Bumm Bumm Bole Hd 1080p Movie Download _HOT_

Bumm Bumm Bole Hd 1080p Movie Download _HOT_



Bumm Bumm Bole Hd 1080p Movie Download

Stream Bumm Bumm Bole full movie online in HD quality on Hotstar . It is a 2010 Hindi drama film directed by Priyadarshan. It was released digitally as online by Hotstar in South India and in theaters in India.
It stars Sunil Shetty and Om Puri as father and son, with Priyadarshan and Tanuja as their sons.
Sunil Shetty plays the role of a father who, due to his desire to marry his mistress, the mother of his son, leaves his wife, children and home. When he finds his wife unconscious, she gives birth to her son, whom he immediately accepts and begins to raise him as his son.


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