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Which 3-D software is the most highly rated and used for rendering and exporting stereoscopic (3D) images that can be viewed with special equipment?


It is ICLIP… and the cost is approx. $10,000

. “Thank You”, also released as a single, released both in Sweden and in Germany in summer of 1978.

The band would go on to experience a great amount of success in their native Sweden, releasing “Thank You” as a single and spending several weeks at No. 1 on the national charts and finishing as No. 2 on the Eurochart Hot 100.

“Thank You” and “Come Home” were rerecorded by Ulf in 2003 on a new album entitled Maybe Tomorrow. This version of the track was given a massive release in Sweden, and it became the band’s biggest hit single, reaching No. 2 on the singles chart. This version was subsequently included on the 2006 compilation Love You, which included the original versions of the songs and the band’s later songs from between 1977 and 1999.

Chart performance


Category:1977 singles
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He was a man of simple tastes and tastes that changed with the years. As long as he did not insist on anything too elaborate or too special for his dinners, the meals were always fine. — from Carole Basso’s wonderful blog: I am Here


When in rue he wanted to eat burgers, chips and ketchup.

Rue is French
Rue is a street


an old medieval street
Rue du Bac


compiling ffmpeg successfully but cannot find

have successfully compiled ffmpeg for ARM Ubuntu, however there is one problem left: trying to link this compiled binary to a QT project, it is throwing me this error:
undefined reference to `av_get_cpu_flags_arm_fpu’

I am using a 2.6.32 kernel on a android tablet and building libavutil from the headers directly instead of my package manager. It builds and runs fine, but the problem is that the system doesn’t seem to find it.


I had the same problem. I realized that the file I was trying to link to was in a totally different path than the one given by file. If that is the case (as is mine), you’ll need to change the following lines of file to point to the right folder (if you are not using svn, add


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