Dotnetfx40 ((EXCLUSIVE)) Full X86 X32 Exe Windows 7 Natel Bitdefender 1.


Dotnetfx40 Full X86 X32 Exe Windows 7 Natel Bitdefender 1.

and i just was like… damn man that’s a lot of effort to post a download

You can’t really download the entire file, it’s much larger than the zip itself.

Click Download Save. Turn off your Internet connection. Close all programs. Download and run the setup. Close the setup window. Start your Internet connection. Open the game’s setup. Click on Play button. Click on Install. Close the program.

You should see Tukusunagatari installed with the game installed.

To uninstall the game, you can do the same thing you did to install it.

To unzip the file, you can download unzip for free. Theres also 7zip.

Copy the entire folder into your Rakonsoft folder.

PS: If you’re having trouble following along, you can watch this video to see the process of extracting and installing the game.

If you don’t have a Rakonsoft folder, you can download it here: Rakonsoft Folder.

Somebody should make a tutorial that just shows the steps of how to get it and does everything through the installation and other things. I used this guide, but the first button at the bottom leads to nothing.

Downloaded the game and extract it. Opened the launcher and installed it through clicking install button on the main screen of the game.

Installation was successfull. I was already on a site called chinese-dotnet-2-1-beta. Anybody want to make a tutorial that gives step by step instructions on how to download this game and install it on your computer? It would be helpful if you could explain to people how to download the game and install it in the first place.

Activating DotNet

Not sure which Dll you should download but I got this:

Click on this link to download the applicable Dll to download.


How do i run it on my PC? A beginner like me dont have idea how to run a executable on win7….
Please help me :(.

You can’t run it. It’s not an installer. It’s a game. It’s run with XBLA. You can’t have this game run with a full version of Windows 7 that you have installed. Look it up

Full Program Information. 30.8 MB [Download Dotnetfx40 Final Free Download NewBlueFX.rar];. No serial number provided. NewBlueFX Full Version x64/x32 Incl.Search form

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I have a game and i want the player to play the game in the background when the music is playing.
There is also a screen for the user to interact with the game.

what can I do that when the music is playing in the background, this screen is not covered by the player and the user can view it.
when I do it like this my user screems the music while it is playing and then it comes to the game like this:


You need to use the deprecated player.setOnCompletionListener() – specifically, it sounds like the YoutubePlayerService should be the parameter.
this is just a rough outline, you’ll need to add some error checking and whatnot, and make sure it’s in the right place
YoutubePlayerView youtubePlayerView = findViewById(;

youtubePlayerService.setOnCompletionListener(new YoutubePlayer.OnCompletionListener() {

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