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Explore The Arabian Peninsula
• Fly over deserts and lakes
•Explore the magnificent Gulf
• Fly over the Red Sea
• Fly to the beautiful islands
•Fly over the red coloured sea in Dubai
All images are screenshots taken from the official FSX Steam Edition section of the game.
Brought to you by Microsoft with the assistance of SimBin Studios.


Explore The Arabian Peninsula in Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Steam Edition with this Add-on. This add-on covers the Arabian Peninsula.

Discover this exotic area and fly across great deserts and lakes, ride on the Nubian Bridges, explore the magnificent Gulf and fly to the beautiful islands. Fly over the Red Sea and feel the sands beneath your wings. Go ahead and make a splash in the Gulf or gracefully skim the Nile.

Visit the exciting islands of the Arabian Gulf and enjoy the marvellous sunset over the Gulf from the SeaRey. This agile little aircraft is equally at home on land or in the water. Fly in the beautiful breeze and make your own path or simply follow your route and mine plan provided by us!

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If you’re using any other method of payment, please send us a note and we’ll get back to you shortly with details on how to transfer your digital items to your Amazon or Paypal account.

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This includes any in-game items that were purchased through the Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2 Steam promotion campaigns.

Please note: If you have not purchased the ‘$39 – Origin Account’, then we cannot


Features Key:

  • This is a standalone title.
  • Pathfinder RPG – Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle is intended to span multiple modules.
  • You can play the game standalone, or combine one or more of the available modules.

How to install

Run Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG and follow the installation wizard.

Choose a character and organize the inventory.

For the other modules you will have to create a new character.

Choose “Create second character” and open the Project View in the upper left corner.

Bonus Content

  • Key Feature: The Dragons of Khythria content is being updated.
  • Spoiler: Introduction to Khithid, the new dragon.
  • Spoiler: Khithid’s role in this module.
  • Spoiler: Ikadi, his friend. He is an adventure opener.


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During the Three Kingdoms Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the emperor designated the one-eyed Yan Liang a Governor of the South. Yan Liang, the commander of the Southern Sect, was enraged by this treatment and raised an army, determined to assert himself.
The main feature of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11” is the battlefields of “Story Mode” and “Power Up Kit Mode.” Since the player can freely develop their own city, three armies are placed on the board. These armies represent the Shu Kingdom under the Shu Han Kingdom, the Wei Kingdom under the Wei Kingdom, and the allied Zhou Dynasty.
The battle field of “Story Mode” shows the border of the several kingdoms. On the battlefield, players engage in war by placing their armies on the enemy border, and pay special attention to the surrounding areas.
In addition, the battle field of “Power Up Kit Mode” shows the border of the three kingdoms, as well as the surrounding areas of each kingdom. Each kingdom consists of several islands and can freely expand their own territory.
Additionally, the “Absorb/Merge system,” which allows you to absorb and merge with other territories, is added to “Power Up Kit Mode.”
In other areas, “Battle” mode has evolved into “Quick Battle,” which is a one-on-one between two commanders in a short time. In “Quick Battle,” several attacks can be delivered, and players can test their battle skills.
Players can also choose to develop their city as a Governor, Town Chief, or Assassin. Players can place their armies under the protection of the heroes, the Kingdoms, or the Thieves of Hearts.
The characters of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” first appeared in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8” in 2008. If you enjoyed the series, you can enjoy it again.
About OpenXcom SE
OpenXcom SE develops and publishes the OpenXcom series and its many derivatives.
The OpenXcom series debuted in 1994, with the first game “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS) released in 1997. It is a science fiction real-time strategy series.
As of December 31, 2016, the series has developed to 35 titles, including 12 development titles and 23 official titles.
About Steam
Steam, one of the world’s largest digital distribution platforms, brings the games that you want to the platform that you already use.
Launched in 2002, Steam is one of the


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Tales of Yore is a series of short browser based adventure games created by Anarkest from Studio Zeros Infinity, its easy to find.
The first and second games were released in 2015, the third and fourth in 2019. Players must find a way to defeat the evil magus, Patek and the mayor of the town of Little Coop. Not only that but they must figure out the story that has been written and how to decipher the many items and glyphs that have been placed into the game by the enigmatic nameless narrator who is guiding them through the story.
Themes and game mechanics are loosely based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James.
Anarkest also created a fifth game on his own time, however he is working on this one on his free time.

Category:Adventure games
Category:Windows games
Category:Windows-only games
Category:2015 video games
Category:Single-player video games
Category:Video games based on fairy tales
Category:Video games based on mythology
Category:Video games developed in Norway
Category:Video games featuring female protagonistsISLAMABAD – Pakistan and Afghanistan Wednesday reached a key agreement on the sixth round of dialogue between their two prime ministers, in a move to revive ties which have been strained by a spate of terrorist attacks blamed on each other’s militants.

The landmark deal, signed in Kabul, follows months of pressure on the two sides to strike a deal. The agreement was reached after a two-day high-level visit to Islamabad by Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed Jabar.

The two sides agreed to set up a “comprehensive, multi-dimensional and mutually beneficial strategic dialogue” to address “urgent and critical” issues of mutual interest, as well as “further strengthening of border-crossing points”.

The deal came following the establishment of several committees to be followed by the agreement of the two sides to commence formal contacts between the government of Pakistan and the Afghan government.

Prior to the departure of Pakistan’s High Commissioner Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry and Jabar, a top level meeting of Afghan and Pakistani military officials had taken place to discuss the mechanism of a security corridor to be used for movement of people and goods across the border. The contacts had been initiated by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a visit to Kabul in April last year.

A senior Pakistani military official said after


What’s new in Cute Honey 2:

    R Us store in Gurgaon sparks security concern

    Gurgaon, August 16, 2017, DHNS : Security agencies have received information that an explosion occurred in a Toys R Us store at Sector 73, Gurgaon on Sunday. However, they are yet to ascertain what caused this incident.The accused, who has been quoted by the police as “armed with a vehicle, a spoon and crude explosives”, killed one victim on the spot, said Gurgaon SP Gurgaon Ashok Gehlot today.The victim was identified as Anupat Singh of Sikhi Central in Sector 73, police said. One person was injured critically, they said.The security agencies have approached the Gurgaon District Magistrate after receiving the information about the possible explosion.An analysis of the CCTV footage showed that the accused was carrying a vehicle, a spoon and crude explosives in a bag, police said.The police have taken the CCTV footage into consideration.Additional details are awaited, said the cops.


    I just read about an incident in Gurgaon which happened on July 25, 2017, when 8 dead people and 10 injured members of a Muslim family was killed when a bomb exploded (at a Minorities only) housing society. With all the incidents happening in the last two months of the year, is 2017 shaping up to be a terrible year for minorities? OR, is it just a coincidence?


    Agree. The way you describe this incident in Gurgaon sounds like major terrorism. When I first heard this I thought what a shame. I was very sad. I am sure Gurgaon will beat it.

    I will be checking on this report and its impact on Gurgaon. Report we received was a minor explosive ordnance material was used as a bomb.They said that because the accused is an brother of one of the family members, they were interrogated but they were not ready to confide their reasons.The accused in the FIR accused the alleged family members of “practising according to the tenets of Islam and that they had been using and carrying out” also said that they were part of a terror group.

    Report we received was a minor explosive ordnance material was used as a bomb.They said that because the accused is an brother of one of the family members, they were interrogated but they were not ready to confide their reasons.The accused in the FIR accused the alleged family members of “practising according to the


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    Christmas is the time of happiness, peace and harmony. Santa is everywhere and is ready to help you build your fishing skills by providing you with the most gear to help you catch more fish! And as a special addition, this pack includes a HUGE backpack that is going to be perfect for your fishing adventures!
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    The holiday pack includes fireworks, snowballs, a xmas lantern, fishing license and much more to make your holidays more special than ever!
    Note: to receive the Holiday pack, you will need to own the game, and be in the paid market.
    About Us:
    The Fishing Superstore is an online fishing sim game, which includes resources and equipment to help you become a pro angler, and it is free for everyone who wishes to play. In this game you can catch, breed and train fish of several kinds, build a fishing camp, and compete in tournaments. Feel free to try out the free demo, because you will see that it’s not easy to become a pro angler!
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