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* • An Action RPG that introduces the fantasy genre in a new way
* • A Vast World Full of Excitement
* • A Challenging Game with a High Degree of Drama
* • A Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others

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Update 1:
Android version already has the APK fixed, we apologize for the confusion.
Update 2:
We’ve also discovered that Valve is trying to prevent me from sharing your game, but we are having some success (a bit tough as they are probably pretty good at hiding things).


We are going to fix the problem with the Android Version, but I’d like to ask you to release your game as soon as possible to the PC Version because it will, by far, have much more players. The reason I say this is because it’s a free game and you are charging people money for it. Hence, make your game free to play. At the very least, make your game free to download with “free time” limitations. That would include stop people from having to pay for use of your content at all times.

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Features Key:

  • Action RPG Survival by combining together with weapons, armor, magic
  • Asynchronous online play
  • Directly connect to others
  • Online Battle with a group of people

    Further Information on the trailer:

    Watch the PLAYUTER’S VERGE trailer here

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    The Warlord is the Fan-Language Translation of the Second Volume of the ROBLOX General Desktop


    Twist your arms, cut the rope, and make sure you tie your hands together. That is the last time you ever see that boy.

    Yuokago no Kuroi Kaba…

    What? Wait, Where’s That Kid?

    Where’s That Kid?

    Where the heck is that kid? He was here just a minute ago… And now, He’s gone.

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    Where the hell was that kid?

    Where is that freaking kid?!

    Hmm? I don’t remember getting this kind of bad a pain at a game before. He might be right… Maybe I’m just getting old.

    Wha—?! Why’s that other kid’s body here?!

    The other boy…? It looks like he’s dead. I’m so sorry… Thank you for everything…

    Wha—?! Why’s his body here?!

    WHAT THE–?!

    What the hell is going on here?!


    Where’s That Kid?!

    Where the hell is that kid?!

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    He’s not gonna be happy when I tell him about this…

    Where is that freaking kid?!

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    I’m tired…

    so tired…

    I don’t feel like playing any more…

    No one’s gonna believe me…

    When I come back, he’ll tell me I didn’t play right…

    my arms hurt…

    I can’t feel my legs…

    Where is that freaking kid?!

    I’m just gonna tell him I hit my head or something…

    Why’s that kid’s body here?!

    Where the heck is that kid?!


    Elden Ring Free [Updated]

    Action RPG
    Role Playing Game
    Player Interview
    Emergent Gameplay
    Traditional RPG
    Open World

    Some of the features and support offered in the title are below:
    Check out the trailer below:

    Blast Emu Launches New English Edition of High Fantasy Action RPG – Kiseki

    LOS ANGELES, CA – 27th July, 2018: Blast Emu today announced a new English edition for the strategy game, Kiseki. The new English version of Kiseki will allow players to play Kiseki with English subtitles, for the first time. The original Japanese version of the game includes a limited number of English subtitles, that have been fully implemented for this English edition.

    In addition, the new edition will add a number of features, further personalising the experience. Players can have an arsenal of pre-defined skills assigned to their main character at the start of the game. This allows them to choose their main skill quickly and easily. The staff and game testers at Blast Emu have also added ‘Auto Assign’ options, which allow players to choose their main skill at the beginning of the game, and then have it automatically assigned, so players can focus on other game features instead.

    Kiseki is a traditional, but beautifully rendered, first-person, action RPG. Players explore the fantasy setting, from the land of Feldgore, through the mysterious land of Arcadia, as they fight enemies to overcome dark and dangerous quests. Players can also grow and train their characters with a variety of unique skills, as they strive to advance through the epic story, and finally to become an unstoppable, godlike, Elden Lord.

    Andy Milenkov, Chief Executive Officer at Blast Emu commented, “Although we have launched the game in English for two years now, it has been our team’s priority to add English subtitles to the original Japanese version. However, there is always more we can add, to improve the player experience even further. So, we have taken the time to translate the text, so that players can enjoy this fantastic game even more. It has been a really exciting time to add English subtitles to Kiseki, and we’re really pleased to now offer it as the first game in our catalogue to be available in English.”

    Andy Milenkov continued, “Kiseki has also been thoroughly reviewed by Japanese gaming press


    What’s new:


    « Once, there was a fabled land called Tir Na Nog, the land of eternal fire… ».
    At the end of the Dorian era, as the seven kingdoms celebrated the end of the war against the Sindaren, the Elden Ring arose from the west. The lands between the Living Tribunal’s decree were divided into three worlds. The Elden Ring was created by Lawrence, a man dwelling at the western fringes of Tir Na Nog, and its rulers became known as the Elden Lords.

    Ever since the founding of the Elden Ring, Elden Lords have been observed at the vanguard of the political and military affairs between the Seven Kingdoms of Golarion. Whether by their unique magic or the fierce strength of their warriors, they have boldly defended their lands from enemies who threaten to diminish their sovereignty. However, despite their strength, as long as the Living Tribunal resides in the world of primal fire, the lands between Tir Na Nog have not been free from trouble. The three Elden Lords ruled the land between the Living Tribunal’s decree with divided loyalties, until the chaotic events that took place in the western world finally brought them together in an intercontinental alliance.

    The threat of the Abolethic Exodite, a devastating race of evil and unnatural beings, arrived in the lands between. They waged a war that caused great devastation, but also brought together the courage and bravery of those who battled alongside them. The combined might of the Elden Ring forces was measured against the horrific power of the Abolethic Exodite. While the power of the Elden Ring was able to defeat the Exodites, the island they called home, Aethereus, was annihilated. Many Elden Lords and their ranks perished in the fight, leaving only Lawrence to oppose the Exodites…

    In the throes of this chaos, the men of the Elden Ring pledged their undying loyalty to Lawrence, vowing they would defend him to the death.
    They also pledged that never again would they allow a single human to do battle with a Tenebrian death cult on their own turf.

    However, as the power in Aethereus, the island created by Lawrence, rippled out and expanded, the Eld


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    Installation Notes:
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    2. all files in the game folder are compressed, so they can be stored on a FAT32 volume.


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