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The New Fantasy Action RPG.

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

• A Vast World Full of Excitement
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

• Create your Own Character
In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

• An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

• Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.


Gokujyu Rating

Elden Ring is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you!


1. Why did you make this game?

Because I played a lot of RPGs. I also wanted to experience the excitement of fantasy battles.

2. Why did you make Dragon Quest and MapleStory together?

We are using the same engine! The characters on both Dragon Quest and MapleStory are also under the same code.

3. The title of the game is very similar to MapleStory.

Can you name an RPG where the plot is similar to Dragon Quest?

4. There is some common media, such as wallpaper and icon.

Yes, we just used it as a reference. The icons are taken from MapleStory, but the graphics are taken from Dragon Quest.

5. Is this game is similar to MapleStory and Dragon Quest?

Yes, the game is similar to MapleStory. It’s a new fantasy RPG where you can travel between the Lands Between


Features Key:

  • The Magic of the Elden Ring
    • Legendary Game Mechanics: Action-RPG
    • Create a Ruling Lord
    • Raise a Demon
    • Deep Exploration System
    • Tons of Environments
    • Unrelenting Story
    • Customized Skills
    • RPG Elements added real-time
    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
  • Adventure Experience
    • Variety of Dungeons
    • Get to know other characters at the Village
    • Multiplayer that allows you to directly connect with others
  • New Wizardry
    • The New Fantasy Action RPG
  • Driving Force
    • The game features the power of unity
    • The Game Mechanics and the Play System actively play along with each other.
  • Enjoy the game and welcome to the Elden Ring………

    Stay tuned for information on the game!


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    Elden Ring With Key For Windows

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    What’s new:

    This version also includes the following changes:
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    • Marksman characters have been buffed.
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    Download Elden Ring Crack + With License Code [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

    1. Download ELDEN RING game from any of the mirrors.

    2. Unzip the downloaded file.

    3. Copy the ELDEN.DLL and ELDEN.PNG from the unzipped folder.

    4. Copy the all folder(to have the crack file, the crack file is to be given in the all folder of crack file’s location).

    5. Run the game once.

    6. Open the menu.

    7. Go to the options and go to “drive”.

    8. Go to “add” and go to “browse”.

    9. Choose the folder that has been copied.

    10. Choose the second one from there and select all files.

    11. Go to “move” and select all files.

    12. Go to “copy” and select all files.

    13. Go to “apply” and wait for the process to complete.

    14. After the process is complete, close the game.

    15. In your browser, go to “my documents” and go to “dropbox” and copy and paste the folder that we created.

    16. Open the folder that you copied and go to “edit” and paste the folder in that folder.

    17. Go to the folder and copy all files and go to a “cut” and paste it in the folder that we made (add).

    18. Go to the folder that has been created and rename to “crack”.

    19. Extract the crack files and copy it into the crack folder that we made.

    20. Go back to the menu and go to “run”.

    21. Close the game and run it.

    22. Extract the crack and go to “start” menu.

    23. Open the crack folder and select “crack.txt”.

    24. Go to “run” and run “crack.txt”

    25. Select whether you want to install the game or select “custom setup”.

    26. Select the installation location and wait for the process.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • First you need to download the setup file from the link below
  • It is so mega Huge of 1.22 GB
  • After that you have to extract the file inside the installdir folder
  • Extract the contents named “Crack_Crack_Elden_Ring.zip”
  • Run the patch to make changes to the files to fix
  • After pressing ok you need to press play
  • Enjoy!
  • Elden Ring: The Ring Reborn (5.0) PRO:

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