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You are an elite member of the Order of Menade. You are asked to receive the mission, “Kill Siegfried.”

You are a ranger who is sent by the king to the neighboring country to kill the evil warrior, Siegfried, but the more you think about it, the more she’ll disappear from your thoughts, and you can’t help but get involved in the local rumors.

Why are the rumors saying that Siegfried is a traitor? That the king is a traitor? You receive the orders to kill the man.

However, Siegfried has his own group of followers. The king’s own forces are outmatched. Should you even be thinking about leaving?

The king is asking for a report of how you have not killed the man you were sent to kill.

He knows that the rumors are true, and he calls upon your pride as a man of the Order.

The battle of men has begun, and you will take a part in the war between darkness and light.

(Only in Japan)

1. Features of “Elden Ring 2022 Crack : Aiming for the TOP”
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Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG developed by Valkyrie Profile developer Vanillaware.

Main Features

— A vast world.

Your journey will take you to various lands with a variety of environments, from giant plains to amazing mountain peaks and forests.

— A variety of monsters.

Elden Ring’s world is teeming with monsters. This means that you can take on whatever challenge is in front of you with a variety of weapons and creatures.

— A varied story.

A complex story will be revealed as you progress through the game.

— A multiplayer RPG that loosely connects players.

You can not only enter the multiplayer RPG seamlessly, but you can also move to other players in the game and travel with them.

These features are unique to Elden Ring.

2. Plot
A mercenary sent to kill a certain target has to leave his own country.

He first heads to the neighboring country to investigate and discover the truth.

A second mysterious riddle is gradually revealed.

Once he discovers the truth, the world is thrown into turmoil.

The man who was sent to kill must face


Features Key:

  • Advanced Character Customization and Customization Story
    With extensive character customization options, you can create the character you want with a wide range of body shapes, colors, and hairstyles. Furthermore, the customization story, which was created and realized in the production of a game featuring an enormous and wide range of customization options, lets you experience and deepen the world of Elden Ring.
  • World-class Graphics
    The graphics on the screen are meticulously designed with superb models and textures to ensure the graphic quality of each of the game’s scenes and characters, even in the details. This contributes to reproducing the world of Elden Ring with immaculate realism.
  • The Cast’s Engrossing Performance
    We use motion analysis technology and performed work by passionate heart-stopping actors to make characters’ actions and expressions come alive. This production team has prepared the performance of the cast with great effort and polished the characters’ expressions to make them come alive.
  • Mecha Battles
    The characters can move on their own, fight enemies that are more advanced than knights and the player character, and utilize ultra-high-level magical attacks called Mecha Attacks during battle.
  • A Numenera-Inspired Universe
    The design and work using Yomotsu’s Numenera as the underlying world was done by Yomotsu and me. We wanted the fantasy world of Elden Ring to be unique and realistic in accordance with Numenera, so we drew on that sandbox RPG game to make the world of Elden Ring. If you like the universe of Numenera, we think you will also like our fantasy world of Elden Ring. So, how about it?
  • Features of multiplayer:

    • Advanced Character Customization and Customization Story
      Perform three-star operation requests while customizing your character with an endless variety of accessories.
    • World-class Graphics
      The graphics on the screen are meticulously designed with superb models and textures to ensure the graphic quality of each of the game’s scenes and characters. This contributes to reproducing the world of Elden Ring with immaculate realism.
    • The Cast’s Engrossing Performance
      We use motion analysis technology and performed work by passionate heart-stopping actors to make characters’ actions and expressions come alive.


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      – “The new fantasy RPG in a genre that I grew up loving. Even as it’s without any criticism, it’s perfect in every way, and I love it.”

      – “I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this game exists in this world and this time.”

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      – “It’s rare to find an RPG that has so much nostalgia for me, it’s a game I wish I had played as a child.”

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      – “If you love fantasy RPG games, play this game right now.”

      – “So, this is how it feels to have a dream come true as an adult. An RPG you can play as a child is the ultimate wish-fulfillment dream, and I’m so happy to have this as a reality.”

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      – “Tarnished is the fantasy RPG I’ve been waiting for, a gorgeous masterpiece.”

      – “This is a game that pays homage to the best and worst of the genre, a game that brings you back to your childhood wonder about the world of fantasy. You can see by the standard of this game alone, it’s a game that never should have existed, and yet, here it is.”

      – “It’s rare to find an RPG that matches the nostalgia of my childhood, and Tarnished is one of them. I just couldn’t help but love this game so much.”

      – “This is a game I was waiting for my whole life, it’s a game that makes me want to play the games I


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      • Quick and Easy Scrolling Action, Powerful Real-time Battles, and Pulsating Combat Action
      By utilizing the screen’s touch control, you can free your hands from the mouse and directly use the stylus to attack while rapidly clicking and dragging your finger. The action is incredibly fast and responsive, and while the game is easy to play, it is a challenging experience. The action is pulsating and the stage is enormous, and the battles take place in real time.

      The screen is divided in two parts, with the upper half displaying the action and the lower half being the map.
      Each part is divided in four regions, with the bottom regions acting as menu screens.
      On the map, the upper left displays the current map, and the upper right displays the world map.

      By clicking on your character and dragging it, you can make your character jump over high obstacles or perform other actions, such as opening the door. The action is simple but very responsive, and there is a variety of different attacks and patterns. At the bottom of the screen is a prompt. By touching it with your finger, you can perform quick movements.

      To advance to the next battle, press the back button.

      In the action, there is an enormous variety of enemies and situations. Each of the four regions includes different enemy types, which have different appearances, but similar attacks.

      The enemies are composed of different creatures with multiple attacks, such as dragons and flying birds. A high variety of enemies is displayed on the battle screen.

      When you are dealing with an enemy attack, you can choose from various tactical actions, such as pushing the enemy back, avoiding the enemy’s attack, or disabling them. After you finish one of these actions, you can select another, and you can even choose another attack.

      The objective of this battle is to defeat the opponent. Even if you are defeated, you have the option to perform a final attack to finish the battle. While the battles are exhilarating, the excitement is accompanied with great enjoyment and pressure.

      If you are defeated and the battle has not yet been concluded, you have the option to keep fighting until the end. If you are defeated and you wish to flee, simply move your character to the back of the screen and press the back button. If you are defeated and you have the arrow


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    • Open RD2RLSNG.EXE in setup/EXE folder
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    Dwarven Fortress: Gold Edition is a small programming game. Gameplay focuses on strategic building, resource management, management of personnel, and micromanagement of the game players. Within each of these activities, or “tasks”, the dwarf is in charge of deciding and implementing various scenarios. The tasks exist in logical sequence and when they are completed, new tasks are created. The tasks are played using the game’s screen interface – in which the player can manipulate game objects, such as the rows of dwarves, and view graphs and maps, and make decisions about the state of the dwarven civilization, and see what would happen if various choices were made. A randomly generated map may be loaded into the game session; as the map begins to progress, opportunities for interaction with the game world, and in some cases, missions for the dwarven civilization, are designated.

    About This Game Software:

    Dwarven Fortress: Gold Edition

    This game is a port of the 2004 strategy game from Apeiron Games. Gold Edition adds additional tasks, updates the mapping and graphics, and was released for Steam by Third Quest.