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How can I insert an image into a table cell in a HTML email?

How can I insert an image into a table cell in a HTML email?
The image is of a product page, and I’d like it to appear inside the cell.


Use the alt attribute of the img tag and add text to it by using the title attribute.

Need some more free family fun? Well, there’s a new library in town – the Library for Kids – which is exactly what it sounds like, a nonprofit resource library.

The library, which opened this week in the courtyard of Bethel Presbyterian Church, is a collection of books and activities for children ages birth through five.

The Bethel Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Ind., will be operated as a library in the courtyard of the church from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday. The library is located on the west end of the church’s parking lot in the same location that is currently used as a children’s room. It is adjacent to the church school building.

The library hopes to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for children and families. The building will be monitored by the Building a Healthy Community initiative. Community members will be trained as volunteers in child safety and child development as a means of providing assistance and security for the children. The library staff will train an appropriate person to take care of the children, while the parents remain free to do other things while they are away.

Mayor Greg Ballard attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon to officially open the new community library. “This is an exciting development, and we’re thrilled to see


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Myth* of Summoning. Level up as you fight, and develop and customize your own original character. With the help of your spells, you can even create new tactics.
  • Play the game by yourself, or invite your friends to participate in the game together.*a Myth-Legend. The mythical legend of the Elden race has been handed down by its users. Hyat, or Hora, a punisher of the Dark Gods, was born from the heart of Elden. He aided Lytha, Elvira, Modem, and other Elden, who had been raised by civilizations throughout history. The Elden race admired Hyat from afar as legend. Hyat has survived the test of time, and you will be able to wield the power of Hyat as an Elden Lord through your exceptional capabilities, and join him in combat.
  • Fantasy Action RPG With an emphasis on Character Development. With the system of combining weapons and armor, you can freely customize your character’s appearance and growth.
  • An Advanced System of Multiplayer RPG. Multiplayer with other players, direct sharing of certain data, and even communications with nearby players.
  • A Vast World that Continuously Changes. Explore the world and unravel the mystery of the Lands Between.
  • An Adventure You Can Customize. Customize your weapons, armor, and magic on the go.
  • An Epic Story born from a Myth in the Lands Between. A multilayered story of travel together, multiple war routes, betrayal, and discovery.
  • An Online World that Allows You to Feel the Presence of Others.
  • Unexpected Monsters Await.※ If you lose your connection during battle, interrupt your game and regain your connection. During the optional battle, you can collect the loot together with your allies. ※ The loot received during a battle is shared among all users, not just the users that participated in the battle. In other words, even if you die during the battle, your skill will retain its effect, and your equipment will be shared among the users
  • An Online -asynchronous Browser
    Link for the Cell Phone
  • Elden Ring Key features:

    • A Myth-Legend. The mythical


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      – 【PC Games Magazine】

      “It’s not just a fantastic RPG, it is the best one ever made. Be it

      romance, action, or dungeon-crawling, the distinctive art and

      unique voice-overs of the story keep you turning pages until the


      – 【IGN】

      “If there’s one aspect that sets The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim apart, it’s certainly its narrative. Told in three dimensions, from the perspective of a unique protagonist, and set in a rich and magical fantasy world, Skyrim’s narrative is consistently engaging and an important part of the experience. As an RPG, it’s also the most varied and best in existence.”

      – 【GT】

      “Skyrim is like the perfect video game–a complete package.

      From the start, Skyrim has you exploring a massive, massive

      fantasy world with the freedom to do just about anything you

      want. And then once you get into the game, you’ll find that the

      game doesn’t just give you a lot of freedom, but you can also

      determine the direction the story goes. The world of Skyrim is

      fully developed with interesting and memorable characters,

      interesting locations, and great combat with a great combat

      system. The characters also make the story more like a movie

      than a story told through video games. The storyline is unique,

      multilayered, and exciting.”

      – 【GamesTM UK – Official UK E3 Game Guide】

      “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most ambitious and expansive games ever made in the gaming industry. With a huge world to explore, a huge cast of interesting characters and a huge arsenal of weapons and armor at your disposal, Skyrim is undoubtedly the most complete game you can buy right now. With 3D visuals that have never been seen in a game before and an epic storyline that will keep you playing for months on end, Skyrim is destined to be a game that sticks in the mind for a long time. There are plenty of hours of gameplay here, and if you’re looking for the most engaging RPG experience you’ll find it in Skyrim.”

      – 【GamesTM UK – Official E3 Game Guide】

      “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the best fantasy RPG of this generation. It’s large, beautiful and completely captivating


      Elden Ring With Key Free Download

      Introducing the action RPG fantasy game that will let you rise.
      The story of the game is based on the legend of the “Lands Between.” It is a fantasy world in which the land is shaped by the blood that runs through the veins of dragons.
      Each dragon has a spirit in it, and people call it an “Elden.” They believe that the spirits of the dragons are the power of the land.
      In the world of the Elden, things are changing. The magic power of the dragons was lost.
      Power and corruption that came from that were sealed away by the Elden Ring.

      The land of the Elden was broken by that time.
      “Lands Between: A Hero Born”
      A heroic adventure that will touch every corner of this world, the game follows the story of Ragna, who was born into a world where dragons are but a legend.
      Ragna, the Hero Born
      Ragna is a lowly farmer. However, while he was an orphan, he was saved by the Elden Ring.
      Ragna has been struggling with the great power of the Elden Ring, and in order to protect this power, he leads an oppressed people.
      You will be guided by Ragna, the Hero Born, and witness the action-adventure story that will unfold in an exciting and fast-paced world.
      War of Legend

      ・A War is Coming
      The Enchanted Spirit of the Mage’s Castle
      Ragna’s world is one of peace. However, the peace is constantly under threat.
      A war is coming, the end of this peace, and the great dragons must meet.
      A War is Coming, and the Elden Ring is Summoned!
      Ragna sees the Elden Ring.
      The land between the world of Ragna and the world of the Elden Ring is the Lands Between.
      A world between myth and reality.
      Ragna is summoned.
      The time has come to become an Elden Lord.

      ・The Deadly Battle
      The Eyes of Darkness and the Forsaken Spirits of the Waning Moon
      The beings that were sealed away by the Elden Ring have forgotten the legends.
      The Dragon Spirits, the Great Spirits, the Grand Spirits, and the Crafty Spirits have awoken to start an everlasting war, but Ragna is holding onto the Elden Ring to protect the peace.
      It’s time to hunt down the last of the Great Dragons.



      What’s new in Elden Ring:



      (7th Apr 2013) “To enhance your gameplay experience, this application contains ads (both banner and interstitial) from 14 advertising networks. The application processes data at your discretion. Continued use of this application is considered acceptance of the terms of the Google AdMob policy:


      Survivor 6 : Blades Edge Barton – Survivor 5/2007

      Big Ben Reynolds is back on Survivor for its game below the Equator.
      Help Big Ben survive the South Pole. His game consists of building a hut….

      Survivor 6 : Blades Edge Barton – Survivor 5/2007

      Big Ben Reynolds is back on Survivor for its game below the Equator.
      Help Big Ben survive the South Pole. His game consists of building a hut.
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    Pisto Sector 3 is a freeware international fantasy MMORPG developed by Pisto Games and programmed in Java programming language.
    The game is a new fantasy action RPG game set on a multilayered fictional world that is deeply connected with each other through beliefs, myths, and human desire.
    Players are driven to explore wide-ranging fields in search of the meaning of the gaming world, and return with answers and hopes.
    There is no denying the fact that this game will be one of a kind because the player’s adventures will dictate the formation of the game world.

    dimanche 30 août 2012

    Monkey Stove

    This afternoon I decided to try and work on the fireplace I am doing for Daddy-O’s house. I am going to use some leftover decking from his deck as a base for the hearth.

    I will be using an old cabinet that has to go out too. This was the beautiful butcher’s crate that Elongated Spice has, I thought it would work for the fireplace. I needed to add wood, so put some fresh seasoned fuel in the stove. This will keep the hole square and should be ready when Daddy-O gets here to inspect.

    I still have to do some drawings and plans and start up a blog on the fireplaces for the carpenters as an instructional



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    Internet Explorer 10 and later
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    Windows 7 or later
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    OS X version 10.8 or later
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