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The December 2016 election is by all accounts being closely watched by many – and that’s why there are so many reports of voter fraud and illegal aliens voting. The election is being closely watched for a number of reasons:

It is by far the most important presidential election in our lifetimes.

Polling places in heavily Hispanic communities are being targeted.

Election officials are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal.

Election workers are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation.

George Soros’s millions of dollars have helped swing the Florida and Arizona elections in favor of the Democrats.

This is the time when the immigration services should be stepping up their game to find out how many illegal aliens have voted in this election – and then step up the deportation efforts for those that have.

There are already some excellent efforts underway to stop

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But Army officials are also warning young soldiers about a potentially overlooked hazard that could pose a deadly threat to them: making sure their hand-held radios are set to the proper frequencies for their own unit.

After an unarmed soldier, identified as a junior Army sergeant from South Burlington, Vt., shot and killed his company commander and wounded three others at a workout for the 3rd Cavalry Regiment during an exercise at Fort Carson, Colorado, Saturday, the question became less about whether soldiers should be allowed access to hand guns at military events.

The Army is now searching for answers, wondering about whether soldier safety should be the priority at events that involve an Army gun range, the 5th Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment — of which Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Maciel was a member.

“It looks like the Army does the best job on the training side. On the execution side, it doesn’t always hold up,” said Fred Marasco, former deputy director of the Army Surgical Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and now a criminology professor at Syracuse University. “It’s not like in an airport where you have people with dogs, or a bank where you have security guards.”

Marasco said that, as a former Army medic, he had personally seen plenty of incidents at military events.

“I saw an officer who was shot while taking a command post meeting, and the bullets were meant for the radio,” Marasco said. “There was another time when an officer had his arm blown off while talking on the radio, and the bullet was meant for the radio.”

Over a three-day span starting Friday, three soldiers in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment were wounded by errant rounds as they set up a machine-gun position at the shooting range.

The soldier who was killed, Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Maciel, was 30 years old and was

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