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Freeware Files is a collection of software that are available for free download at The Bit Bucket, we try to choose the latest and updated freeware for our visitors. Your feedback is important to us, so if there is any new or updated freeware, please let us know, by commenting about the freeware. We are also happy to hear about any other freeware collection we may be missing. You can share with us any website you find that offers freeware and we’ll try to post it.

Software Freedom Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the developers who produce the open source software, which we all use every day. They are the scientists, technicians, engineers and visionaries that develop the technology that enables us to create our free society. We must never forget them, for without them, we would have no free society.

Hello ladies and gents! Today is the most special day of our year. Free software is the best, we hope that you can find some software that you can give to your family and friends to give back to the developers that create this software.

This is an official website for the user to download free applications for different devices from Windows, Android and MacOS. If you have been looking for tons of free software for your device, search no more as UGotApp is designed with the goal to easily provide you tons of free apps (games, apps, an utility, and more) for Windows, Android and MacOS devices.

If you are a developer and want to distribute your program worldwide, our website can help you with that. We make it possible by developing a easy process for you and your clients to enter the official website and download your product.


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