Collagen Production: Why We Want It and Easy methods to Get It

Many have heard the term collagen however might not be aware of what it is and what it does. Collagen is a structural protein that makes up the connective tissues within the human body. Actually, most of us are made up of a minimum of 25% collagen. Our our bodies do a great job of making it, however there are additionally some people who take collagen as a supplement. Keep reading to study more about collagen production and why we would like it.

How the Body Makes Collagen

Once we eat foods which are rich in amino acids reminiscent of eggs, fish, beef, chicken, and dairy, our our bodies use those amino acids because the building blocks for muscle and tissue. It uses them to make collagen additionally by also utilizing the micronutrients zinc, copper, and Vitamin C. If you’re attempting to extend collagen production, then you definately will need to you should definitely eat an ample quantity of meals that include all nine of the essential amino acids, like these mentioned above.

What to Do to Enhance Collagen

Although there are a lot of collagen supplements on the market, it is fairly straightforward to incorporate the fitting foods in your weight-reduction plan to make sure ample collagen production. Some of these supplements are hydrolyzed in order that they are simply blended into hot or cold beverages. Though these just isn’thing fallacious with these supplements, they are typically overpriced. It’s definitely more cost effective to eat meals rich in amino acids similar to eggs than to add an expensive supplement to your diet. Plus you get all the other nutrient benefits of eating these foods! In case you are not a fan of meats and eggs, then use a easy generic gelatin and add a spoonful of it to your morning coffee or attempt a warm cup of collagen-rich bone broth. Make your own by simmering leftover bones with water, salt, lemon, and herbs. The acid from the lemon draws out the collagen from the bones and imparts an excellent flavor.

For those following a vegetarian or vegan eating regimen, you will should be a little more diligent to make certain you’re giving your body what it needs to make collagen. There are only a few sources of plant meals that comprise the entire essential amino acids, and people should not highly bioavailable. That means that even if you’re eating plenty of nutrient-rich meals, equivalent to spirulina, quinoa, and tofu, your body will not be able to absorb what it needs. Vegetarians will need to include eggs and dairy to ensure they are getting full proteins. Vegans can accomplish that by combining proteins at every meal. This consists of mixing legumes with grains or vegetables with nuts and seeds.

What NOT to Do to Increase Collagen

Since the value of supplements will be high, don’t run out and buy some just to increase your collagen intake. Let your body make its own for free. You will need to ensure that you’re not only getting all the essential amino acids at every meal however to incorporate the micronutrients required for collagen production. The micronutrients found in Brussels sprouts, oranges, and red bell peppers will make a great addition to the meat, eggs, and dairy that assist in providing that collagen boost.

Benefits of Collagen

Now that you just know the way to enhance production of collagen, you’ll be able to start reaping a few of its benefits. It is known to improve joint health and is usually taken by arthritis sufferers. Collagen helps to improve muscle mass which is great for women over 40 as they are at risk of bone loss. Some even report improvements in their skin as collagen might aid in reducing wrinkles.


In case you are considering a boost to your collagen production, it is straightforward to do without adding supplements. If you don’t take in that much meat, eggs, or dairy, then it could make sense to add a supplement or sip some bone broth. There isn’t any need to break the bank to do so. The generic versions are affordable and will work just as well as the dear ones.

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