Design And Analysis Of Algorithms By A.A.Puntambekar

Design And Analysis Of Algorithms By A.A.Puntambekar


Design And Analysis Of Algorithms By A.A.Puntambekar

Programming languages such as C, C# and Java are always used for implementing real time software systems.

Where in terms of time complexity a -th
instruction needs to access a -th location in memory to perform a certain operation.
We can categorize the three operations using the following Table 1.1.
Table 1.1
Database Searching Operations.
Scanning All Key- Value pairs in a sorted set
The primary operation done to move an item to a particular location in the sorted set
Searching an item in a sorted set
Partitions With which
the set could be divided into equal size parts
Hash or
B+ tree based partitions
Searching to find a single element in a particular partition
The operations have a different time complexity.
The above operations are also called as the basic operations in a database which is very essential
and are present as a basic part of a relational database management system(RDBMS).
The above basic operations are also inbuilt in many databases like Oracle, Postgresql and
SQL Server.

The problem statement of this paper is :
Design and AnalYze Algorithms(R&D Approach).
Design and analYze Algorithms ( Conceptual Approach )
Analyz e algorithm Y(Re &D)

dc Reverse and List Analysis of List Sorting Algorithm.
The complexity of the algorithms must be analyzed to realize the limit of the algorithms.
Algorithm Analysis
A sort algorithm is a frequently used algorithm which can be used for sorting. The
properties of the algorithms are identified and the sorting algorithms are classified
into two categories based on the sorting criteria. Algorithms in both categories are
like the following.
Insertion and Linking Sort Algorithms
These algorithms are also known as hashed radix sort or linear scan sort.

Algorytme AnalYzs ( Conceptual Approach ) )
Algo r ytom s Analyz es ( Re &D ).
Whereas the other algorithm does not compare the items and compare the key.
Quick Sort
T P Sorting Algorithm
Therefore, these algorithms are in the same category. Quicksort
is based on the partitioning of the items into sublists so that the sorting
criteria will be satisfied.
Partition Quicksort
The algorithm is based

Design and Analysis of Algorithms
By A.A. Puntambekar

A.A. Puntambekar
Technical Publication-2001






1\. Introduction

1.1. Why an Invitation to this Book?

This book is aimed to introduce the reader to the design and analysis of the practical problems in the field of algorithms and their applications. It is also aims to teach the approaches to design and analysis of algorithms which is based on the concepts and the methods of the problems. The book elaborates the mathematical modelling of the practical problems with the aid of the abstractions presented in the technical publications. The book also advocates the practical approaches to the design and analysis of the practical problems by the mathematical modelling. The book deals in a very different way of learning the algorithms and their analysis. The book is a comprehensive self-contained book, covering all the important approaches to design and analysis of algorithms. All these approaches are based on the techniques of constraint programming.

The significance of this book is, it elaborates the general design principles and their specific examples in the field of the practical problems. This book not only contains the important aspects of the design and analysis of the practical problems, but also provides the applications of the problem solving techniques in practice. All the important aspects in the field of design and analysis are included, for example, data structures and algorithmic techniques, constraint solving, optimization, and searching and reasoning. This book describes the design problems which are very common in the practice and this book contains the complete solutions to all these problems.

1.2. About the Author

A.A.Puntambekar is an engineer and has been working as a scientist in the international industries since last 26 years. He has been working as a professor of computer science since last 22 years and taught various undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. His teaching experience includes full time institution in India and abroad. He has been working as a scientist in the fields of ORACLE, HP, MATLAB software development, and data mining since last 12 years.

He has also written or contributed to a number of books and peer reviewed journals. He has several publications to his name, for example, books such as An Introduction to

{The author of the book Analysis and Design of Algorithms in this print-on-demand-book have implemented the Analysis & Design of Algorithms in steps (in fact, like an engineering project). The book is a rich view-point on algorithm-design and highlights key concepts, “design techniques” based on the different algorithm analysis-types (Big-O Notation, Asymptotic Notation, etc.). In the book, there are several algorithms from computer programming / discrete-math domain, which have been explained in detail. For example, the “Subset Sum” Algorithm explained in the book, can be actually used to solve the “100 bridges problem” (a famous problem in research – i.e., can be mathematically solved to give the optimal value of some problem, while it can be very hard to do in practice).}

Bibliography of: Analysis and Design of Algorithms
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Bibliography of: Analysis and Design of Algorithms
(D2) Cimer des False. ef A. A. Puntambekar Technical Publications Analysis and Design of Algorithms .

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Analysis and Design of Algorithms 
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