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Ninite is an app that lets you download and install a list of desktop apps, just in one click. You can browse Ninite for a category of apps, as well as a particular app you want to get. This is what makes it so easy and swift. You simply browse through an app category, and every app comes up next to the category with its name, description, and its size. The categories include: Internet, Productivity, Developer, Tools, Utilities, Multimedia, and Messaging. To be more specific, the categories that the app falls into: Browser, Document Viewer, Office Suite, Video Player, Maps, Music, and Science.

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Downloading software on the Internet has become a routine nowadays. A lot of people can be found downloading them. In spite of the availability of legal software that is sold online, people still choose to obtain the software by downloading them over the Internet. At times downloading the software is impossible because you may not have the required software to download them. This creates a great opportunity to install such things as cracked softwares. Well, cracked softwares or cracked software are software applications that are modified into the form that allows you to install them. These software applications are usually downloaded from websites that host pirated software. These websites are known to offer good modified versions of popular applications such as Office, Facebook, games and much more.