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Explore the world below the ground and restore mankind in BARRICADEZ, a side-scrolling roguelike RPG filled with tower defense gameplay. The end of humanity has become a reality due to a zombie pandemic that has swept the planet. Unbeknownst to them, the infant child that is your goal has a mysterious connection to your past. Featuring a deep character creation system, an arsenal of traps and armors, and a fully dynamic underground map that procedurally generates based on your playthrough, BARRICADEZ delivers a unique mix of side-scrolling gameplay and tower defense.
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– Fixed a number of bugs in the last update, you can read about them at this link:

– New music track added:

– Just recently added OST :

– New icons added to online deck:

– Updated both the B&W and Grayscale versions of the Theme Song and Title Screen:

– Brought back the music:

– New gameplay video added:

– First release is now on the Apple store!

– Tweaked the android Market and App store icons:

– Added the ability to share decks


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  • 3rd world war era fighter plane simulation game. The planes that flying in this game is used by 3rd world war period.
  • With 3 different mission & fighting mission. Each mission has military advantages, you can to choose military advantages.
  • Make various missions, each missions has different achievements. Such as: 1. Buy the best planes from the air factory, 2. recover the farthest distance of bomber military planes, 3. how to collect laser weapons, 4. destroy enemy base, 5. get rid of all enemy planes.
  • In this game, you can use various promotion options that can be collect, such as: camouflage painting, paint bomb, laser missile, air force, special ability, war mission, defense mission, bomber.
  • Coop aircraft (eg: use best of planes).
  • Victory conditions with the plane, not based on scores, but the requirements of the achievements of each mission.
  • Various flying objects can exist in this game, such as: airfield, land, sea, sea, sea.
  • Flights all over the world, each country has its own unique planes and buildings.


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Dodge Master combines two very popular mobile game genres; the action-shooter and the block-jumping genre. Dodge Master is a unique game of precision and reflexes. The game has 50 original hand-crafted levels, 2 unique gravity types, plus a whole bunch of crazy blocks, locks, keys, and special powers. And is it funny or what?
Rules of the Game:
You have to move quickly through the game, you’ll get a lock, a key, and find a special power when you touch a special space. Everything happens quickly and you’ll need to quickly dodge falling items and block incoming attacks before they can hit you. Every block you use will earn you reward points, and a multiplier will apply to your score. The game ends when all blocks are destroyed, or a two minute time limit is reached.
Gravity Types:
In Dodge Master you will see two different types of gravity. There is the normal gravity that blocks fall towards and there is a gravity that rotates the blocks. Every level will be randomly generated, which means that you could be going through the maze in the first level but the second level could be in a different direction! So you’ll have to learn to dodge the falling stuff and rotate your blocks when you are hit by the rotating stuff. To make the levels more challenging there is also an alternate gravity in which the falling stuff rotates with the blocks.
The game features 30 secret bosses. These super block graphics will have you dodging upwards to avoid being hit by these blocks. Some bosses are more dangerous, some bosses can get multiple blocks at once and sometimes your blocks will be ‘locked’ to the boss. The bosses will also have a special item that you can collect. They will serve as a great weapon to help you defeat a level more easily.
Additional to the main block game, there is a level editor on the app store. There you can create your own levels, record video demos of your levels, and even share your level creations with the other Dodge Master players.
Since the original Dodge Master for iOS is very well received and is still being played by a lot of players on the app store, we decided that Dodge Master Android should be as equally successful and popular.

Compilation “Action” is the first brick game that combines a great gameplay. You can choose between several characters, each with his own strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to get the highest score in order to be the champion.

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* Character types: Heavy and Light
* Cosmo Types: Solid, Oni, Salamander, Dragon, Magical Beast, Ghost, Dark Fairy, Phantasm
* Random Cosmo types for the following girls: Murasaki, Matsuko, Ruri, Hiyoko, Sakura, Ao, Ichigo, Syoka, Rei, Gyouma, Yuji, Yui, Saki, Yaoyorozu, Shizuru, Mari, Mayu, Minu, Mika, Kyoko, Ai, Sayo, Shizuku, Rina, Mayu, Reiko, Ai, Sayo, Rika, Natsumi, Kaito, Rie, Kou, Lin, Yuki, Emi, Furumi, Motoyo, Sagi, Kokonoe, Kotonoha, Aoi, Mira, Hiroko, Manami, Mayu, Ao, Ai, Natsuo, Houko, Ayako, Sachiko, Tomoko, Namiko, Kosuke, Harumi, Tomo, Miho, Itsuko, Saya, Shiho, Hidemi, Yuriko, Yuki, Mizuki, Arisa, Saki
* Random Cosmo types for the following boys: Hiroki, Aoi, Touma, Yuuto, Toyouji, Makoto, Shinji, Aiko, Yukina, Mayuko, Aika, Akiko, Yasuhiro, Kunio, Takuma, Ryuu, Kenji, Ryou, Taeko, Mana, Koji, Yukiyasu, Ryunosuke, Shigeki, Hyuga, Kyousuke, Takayuki, Rikou, Mitsuba, Haruna, Senri, Takuto, Sachi, Hayato, Yuma, Kousuke, Tokiomi, Mio, Kouki, Kairi, Kisuke, Yuki, Asuka, Haruna, Kousuke, Emi, Ryo, Kenji, Ryuji, Riku, Hiroko, Shuhei, Masataka, Kiyoto, Kōtarō, Hinata, Takumi, Tetsuya, Kento, Yu, Tatsuru, Ryota, Kouko, Myoui, Mitsuki, Chihiro, Mayumi, Tomoka, Masaya, Tokura, Taizou, Junpei, Shuhei, Taisuke, Chihiro, Murata, Kiyoteru,


What’s new:


: This is Muff13’s first post here.

: Hi a, long time since I last posted here. I’m now back and still trying to complete my Master degree program at UNC Chapel Hill (yes, I’m still pursuing PhD at home). When I was preparing my resume for sending out for graduate school, I was searching through some old papers and found some quite old entries of mine that I thought I’d cut out and paste. I found my “guessed-at” NYT 2005 to 2008 “Geopolitical Landscape” tooooo many years ago and the code is broken and I couldn’t retrieve any of my old data/quotes. The same goes for my 2x 2005 Chronicle of Higher Ed Fact Finder and 2005 Moody’s Geopolitical/International Affairs.

: Anyway, I’m bored here. Can I download new cif datasets to play with or is the OT too new?


: Any other brag posts up there?


DPSD: : 05 PST 05JAN1901: Military times are 0930 UTC and 1500 UTC (0430 GMT); commercial airliners arrive and depart about 20 and 32 minutes later

: 05JAN1901: Military times are 0930 UTC and 1500 UTC (0430 GMT); commercial airliners arrive and depart about 20 and 32 minutes later


: 05 PST 05JAN1901: AR15A5 vz 16mm/275 grn am issued at 1000 lbs. FAOO


: 05 PST 05JAN1901: SYNOPSIS: Per 2545, Sergeant Kellberg, at JTF dept. commings in the 2545, feels the need to get to the hospital, he asks his ICP for medical carrier 171 AA only as he is at full health and wont be using up medical time for it. CAV 145 is given to the PFC BM for medical transport. 3rd request for medical transport, SME sends a two medic team to retrieve the body from TIC and head back. 170 ancilliary convoy, with the ATO behind them, plan on smoke the route to their OC ald. he then requests that Det9 100 help him since he’s shorthanded, that’s the Det9 will provide for the other team. Det9 100 come in on HMMWV and send out MOP drivers and gunners, they take


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You are not the only one to point the finger at me
for the sins of your family. -Aya

Featuring original songs by hit composer, Yoko Kanno

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

You ask me if I can
Be brave and hold on to your feelings

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

What’s the point of being the mother of the house?
If you do not have the courage to make a move for your family…

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

It’s because you’re a woman, but you know so much
That it’s no fun for me to stay quiet

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

If you don’t fight, I’ll fight for you
If you take away your family’s pain, they will be well.

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

Please take my hand, and fight
If you want the family to be well.

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

I can’t suppress my feelings
It can’t be helped, I can’t suppress my feelings

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Pokémon FireRed is the latest version of the Pokémon Console Game Series, but do not be fooled. The game itself is extremely easy, but effective. The purpose of the game is to obtain and equip the best Pokémon from your Pokémon’s Pokédex to


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