Best Site for download File Copy Utility [Mac/Win]

Shake Rattle N Roll is an awesome place to find free cracked programs. The site covers everything, from hardware, utilities, and software to games and entertainment. All the programs are 100% free and work without any problems.

Forget the site, just download it! CrackBerry Download Station is a free app store that allows you to download cracked Android programs for free. There are a ton of Android apps to download and the site is fairly new so lots of programs are still in development.

Adium is another free software download website where you can get unlimited cracked software downloads. Use a wide array of free applications and pick the top one that suits your needs. Check out this page to download Top 100 Free Software Download Site by Their Award Winners.

eBay is another website where you can find cracked software for download for Windows, Mac, and Android. All these programs can be downloaded for free. It is an aggregator of software from many sources, and you can browse its huge collection of cracked software in genres of application like video players, image editors, games, and more. Another cool thing about the site is that the programs come with access to their source codes. You can even search through cracked software by developers name, by name of their projects.

Scour is another free software download site, similar to cnet. In this site, you can view information on software for download. You may browse software categories and use its filters to set program size and ratings based on user reviews. Scour a winner (this software) can be saved as an email attachment and then added to your download list. You can also pay for this software by saving the license key in the online payment portal.


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