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Worlds Collide is an exciting new real-time strategy game with a solid strategy and a great sense of humor. The game is currently in development with the Unity game engine.
The idea behind the game is that mankind’s material civilisation started to decline in the 21st century when the Global Energy Security prevented the access to the global energy resources, forcing the countries to defend themselves from a source of energy they once found everywhere from Canada to Mozambique. Unfortunately, some countries were careless enough to turn to the military technology instead of using more sophisticated ways to survive the era. Soon, World War III broke out and, as an aftermath, the energy situation changed to a state of constant wars and constant confrontations between rival countries.
Worlds Collide is set in the 23rd century, a time of conflicts and battles when no one is in the position to decide to whom the resources belong. The country you have to lead to victory is chosen randomly. You play as an emperor or a leader of a country that has just expanded its influence by conquering others. To survive in this hyper-industrial age of armed conflicts, you have to build a strong economy, increase your army and take over your opponents. Within your empire, you are in charge of four factions that will aid you in the war. You are able to create improvements and construct buildings in order to gain support and to transform your army into a unique weapon.
The game combines classic real-time strategy gameplay with a subtle, satirical sense of humor that is sure to please even the most seasoned player of this genre.
Game Features:
– Build your empire with your own rules, allow your country to develop with a semi-automated approach
– Rule in a medieval fantasy world where the most powerful weapons are cannons
– Feel the fear of standing up to the godlike steel and fire as your country is under attack and your city is burning
– Start your adventure as a simple rural village, grow your influence and expand your empire
– Develop and expand production lines that can create the war machines of steel and fire
– Collect your resources from the new country lands and make these country lands ready for war
– Establish logistics in order to dispatch your troops to the frontline
– Complete mysteries that are further developed over the course of your game
– Progress through 4 eras
– Real-time strategy game with a pause
– A total of 30 maps and 150+ missions


Features Key:

  • 01% of original content
    • 14 HD graphics
    • 2D and 3D axis
    • Aim in which is the main object of the game
    • Player available in 2D or 3D
    • Truck models
    • Recharge system for cars
    • Different scenarios
    • Partial Customization available
    • 50 high resolution images
    • Screenshots
    • XBOX360 support
    • Played more than 3 millions times
    • Available in English, Spanish, French and Italian
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      About Mage Heroes Unlimited Beta Testing

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      This experience will be applicable to Year 8 students.
      It will be presented in a suitable low-cost VR headset.
      It will have a headset that is suitable for all ages.
      It will be a short 1 hour experience.
      All concepts learnt will be emphasised and will build on each other.
      It will be an interactive experience where students will have a large range of resources to use and a leader who can apply Kolb’s principles.
      About The Faculty:
      JL@Raine is one of Australia’s top-performing schools in regards to STEM teaching. The Department of Education acknowledge the world class programs run by the University of Newcastle and Vision 2: Education, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting and promoting Australia’s most innovative educational products. JL@Raine has introduced great new program that are greatly improving the facilities, the support and the outcomes for our students. Our aim is to continue the momentum, and to continually raise the bar for teaching and learning.

      2015 UTILITY

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      This can also occur when the software is damaged or the USB adapter is not installed.

      Another thing you can try is to refresh the directory or the USB to try and force the file to be shared.

      If you would like to contact the developer of the


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      In order to properly fight the oppression of the modern age and fight against Fascism, we must first take down the current Patriarchy and Patriarchy ideologies!The AAAA game “Tango Fiesta – Fascism Fighters 4000” is an action game (or a platformer) with zero cutscenes, zero dialogue, and 0 story in which you play a female Spanish lieutenant as an undercover agent of the Military Junta in order to take down Fascism and help the people of our beloved country!! The game features four different playable characters, each of which has a unique fighting style and characteristics!

      The main goal is to carefully maneuver through streets, subway stations, gardens, warehouses, and music clubs in order to knock out Nazis and save as many innocent civilians as possible! Each fascist you defeat will help you destroy at least one of their symbols of oppression. With each type of symbol destroyed, a new one will spawn, making your job harder.

      Features: – THE STORY: A young, Spanish fútbol (soccer) fan finds herself in Spain when her father is diagnosed with cancer. Fascism is oppressive, and it is not a pretty sight! Her aim is to not only overthrow the current regime, but also bring more awareness to the problems regarding racism and oppression in this wonderful country!

      – 4 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Each character is a separate playable character and is completely different from each other! Each one of them has different fighting styles, different gameplay mechanics, and different movesets! There is even a character dedicated to feats of strength!

      – 12 UNIQUE STREETS: Each one of them has a different icon indicating its destiny. The streets are a different color and significantly different than each other. The reason behind the differences is to make the streets different and unique! Each street is unique and can give you an advantage when it comes to fighting!

      – 4 LOCATIONS AND MAPS TO FIGHT: Each of the four locations has a different map in which you have to fight in! Each map has a slightly different layout and a different set of foes!

      – IN-GAME MUSIC: For all our music lovers, there is an in-game radio that plays one of your chosen songs in the background throughout the entire adventure!

      – WEAPONS AND ITEMS: For your inconvenience, you do not have a gun to shoot Nazis, so you have to use your fist instead! Luckily, you have a variety of items to use in order to help


      What’s new: