Driver Scape License 88

Driver Scape License 88


Driver Scape License 88

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. By Jeffrey, Oct 28th,

For each server. It’s good that this newbie is trying to make a go of it. You’re saving him a lot of trouble by asking the question. You’re being very polite and helpful.
We add a /var/run/ipvs/ as it seems to work better for us.

This is a straightforward IPVS setup. There is no need for special deviated ec2 instance types. An off the shelf pkg (as far as I know).

We use eth0 IPVS rules which stick via the default behaviour of EC2 while you are using the instances.

If you’re using linux on EC2 then you’re likely to want to run a public ip dns server. If you’d like to run that on your AMI, you can do that. Just run apt-get install bind9 (or whatever you run for public name/ip services).

Update the following config in /etc/ipvs/config. Is a list of the address the servers will forward to each other. In our case both are in the same subnet:

Save the config. Edit the /etc/ipvs/hosts file and add the following line. client1

Verify the syntax of the file.

In the second instance. this one is only forwarding traffic to the first instance. We have to ssh to first instance and alter the client1’s so that it only shows one interface. It does that by changing the ip_default value to 1. Thus when the second instance queries the first one it gets the other interface (0).

Note the IP address of the second instance’s only interface is so if you wanted to login to the second instance using ssh as above to do this, you’d use the following command.

The last step.

In the first instance. Edit the client1’s so that the ip_default value is 0. When a connection to this IP address is made it gets sent to the second instance. It can query the second instance using the IP address from the server’s host file.

Note that this only works with eth0 interfaces. You can test it by ssh’ing to the second instance. This won’t work from within the instance.

So we asked. “What do you recommend?”

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