Best Site for download SaverNow For PC [Latest 2022]

BitTorrent, as we all know, is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. The BitTorrent protocol is used in a number of peer-to-peer applications in order to create fast and resilient distributed networks of computers to download and upload files or entire websites from peers.

1337x is another popular torrenting website offering a huge library of content. Not only they have huge collection of cracked software but also movies, TV Shows, music and software. Recently, they have added a huge number of movies to their site including Hollywood movies, sci-fi movies, horror movies, movies for kids etc.

FatPanda, as the name suggests, is about sharing files and it is a member of the BitTorrent network. They have a massive library of files that can be downloaded, including movies, TV shows and music. Simply having an account there is enough to increase your chances of downloading a file, but you need to register and be verified to gain access to all their content. However, they do have a few ads as you navigate around their site which i find are very easy to ignore.

Gamer’s paradise is another site to download cracked games. The aim of this website is to help gamers to find all the cracked games available on the web. They have thousands of games and more added to their database every month. This year’s cracked games collection can be found here:

MegaUpload is another popular torrenting website. This website is not just a torrent downloader but also a file sharing platform. The site was mainly popular for its file hosting service which was shut down by the FBI in 2014. However, their cracked collection is huge and a good deal of them are free games, apps, crack, keys, themes and software.