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A new fantasy action RPG developed by Compile Heart Co., Ltd.
Set in a world where the “Lands Between” appear from time to time, where the land floats on a sea of dense mist, a “badlands” where the power of the monsters and magic are uncontrolled. This world is protected by a domineering race named the “Elden Ring.”
A group of high school students who are uninvolved in the world succumb to a large whirlpool called the “Maelstrom” in order to rescue their friend, and are swallowed by a monstrous creature called the “Tainted.” While lost in the Lands Between, they come across the Elden Ring sword weapons called the “Crimson Sword” and “Silver Sword,” and acquire magical abilities.
The players’ goal is to walk in between the worlds of the badlands and the human world, and to defeat the Tainted and rule the Land Between as a “Lord.”
Check out all the game information and gameplay footage at:

Come and play the RPG “Elden Ring” – Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace!
Development Team:
Creative Product Development Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Operations Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Operations Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (North America)
Game Delivery & Support Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (North America)
Design Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (North America)
Mission & Operation Division, Compile Heart Co., Ltd. (North America)
M-Tom Media Inc. (San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)
■ Voice Actors
Players: Jason O’Donnell
Deralt “Tough”
Fallon “Fallow”
Lance “Gem”
Brent “Mountain”
Brad “Sempai”
Gracie “Dream”
Sean “Shaggy”
Kyle “Ky”
Cody “Promise”
Kara “Dreamer”


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Download Setup + Crack >>>

Features Key:

  • Stylish Elements
    Elden Ring is the first RPG in the Fantasy RPG genre to reveal the detail of its fantasy world with dark fantasy art style and charming music.

  • A New Style of Online Play
  • An asynchronous online play that empowers you to become more connected with others.

  • Innovative On-Screen Action
  • A unique on-screen action system that makes for a dynamic online experience!

  • 5 Classes
  • Each class has a unique and powerful-sounding weapon.

  • Brandish the Power of the Elden Ring
  • A new fantasy RPG with an online game element that enable your game progress to directly share with others on a global scale.


    Dagger of the Reflecting Light (vol. 1 – 14).

    Diamond of Light Blue Star (vol. 1).



    The Elden Ring is an action RPG fantasy set in a mythical world. Rise, Tarnished is born from the divine lands of the Elden Ring. Tarnished is the final act of the war that destroyed the original world. The land has become a field for all seven clans that have lost their war. A demonic evil spreads over the world, and the land has become too dark to look at. The main character of the story, Van Lee, is a young kid who could neither follow his own path in life nor


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key Free Download [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

    ・ Six novel characters in the Ruins of Nazarri

    ・ Build your own world using the Pawn system

    ・ Three different kinds of races with different skills

    ・ Over 30 types of monsters and monsters powerful enough to destroy a nation

    ・ Four types of quests with various story elements

    ・ A persistent world in which you can see other players’ towns

    ・ A unique multiplayer online element that lets you feel the presence of others

    In the Age of Warring, in the dangerous Lands Between, four leaders who found themselves in the lowest part of the world with undeveloped technology discover an ancient and powerful artifact that allows you to freely manipulate the laws of space and time, and they discover that the world is doomed to chaos. One of these four leaders, Feist, a noble warrior who lacks allies, and so he joins the order of adventurers known as the Knights of the Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack to harness the power of the artifact.

    While the four primary users are busy with their individual tasks, a continent adjacent to that of Feist’s originally occupies a continent without adventurers to explore, where travelers wander aimlessly. The leader of the continent, a staunch yet kind-hearted person named Ruda, suddenly appears in an isolated village to perform an act of great kindness and enlists the village in the war.

    Emboldened by this, a young woman named Belette enters the continent to join the fight against monsters and despair. As she fights under the guidance of Ruda, she seeks the light in the harsh darkness, and an even harsher darkly-beautiful woman named Hilf betrays Ruda.

    In the final conflict, an ancient evil is unleashed from the lands of the north, and the world is doomed to the end of time. You are Feist, lord of the Knights of the Elden Ring, and as such, Feist will lead all of humanity to the end of the world with the power of the “Rings of the North”.
    In the Lands Between, the world is composed of open fields and regions that block paths, so the players must create a space for themselves in order to move freely. At the same time, the size of the areas is large enough for each player to feel the presence of everyone else without being crushed by the spaces.
    The world is open, and there are no closed paths or walls blocking movement


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    – Playable on smartphones and tablets
    – Powerful character development system
    – The adventure and dramatis personae unfold in-game
    – Intuitive touch control
    – Anti-cheat system



    Let’s go in to the details. ELDEN RING is the new action RPG developed by Finn Jiromyo & Roys Appelwick, the creators of 2D RPG Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and also the ELDEN RING game for iOS. If you are a fan of action RPGs, you need to try this game.

    The game features six classes that equip weapons and armor, and various kinds of magic, all of which are developed with the ultimate goal of establishing a unique character and increasing the feeling of satisfaction from playing.

    In addition to being able to change the appearance of the character at will, you can freely assign different attributes to various parts of the character to increase the degree of customization.

    We have additional items and weapons for trade, and other items such as the ability to move with the “Cat”.

    Elden Ring is a story that intertwines different characters who have different mindsets, and you as the player are directly involved in the action.

    The game takes place within the Lands Between. If you visit a place you pass through the world, and as you go on you can enjoy the change in scenery in real time. The game is also different depending on the areas in which you visit.

    Going through places with high land values and opportunities for battle, you can expect fights with high tension, or you can visit a peaceful village, where you can enjoy a free life…

    By controlling various characters, you can experience your own adventure in various ways.

    Each of the six classes will be able to use a variety of weapons and magic as their chosen weapon, and will be able to enjoy the unique feeling of playing an action RPG.

    You can enjoy the battle scenarios you encounter in real time, and the “One Hit Kill” system will be applied, which only allows the character to be “Defeated” with only one hit, where you can enjoy attacking enemies with precision and increase your character’s story.

    Each character has a story consisting of numerous jobs, and we will have additional content for each character.

    Elden Ring has a high degree of degree of freedom, and you can enjoy playing the game for as long as you desire.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

  • Granblue Fantasy: A Tale of Two Sisters

  • The Magical Girl Sugar Lime

  • Granblue Fantasy: The Missing Elf

  • Granblue Fantasy: Wolf Link’s Good Evening


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    System Requirements:

    Adobe Flash Player Version: 9,0,115,0 or higher
    Min Resolution: 1024×768
    OS: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or newer
    CPU: 1.8 GHz or faster
    RAM: 1 GB or higher
    Hard Drive: 16 GB or higher
    Screenshots and Videos:
    Note: The Java plugin is not required for the game to run. Download the manual here (PDF).
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