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tabs before a line (or character position) will be indented by the number of tabs, added to the first tab. e.g. to indent 4 tabs, set the indent to 4,
a line or character in normal state will be 1 tab,
any insertable character will be the number of tabs less than the specified indent. e.g. tab-indented 4 will be tab + 3, to indent 4 left, set the indent

To indent the paragraph 3 spaces, set the Indent to 3.
To indent the paragraph 4 tabs, set the Indent to 4.
To indent a line 2 spaces by adding tabs, set the Indent to 2.
To indent a line 2 tabs by adding tabs, set the Indent to 2.

Basic Usage:

1) Double-click on the Block Indent icon in your far menu.
2) Select the number of tabs you want for your specific layout.
3) Enter a new line and press Enter.
4) The chosen tabs will be added to the first tab, and if the line is already indented, the first tab will be removed.

Here is an example of the basic usage.
1) Double click on the Block Indent icon, Enter the the number of tabs: 4.
2) Double click on the first line in the paragraph block.
3) Enter the second line, press Enter and the first line will now become indented by 4 spaces ( i.e. the number of tabs added to the first tab)

To change the indentation direction, set the Direction to Left. e.g. To indent 4 tabs, set the Indent to 4, a line or character in normal state will be 1 tab,
any insertable character will be the number of tabs less than the specified indent. e.g. tab-indented 4 will be tab + 3.
You can also drag the Block Indent icon to the toolbar: it will create an indent in the order you selected.


Move Lines:
You can also use the mouse to move the line(s) to the chosen indent.
You can choose if you want the cursor (in the normal position) to select the line(s) to indent, or if you want a line or position to be selected.
When you choose the first line to change indentation direction (Left), the cursor

Block Indent Incl Product Key For Windows [Latest-2022]

* Select a block or current line that needs to be indented
* Select the direction from which the indent should be applied (Left or Right)
* Indent the selected block or line to the nearest tab position
* Select a maximum indentation level (0 – default: 1 tab)

* You can use Ctrl+LMB (or Shift+Ctrl+LMB) to activate the plugin to apply the indent or shift the direction of the indent.
* Indent operation is achieved by creating a new tab or space (depending on the direction selected above) after the selected block or the current line.

* After entering the command and pressing Enter to confirm the indent operation (which not only indents but also selects the current line), the selected line (block) remains unchanged.

Block Indent Caveats:
* The plugin calculates the indentation the closest tab- or space-like position – any cell in the selected block that is not empty (ie not in the grid) will be used to be the closest position.

* The plugin takes an arbitrary cell as the closest position, not necessarily the first one – so if it is possible, always use the first cell in a block that is not empty.

* Indentation is applied only in the direction of the selected menu item (i.e. the top-right direction in the screenshot above).

* If the closest point to the selected position is an undefined position (instead of a table/cell), the plugin will also only apply indentation to a cell (or to the next closest position).

* The plugin will not indent a block if the whole block is empty.


1. Install Far Manager

* Download Far Manager from
* Do not install FreeFar from the main download page (the version with command-line option is recommended) – install FreeFar for Windows and FreeFar for Linux from
* Extract the downloaded archive to a folder of your choice (eg FreeFar 4.0 under the main download page)

2. Install and launch Far Manager

* Launch Far Manager
* Go to File > Preferences (or use Ctrl+P) to open up the Preferences dialog.
* Click the Plugin tab – the plugin’s selection is on the left side, and you can check

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This plugin will indent the selected block (or current line) by the nearest tab positions. If you press or press Ctrl + I, far will indent the selected block by the nearest space (depending on the direction). If you press left arrow, it will indent the selected block (or current line) to the nearest space on the left side. If you press right arrow, it will indent the selected block (or current line) to the nearest space on the right side.

If you want to indent by tab position, set the tab size to
the nearest multiple of the tab size
and select one of the following (from left to right):

Tab Indent Tab Position Indent Space


Selected block is indented to the nearest
Tab position

Selected block is indented to the nearest
Tab position

Selected line is indented to the nearest
Tab position

Selected line is indented to the nearest
Tab position

Tab size (in cells)





Tab size (in tab steps)





Tab step width (in cell)





This may be a good candidate for the default hotkey (if not, say so in the plugin’s configuration (right-click) )

A custom hotkey can be set through the plugin’s configuration


Settings can be set through the Far setting
plugin (far.settings.indent)
or through the plugin’s configuration (right-click)
or through using the command (far.indent)
of the setting plugin:

Plugin’s command (far.indent):

Tab Indent


You may find it useful to include the commands
(in far_plugin_commands.far)
(also in far_plugin_commands.far)
if you want to be able to indent whole lines.


Current Far version

Required steps to install

What’s New In?

Select a block of text in Far using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+T or the mouse-wheel (shift+wheel).
In the options bar appear a tab group (to change the tab setting).
Click on the current tab setting or on the tab group to highlight the setting.
In the key bar, below the tab group, there is a new field “Block Indent” where you can type a number of tabs or a space to be used for the indentation of the block.
Click on “Apply”.
Each block can be indented with its own settings.
If you have a few blocks selected, you can select the right or left indentation with the mouse-wheel.


Supported Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Supported Far Version: 11+
Requires: Far’s Plugin API (Implemented by me)


Other Info:

Block Indent is Free Software – see the readme.txt file under the archive.
You can get the source code here.
Also find a Far Config Modification utility here.

Block Indent was developed using WinXP with Far: v11+ and Photoshop. The pictures were taken with my DSC-F828 digital camera and with a Sony CSC-CL1 digital camera.

If you like the plugin you can donate for my work here on F.A.R.E., buy an F.A.R.E. calendar or a copy of Far to support my work.Epigenetic mechanisms and cytoarchitectonics: a new theory of brain organization.
The epigenetic theory of neural plasticity, and other developmental approaches to intellectual behavior, suggest new neural forms of cell memory. It proposes a new level of brain organization that is composed of many cell processes rather than cells. The theory is tested against a variety of features of the neural organization of higher animals. Some theories of higher brain cognition take a relatively plastic view of the brain, while other theories take a relatively structurally fixed view. The epigenetic theory avoids this paradox by proposing that the brain is organized on a level that is determined by the configuration of the nongenetic molecules of which it is composed and that plasticity at that level would account for the different configurations. A review of adult “learning” confirmed the theory.

System Requirements For Block Indent:

• Required: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
• Notes:
• The game is designed to be installed on a hard drive; it cannot be installed on a USB flash drive.
• This game requires space to install and run.
• The requirements listed for this game are minimum.
• If you are installing the game to a USB flash drive, you may be able to reduce some of these requirements.
System Requirements for Xbox One
• Required: One Xbox One system.

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