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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Double Memory is a racing game with Memory and Matching gameplay. It’s the kind of game you won’t be able to stop playing. You will be addicted to this game and it will play in your head at all times.
As you progress through all 21 stages, you’ll realize you are racing against time. You will be challenged with a max of three mistakes, and you will only have 25 seconds to complete all matches. You will have a small window of time to memorize the locations of all cards.
In Double Memory, when you select a card, it will display a small circle next to the card.
When you memorize a card, you’ll get a reward.
Just focus on memorizing every single card location.
Double Memory was inspired by 1990’s pre-rendered graphics and bulletin board games.
It works like this:
If you match card pairs, your score will add up and you will win it.
If you match a card location, you will collect bonus points.
As you progress further in Double Memory, you’ll unlock bonus cards.
With each new stage and every card, Double Memory will start to challenge you.
As you progress in Double Memory, you’ll collect more bonus cards.
You will gradually learn to match card pairs faster and faster.
In Double Memory, there will be a total of 9 game worlds.
In 9 game worlds, you will progress through over 100 stages.
The first few worlds, you will be challenged with just one card. In time, you will learn to play Double Memory with more than just one card.
If you beat all the stages, you can share the high score with your friends.
Double Memory.
In Double Memory, you will have a time limit of 5 minutes to complete all 9 worlds.
You can run through all 100 stages in 3 minutes.
In Double Memory, you will be in control of a spaceship.
You will have to memorize multiple card locations.
This game requires you to use your memory to solve a puzzle.
Double Memory is challenging, addictive, and fun.
Double Memory features nine game worlds.
You will progress through more than 100 stages.
Get ready to race against time and push your memory to its limits in Double Memory.
Double Memory.
The first thing you want to do is to memorize all the card locations. If you don’t memorize all cards


Features Key:

  • Simple to get started – Just put the game pieces on the table!
    Easy to play – You don’t have to think about how to play the game.
  • Move the game pieces with the keyboard!
    Automatically save your game.
  • Play against your friends – You can even “play” against the computer!
    Win or lose – You decide if you loose or win!
  • Suitable for everyone.
    Easy on the eyes.


Double Memory Free Download [Win/Mac] [2022]

Double Memory is a free to play memory card matching game.
You challenge your memory by playing matches of matching cards in a grid.
The goal is to eliminate the number of incorrectly placed cards.
You score points in each stage to accumulate a high score.
There are three game modes included in Double Memory:
– Double Memory:
When no special event happens, one match is called a Warmup Match.
In a Warmup Match, you can get a maximum of five incorrect matches.
In a Limited Attempts stage, you have a maximum of three incorrect matches.
The game ends when you run out of continues.
– Double Memory: Double Blast:
Match all the pairs in the grid.
You start by adding a small number of cards to the grid.
Only one card can match a card on the opposite side.
You’ll have five more chances to add more cards.
In a Round, you’ll have a maximum of three incorrect matches.
You get one more chance to add more cards.
– Double Memory: Marathon:
For each match, you must place a card where the target card appears.
You’re given a maximum of seven shots to get the target card into position.
The game ends when you shoot yourself out of matches.
*Restrictions Apply:
– Double Memory is free to play, but there are some restrictions.
– You’ll get a maximum of two incorrect matches during Limited Attempts.
– You’ll have a maximum of 25 seconds to make the correct matches during Timed Attempts.
– You get three continues during Single Match, with one for each incorrect match.
– You can choose your level of difficulty in each stage.
– You’ll be notified of your best score, highest level and a screenshot of your current position.
– You can only access five different levels of difficulty.
– You’ll get daily bonus points for your best score.
– You can test your skills in the daily quiz.
– Players can play in an offline mode for a challenge.
– You can play Double Memory together with your friends in your multiplayer mode.
– You’ll see a leaderboard that tracks your best scores.
– You’ll be notified whenever there’s a major update.
– There are volume controls in the options menu.
– You can choose the background and sound effects


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What’s new in Double Memory: