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The site was originally created as a personal collection of software that a friend of mine offered for free. It started out as a site for Windows only, but has expanded to cover software for the Mac. The site comes with an archive of over 12,000 applications, games, utilities, downloads, demos, and more for download for free. You can even use the site to run and try out older versions of popular software titles for free. The ability to view the archives are sorted and organized by date. Users can also download a variety of programs and utilities, ranging from download managers, video players, and more.

Soon to be the largest collection of free programs for all platforms. There are around 200,000 downloadable applications available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Visitors can download over 4,000 videos, audio files, and other media files as well. The site is ad free and free to use.

The largest collection of free computer software on the web. There are currently more than 300,000 programs and utilities for download in 9,000 software categories. Your email address will be used only to notify you when the software downloads and downloads are available for free and downloads are updated.

The site provides free downloads including software from popular software developers like 2K, Activison, and Eurosoft. You can also download large files and web-based games such as 7DayTrip, FlightPlanner, Matchday, and A-Train for free. There are also 25,000+ cracked game downloads and all of the game engines needed to be able to run them. Visitors can also download web apps, themes, flash videos, and more.


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