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Death Crown is an otome visual novel with mature themes and high polish. It’s a tightly edited and beautifully crafted love story set within the backdrop of an alternate history World War II. The game is an otome visual novel. It will require the player to view CG scenes.
Death Crown features:
– Story: In Death Crown, the player is Kate Wright, a young American who’s just moved to Japan in order to look for her missing father in the final moments of his life. Here she is courted by three men. However, these men are not interested in Kate but rather in the famous power of the “Death Crown” that fell to Earth from the sky on a mission to kill the bloodline that bore the crown. Each man has his own reasons as to why Kate should marry them. As she researches the history of the Death Crown, she is drawn deeper and deeper into a mystery that will give rise to a bittersweet love story.
– Visuals: 3D CG pictures of the characters with live-in-time events are shown to players as they read through the story and the visual novel will be available in both American and European languages.
– Original Soundtrack: The Death Crown Original Soundtrack is an original soundtrack of songs composed by the Japanese composer Light In the Name. It is an independent product by Light In the Name which is not associated in any way with NISA (via NEXUS).
– Reproduction of the visual novel on Steam: Death Crown is available on Steam. There are two editions:
– Easy Version: The Easy Version is a compilation of the original Visual Novel (100 pages + option menu) and the Death Crown Original Soundtrack (14 Tracks) available on Steam.
– Normal Version: The Normal Version is the full Steam version of Death Crown with a full Original Soundtrack (37 Tracks).
– Steam achievements: There are Steam Achievements associated with Death Crown.
– “Look Inside” feature: The inside of the visual novel and the soundtrack can be viewed from within Steam.
– Steam cloud support: The Visual Novel, Key Art, the Original Soundtrack, and other important files are uploaded to Steam’s Cloud. This lets players download the Visual Novel, the Original Soundtrack, Key Art and other important files anytime they want.

Get it on Steam
On Steam, you can buy the full Death Crown story game to play right away, or you can go to Steam’s library section and search for Death Crown.



Death Crown € Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Use the striking soundtrack composed and conducted by Stefan Boskamp;
  • Experience the game by sitting in on actual Death Crown events.
  • Death Crown — Soundtrack Screenshots

    Use the striking soundtrack composed and conducted by Stefan Boskamp;

    Experience the game by sitting in on actual Death Crown events.

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    Death Crown € Soundtrack Crack

    Death Crown is a game about death and fun. Its setting, characters and events reflect the eclecticism of the times.
    Inspired by the popular RPG of the same name, it includes many elements commonly associated with classic CRPGs: challenging combat, challenging puzzles, a large world and a main story with typical twists and stories to discover.
    This game is meant to be played by everyone, from the role-players to the casual gamers.
    December, 2017
    – Death Crown – Soundtrack for the game:
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    About The Game
    Death Crown is a game where you play as the last woman on a dying planet, trying to find out who or what killed everybody else.
    “The small but capacious soundtrack of the game perfectly conveys the decadent mood of the game. The sounds of not tuned piano and broken guitar are a metaphor for broken ordering of things.
    Original Soundtrack to Death Crown. Composed by Ligh tn ing. Mixing and mastering by Yokaze”
    – Death Crown Website.
    Actions · Battles · Characters · Map · Main screen
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective
    More info @ Website and License Agreement:



    Created by Meagan R. Soares – Meagan is a comic artist and illustrator. She creates comic portraits and greeting cards through her website. She’s also the creator of the game Neko Funk. With her husband, John, she founded J2 Games in 2005.
    John J. Steinback – John is a professional writer and a professor of literature. He’s the author of Fantasyland: A Journey into the World of Children’s Dreams (Seal Press, 1992) and the editor of more than 100 books.

    Death Crown is a game about death and fun. Its setting, characters and events reflect the eclecticism of the


    Death Crown € Soundtrack For PC

    The death crown is a game of killing, essentially. The only true obstacle in the game is that players are limited to killing just the ‘bad guys’. The path to victory leads through slaughter. Of course, this introduces a unique issue. Simply killing people, is, in and of itself, boring. There is no character or story to the game. Most of the time, when one character moves, another one shoots at him, they run into a wall and another kills the person who got hit. The only time that players will get a full and serious moment with the player characters is when the player has to go ‘in-game’ and fight the same person in real life. This is where Death Crown really shines. It is nothing more than a way to introduce a certain character that has more than just slaying people to do. The story revolves around Killroy, the main character of the game. Killroy’s killing and killing spree are what the game is based on. He becomes obsessed with violence and the only thing that can stop him is in-game slaying. This is when we reach the character of the game. This is where Death Crown takes the player to an uncomfortable place. This is the place where the player just kills people for no real reason.

    Death Crown is a classic top-down shooter with a modern twist. Players move through buildings and rooms, as they hide behind cover and shoot their enemies. The goal of the game is to be the first player to complete all the missions, and to do so in the most efficient way possible. The game has a tutorial, and there is a manual included with the game to guide players through the game. The tutorial is very brief and does not really help the player very much. One of the reasons is that the game itself is such a fast paced game. Also, for a ‘tutorial’, the game gives out very little information. There are no hints of any kind. The manual is equally sparse in information. It doesn’t explain much, just the mechanics of the game, and it gives out little advice on how to improve your performance. The game is very easy to play, so it is a pretty smooth introduction for the player to the game. After about the first three rooms, the gameplay is going to be relatively easy for the player.

    Gameplay The game is a top-down shooter. Players have to stay in cover as much as possible. It’s a fairly standard top


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