. This site offers many types of torrents including movies, apks, apps, video games, books, books, and programs.


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