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* Allows you to monitor your email sending.
* Monitor the email sending: the add-in waits for a “send” event in the same window. If an email is sent, the add-in shuts down. If the add-in does not shut down, it can detect emails sent from Microsoft Outlook. CheckSend can watch a lot of emails simultaneously.
* The add-in watches the emails and detects the conditions in the sent messages. If a condition is met, the add-in prompts a warning window and stops the sending.
* Prompts the warning window if the condition is not met
* A huge amount of windows can be watched simultaneously with the process is not too sensitive to the computer speed
* The add-in can watch a huge amount of emails simultaneously
* The add-in can monitor a lot of emails simultaneously.
* The add-in is smart and you can easily set the conditions
* The add-in can watch messages sent from Microsoft Outlook and is not too sensitive to the computer
* The add-in can watch a huge amount of emails simultaneously
* The add-in has a very strong job.
* The add-in can wake up your PC after shutdown
* A number of emails and other messages can be observed simultaneously.
* A huge amount of windows can be used.

This utility checks the e-mail from a mailbox against internet address. You can remove potential contacts from any e-mail address. The program checks the e-mail address and the match information in databases. It can display received e-mails and send e-mails for any e-mail address. It can check whether your e-mail is already stored in the database or not. You can get the list of addresses stored in the database by category. Simply select the desired category and click the ‘Add Selected e-mail Address to Database’ button. When you’ve selected the addresses, click ‘Check My E-mail Address’ and review a list of results.

EZ Loader Checker V1.1 Loader Checking Utility. Checking Version Loaders for DOS and Windows 3.x/95/98. The only thing you need to do is install and run the Loader Checker V1.1, which you will find at the bottom of this page. You will then be able to have a clickable list of all installed Loaders (usually after a successful install of your favourite Loader).

EZA Loader Checker V

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Allows you to set alerts and be sure you are not sending emails to the wrong people or unnecessary texts to certain recipients.
The add-in does not block email sending, only reminds you of the conditions you imposed.
Download CheckSend:
Download CheckSend:

If you did not like the program or the information you got from CheckSend, we are grateful to you if you delete this version. CheckSend program can be reinstalled at any time.

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An Outlook Add-In made by Robert Barzun. The tool checks your email, and alert you when you send email with error. It can help users to avoid sending the email with errors to wrong addresses or tag sensitive information on the email, but it will not block the email sending.
Publisher: Robert Barzun
Publisher URL:
Downloads: in Google
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
The size: 2.8 MB
You can download CheckSend for free, via link below.

DualImage is a tool that will let you create and edit multiple collages from your pictures, without using any software. The tool is very simple to use, but the results are very impressive. The images are created with the use of templates, so you can choose an image from your file system, import an online image album, email album or upload your own image. The tool makes it easy for you to work with several images and it creates an image collage that you can save.The whole collage can be edited later.
The application is simple and easy to use – you can get started by adding pictures one by one by clicking on the plus icon in the bottom right corner. But don’t get scared; the tool has various other ways of working with images. At the left side of the application window, you can find the ‘Picture menu’, where you can change the presentation options of the picture.
There are plenty of templates to choose from. Moreover, you can also import images from several online services, such as Google+ Photos, Imgur, Facebook, etc. There’s also an online image album, where you can share your images with your Facebook friends and followers. If you have a lot of pictures, you can even create an online album.
You can crop the pictures by using tools such as the ruler or by using your fingers. All that you need to do is to drag the selected picture to the desired area – the tool will automatically resize the picture. If you want to increase the size of the image, you can click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner.
The tool does not support text overlays. In order to add text, you need to use the ‘Text menu’.
The tool can be installed and used for free. However, it’s best to have a

What’s New in the?

CheckSend is an intuitive and reliable Microsoft Outlook add-in designed to prompt warning windows whenever one of the preset conditions are met. The add-in’s main purpose is to verify the outgoing emails. Thus it can easily notify you when, for instance, the mailto address is blacklisted, if the message indicates an attachment.
Reliable email verifier
CheckSend is designed to analyze the outgoing email and notify you to repair mistakes, omissions or attach files before you send the message out. The add-in allows you to define the conditions, from the Options window: you can define email addresses, key phrases and attachment indicators.
The add-in enables you to manage the parameters from separate tabs, in order to avoid confusion and accidental mistakes. Thus, you can enable/disable the warnings when sending sensitive information to specific recipients, or texts that contain certain keywords. Additionally, it can remind you to attach a file to the email if your message indicates it.
Quickly customize conditions
The Address Watcher tab allows you to define the email addresses that trigger a notification when you click the ‘Send’ button in a new message window. Thus, you can create two lists, both of which prompt warning windows. In other words, you can either create black- or white-lists. The conditions apply to emails, tasks, meetings or appointments set with Microsoft Outlook.
The Content Watcher function allows the add-in to prompt a warning whenever it detects one of the key words/phrases in your message. This way, you can avoid sending sensitive information or inappropriate texts to certain recipients. Moreover, you can set specific key phrases, such as ‘See attachment’ that trigger a message reminding you to add the required files to the email.
Simple to use email watcher
With CheckSend, you can set alerts and be sure you are not sending emails to the wrong people or unnecessary text to certain recipients. The add-in can easily prompt warning windows, indicating that one of the conditions defined on the ‘black-list’ are met. The add-in does not block email sending, only reminds you of the conditions you imposed.

Standard PCPerries is the market leading collection of commercial, demo and free utilities that allow the user to verify presence of files and delete unnecessary ones on your system. The users can browse through various categories such as system tools, video games, drivers, operating systems, etc.
Key Features:
• Delete Unknown Files
• Verify Files

System Requirements:

Running on:
Minimum System Requirements:
There are two primary requirements for running SkyDrive on a system:
You need to be running Windows 7 Home or Windows 7 Professional, Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate in 64-bit mode.
You need to have at least 2 GB of RAM.
SkyDrive for Windows 8.1 was not tested on Windows 8.
SkyDrive for Windows 8.1 was tested on a system with 32 GB of RAM and Windows 7 Professional in 32-bit mode.