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Chemitorium For Windows 10 Crack is a software tool which can be used in order to write chemical formulas and save them to the computer in various formats.
Clean interface
The installation process does not offer to download products that are not actually necessary in order for the program to properly work, and it is over in a few moments. If you are interested in skipping this process, you can download and try the portable version, called Portable Chemitorium Full Crack.
The interface you are greeted by encloses a clear-cut design. It only encompasses a menu bar, the periodic system (than can be hidden at any point) and a panel to display your ongoing work. It can be used with great ease by anybody, as long as they have some minimal knowledge of chemistry.
Impressive export capabilities
This software utility comes packed with many formula samples, so that you can easily figure out how you should create them. Moreover, it is possible to export your projects to the hard drive, in formats such as XML, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF and AVI.
Three-dimensional view and further information
Oxidation states can be hidden or shown, as well as the periodic table and the 3D view. The later enables you to use different types of renderings, using high-quality or not. Aside from that, you can preview the entire formula and control the rotation speed, sequence length and frames per second. Hovering over an element enables you to view information regarding it, such as type, atomic number and mass, electronegativity and atomic radius.
All in all, Chemitorium is a reliable and efficient piece of software. Response time is good, CPU and memory usage is low, and our tests did not turn up errors or crashes.


Superb tool for chemistry


Distracting, slow


The program is a database for chemical elements which is created to help you to draw and save your work in various ways (and much more). It has an easy to use and intuitive graphical interface where you can edit and save your files in multiple ways (click for more information).


Paint.NET 2.52 or higher.


Helps to create and edit chemikal diagrams and diagrams

Notifies you that an element has been added

Comfortable user interface


Chemitorium Download [32|64bit]

The software offers a well thought-out interface that can be used by anyone without previous knowledge of chemistry.
The application is packed with many functions, including some that are not seen in other similar utilities. In the end, the vast majority of functions are accessed through the menus in the main window.
Thanks to the chemToXML function, it is possible to export formulas to a supported XSD format. This can be converted to a format such as XML for future use. Similarly, the function chemToTXT can be used to save formulas to a text file, for later use.
Any elements can be quickly hidden from the periodic table, and the XSD/TXT functions can be used to easily export the formulas to a supported format. There are many other functions for your own use.

The software offers an excellent interface, making Chemitorium ideal for anyone without previous experience with chemistry.
Using chemToXML, it is possible to create new XSD formats based on the values displayed in the included samples. The executable can also be used for importing to the supported formats, and exporting from them.
The built-in XML engine enables you to use Chemitorium, and perform queries in the imported files. You can save a selection to an XSD file, and view a table that contains the elements in your selected text.
This software package offers a wide range of possibilities. There are many plugins available to enrich your Chemitorium experience, such as the ability to install formulas and plots.
Chemitorium is a very handy tool for those who want to get information regarding their formulas, especially if they are for use in other software applications. It allows them to be written and saved to a supported format.

You can quickly and easily export a list of formulas in a text format.
Open Source Applications:

ChemEd is a free chemistry program. It’s based on the popular ChemOffice software by Lotus Development, which is now owned by another company.


ChemEd can be used on all Windows operating systems.
The application runs natively on all versions of Windows since Windows 7.
The application is compatible with the latest versions of Java runtime environment, which can be downloaded from the Java website.
Compatible with the latest versions of Java runtime environment.

The software includes a calculator, a text editor for text

Chemitorium Crack

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What’s New In Chemitorium?

Chemitorium helps you write chemical formulas and save them to the computer in various formats. The program can be used in order to save temporary files and to submit and visualize research projects. This software will save you countless hours of manually writing the formula for each reaction.
As a special feature, it is possible to have a preview available, which will display the current output on a 2D or 3D view. The rotation speed, sequence length and frames per second are configurable. It can be used in different save formats, such as the.XML format and the.TXT format, as well as.EMF,.WMF,.JPG,.BMP,.GIF,.PNG and.AVI formats.
The user interface is also intuitive, as it is completely different from any other software in terms of design. It uses a menu bar and a panel.
Besides that, we found the program to be quite stable. The progress bar is able to be seen and an error message can be displayed whenever a formula is submitted without any problems.
Our tests did not find any memory problems or a crash which caused the program to stop working. You can use Chemitorium offline and anytime you need.
In addition to that, Chemitorium can be completely configured, so you will be able to personalize it and to adapt it to your needs.

Chemistry.HTML. It is designed to allow you to create any chemical formula using its graphical interface. The program was developed using HTML5, CSS, PHP and MySQL as a database engine. The project contains a simple WYSIWYG editor which generates formulas from chemical elements. It can be used in order to save or write the results of a search, and allows you to add the elements that you want to see. It is possible to save or download the result to a database to later modify it or find it for later use. It is also possible to share the results on social networks.

Chemistry.VM. It is designed in order to allow you to write chemical formulas by hand, editing them in the formula editor. The project contains a menu, a simple window with the periodic table and a panel in the bottom that displays the schematic of the upcoming formula in order to facilitate writing. The program also comes with several samples, so that you can try and learn the interface and basic concepts beforehand.

Chemistry.PNG. It is a simple chemistry student workbook that was developed in order

System Requirements For Chemitorium:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: 2.8 GHz Core i5 (6-Core)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2 GB VRAM) or AMD Radeon HD 7850
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes:
DirectX9 will NOT be supported as of December 5, 2017
DirectX11 will NOT be supported as of March 30, 2018
DirectX11 will be fully supported as of

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