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Legend of the Guardians is a free-to-play, real-time strategy (RTS) game currently in development for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. You take on the role of Sky Captain, the only human survivor of a vicious attack that threatens to kill all of the world’s animals.
In Legend of the Guardians, the team combines the famed elements of strategy and adventure to create a grand story-driven battle of epic proportions. Sky Captain’s tactical abilities are essential to saving the world and bestowing justice on the cunning horde of enemies that have been unleashed.
Legend of the Guardians is the first game in the successful 3D pixel art based game series from Red Storm Entertainment.
Mature platform based combat.
Multiplayer: Local, online, and LAN games.
Game Core: Turn-based strategy.
3D Graphics: A 3D engine developed from the ground up for RTS gameplay.
FULLY 3D World
Base building, animal breeding, mining, farming and much more.
True Turn-based RTS gameplay.
Story-Driven Gameplay
Interact with thousands of animals, each offering their own unique perspective on events.
Unparalleled Production Quality
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment.
Artists: Ground Control, Ouya, Falck, Evizia, and More!
Administration: Red Storm Entertainment
With the Zerrish Nameplate you can make your hero names stand out from the rest and show your pride!
Get a better overview of your world by nameplate!
Equip your hero nameplates and your hero names will stand out in a crowd!
With the Zerrish Nameplate you can give your character Zerrish accents!
With the Zerrish Nameplate you can give your character Zerrish accents!
The Zerrish Nameplate is a cosmetic item that highlights your hero’s name.
The Zerrish Nameplate is a cosmetic item that highlights your hero’s name.
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate for extra slither!
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate for extra slither!
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate for extra slither!
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate for extra slither!
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate for extra slither!
Requires the base game Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole to play.
Requires the


Features Key:

  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • Install size: 2.14MB
  • Check whether you can run the game on your phone and tablet!
  • If you find an error, the error information will be displayed, contact us as soon as possible.


Blightbound – Name Plate Skin (Viper) Free For Windows

The Zerrish Nameplate is a cosmetic item that highlights your hero’s name. It can be equipped onto any non-scarlet equipment to spruce it up and stand out.
Mechanics of the Zerrish Nameplate
Your hero’s name is covered in shaded bezels (the left and right border of the name plate) that resemble the claws of a snake, with a small portion in the middle that represents the head of the snake, and a powerful tail trailing behind. Your hero’s name can be replaced with a custom sub-label which will play a sound effect when you interact with it.
The strength of your heroes name will appear in the strength of the color, as well as the background color that the color is printed on. For instance, a ‘Sneaky’ nameplate will appear in blue and grey, with a darker background.
How to obtain the Zerrish Nameplate
The Zerrish Nameplate can be obtained through the Zerrish Nameplate Shop.
Details on the Zerrish Nameplate Shop
Once unlocked, the Zerrish Nameplate Shop is located in the Equipment Management Box in Castle Krakenz. The shop is stocked with cosmetics for your heroes.
Players who have unlocked a certain number of cosmetics using real money prior to the shop opening, as well as those who have used the Slither title, will gain an increased number of discounts on each sale of Zerrish cosmetics.
Each purchase may also be offered with a discount, depending on how many previous purchases you make in the last 10 days.
The Zerrish Nameplate is only available in the main shop, and is exclusively made for players who have purchased the title Slither.
Players who do not have the title Slither have no access to the Zerrish Nameplate.
Effects on the name plate
The nameplates can be equipped on equipment of any type, and are identical in stats to a standard nameplate.
Names engraved into the plate will appear in the same way as they do on the Hero Selection Screen.Q:

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Blightbound – Name Plate Skin (Viper) License Key Full Download

– New emotes – Corpse, Blast.



Skill Descriptions


Active Skill Rune: Intense Poison

Passive Skill Rune: Expanded Weakness Immunity

Active Skill Rune: Toxic Sabotage

Passive Skill Rune: Simulacrum

Active Skill Rune: Mortification

Passive Skill Rune: Acid Spray

Blast – Your character’s attacks deal more damage and also have increased particle effects.

Hitscan – Choose a target (Player or Non-Player) and deal damage to that target.

Focused – Aim a single weapon at a single target.

Directional – Choose a direction.

Burst – Your attacks have increased AoE.

Instant – Switch a single weapon between targets (Player or Non-Player) instantly.

Projected Blast – Your character launches a projectile that deals damage in a large area.

Flash Bomb – Project a large AoE bomb that damages nearby enemies and deals damage to enemies and teammates in the area.


Sickening venom has been applied to your character’s nameplate.

Lightspeed – Skillshot movement speed.

Temporarily poisoned – Your attack and movement speed is reduced for a short time.

Negative Effect – Affects your attack and movement speed.

Poison Effect – Affects your attack and movement speed.

Duration: 0.5s, Radius: 6m.

Toxic Sabotage – Toxic damage is applied to your character’s projectiles.

Projectile Properties – Affects damage, defense, and travel speed of the projectiles you throw.

Simulacrum – Your appearance reverts to its initial appearance after 1 second.

Mortification – Dealing damage to a target reduces it’s maximum life and its maximum damage carried.

Acid Spray – Your active skill sets a weapon to fire at nearby enemies, dealing damage and applying Acid Poison effects to the area.

Projectile Properties – Affects the damage, defense and travel speed of your projectiles.

Poison Effect – Affects damage dealt and defense.

Poison Duration: 1s, Radius: 4m.

Acid Spray

Fires a slow-moving projectile at a


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