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Five Colors represent the five elements of nature. Establishing yourself in the Lands Between will be more difficult than you could imagine. Tarnished, the talented, and lonely knight, sets off on a journey to seek the legendary Elden Ring, to become a member of the Great Council, and to obtain power. But he has no intention of joining the Great Council’s House of Elden, where the Elden Lords control the Lands Between. Together with a reliable follower, traverse through the wild lands and fight in the arena of the House of Elden. Prove yourself a worthy fighter and become a member of the House of Elden.

– Includes:

■ Character Customization
◆ Change weapons, armor and spells to your own liking.
◆ With the Overlord command, customize the stats of your heroes.
◆ Equip legendary weapons and armors.
◆ Combine magic and equipment to create your own powerful wizard or warrior.

■ Fantasy Action RPG in 3D!
◆ Battle in the colorful fields, misty dungeons, and even underwater.
◆ Challenge yourself by traversing through the three-dimensional world full of deep atmosphere.
◆ Enjoy a vast world that you have never experienced before.

■ Tarnished Will
◆ Become a skilled hero through leveling up.
◆ Encounter the various elements and monsters to enhance your skills.
◆ Use a variety of equipment to create a powerful hero.
◆ Level up your own hero to become a strong elite.
◆ Battle against other players and form a party.

■ Skillful Animation
◆ Battle in the 3D world.
◆ Enjoy plenty of combat animations.
◆ Bring excitement to the battles.

■ Simple to Operate, Easy to Play
◆ Choose the type of battle playstyle.
◆ Enter the lush and colorful field via automatic dungeon navigation.
◆ Experience a new kind of combat in an easy to play turn-based battle system.

■ Compete with other players.
◆ Team up with players around the world and attack enemy strongholds.
◆ Win the battle and help the other team for a higher reward.

■ Create the smallest details
◆ Enjoy a vast world and world-class graphics!
◆ Experience the beautiful and detailed world of the Elden Ring.

■ Dynamic Online Battles
◆ Play with other players and be friends


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rise and Become the Elden Lord
    Decide your name for your character, equip your character, and align yourself with the path of the Elden Ring. In key moments, set a goal for yourself and for your kingdom, and obtain the items that you need to fulfill your objectives. Then, attend the Elytra in order to rise in rank.
  • Play with Friends
    Engage in online play with friends, sharing the levels and other content in "Online Co-op" for two to four players. The matching and movement between players will be smoother when playing with friends.
  • Compatible with Android 2.3.3+ Phones and Tablets
    The latest Nexus 4 tablet (and 7 and 10), along with Jelly Bean Android phones (CM 10) should run the game well. 
  • Can be Played with One Hand
    When playing with your dominant hand, you can use one hand instead of two. The white signal can be brought up using the back button to change your hands during play
  • Must Be Registered in order to play
    In order to guarantee more stable and smoother play, you must register your account prior to your first play. 
  • Featured Full Game Feature Comparison
    A detailed comparison of the one-handed gameplay on an Android tablet. 
  • #newsMon, 10 Dec 2013 13:49:00 +0000Gameloft releases Wrecking Zone – Today’s Rant delivers the daily dose of krwacky fixings!


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    What’s New: Version 1.01. The game world has been opened up to allow you to access the area in the middle of the world map. The development team hopes that this would allow players to freely travel in various places. In addition, there are improvements and bug fixes for the game.

    Version 1.00: The area in the middle of the world map.

    In addition, the approval feature has been improved to provide more friendly support.

    This release adds the Single-Player mode. We have also made some improvements to the Online Multiplayer mode.

    The online mode also has a new function that allows you to view the progress of others while playing the game.

    Version 1.00: The Online Mode on the website. The approval feature has been improved to provide more friendly support. This release adds the Single-Player mode. We have also made some improvements to the Online Multiplayer mode. The online mode also has a new function that allows you to view the progress of others while playing the game.

    # # #


    Please rate the game using the dropdown menu available on the game page. The average rating value of all reviews is 4.5. Please write your feedback in the comments section below. We value your input.

    Chace della – Premium User

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    10. New quest feature: “World Conquest” (free)

    “World Conquest” is a new quest feature to be available from the start of the game. In addition to the core quests that have already begun, there is also a variety of quests you can undertake to explore and conquer new lands and regions.
    Some of the features for the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.1) NEW MAPS: Over 100 square meters of square-shaped map
    Huge over 100 square meters of map and three-dimensional space featuring both land and sea. The new maps allow for an incredible level of freedom in navigation, and will give you a huge boost to the feeling of progress.
    2) RPG MODE: Customizable UI and System UI
    The RPG mode has a highly customizable UI. You can change the display of items as well as adjust the system UI such as the scale and type of loot and bosses. You can also adjust the display of enemies, inventory, and map.
    3) CLASSES: Enhance the effectiveness of your weapons and spells
    Equip weapons and armor and use the skills and spells that have been developed to customize them to your own play style. Collect gems and expand your gear at the additional EXP you gain when defeating monsters.
    4) AI-GRID TECHNOLOGY: A game where the map is seamless but the field of battle has a grid
    The game world is seamlessly connected, but the map outside the battle field shows a grid-like structure and you can freely travel wherever you want. This system allows you to enjoy the battle field in any direction by only walking in the direction of your choice.
    5) NO PATROL MODE: A new RPG where you only attack!
    In the old version, players could attack while in RPG mode, but they could not enjoy the battles in the field of battle unless in “fight” mode. This means you could not move around freely, and after a battle, you would have to wait for the next battle. In the new version, players can fight monsters freely at their own pace, and can use any weapons and armor they have, regardless of their skill level.
    6) NEW MONSTER: Summon a dark spirit from the Netherworld
    New as well as selectable special enemies have been added, along with the previously released hero monsters, Pegasusa, and the Tesla.
    7) MULTIPLAYER: Connect with up to 8 players


    What’s new:

    [ Content Size : 8,222 words ]
    [ Page Count : 240 ]
    [ Publication Date : February 3, 2018 ]
    [ Release Type : New Game ]
    [ Update Frequency : Rare ]
    [ Unit_Id : 730008 ]
    [ File_Name : game_sculpture.zip ]
    [ File_Path :.\sculpture\zip ]
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