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• The massive adventure awaits!
In Quest for Glory: The A.V.E.L., you will lead a party of three heroes through a vast world full of excitement.
• An Epic Drama
A multilayered story told in fragments, where you can engage in a vast story full of adventure and excitement with your friends and other players.
• Become a Lord of the Elden Ring Torrent Download
With the power of the Elden Ring, raise, and free your comrades in armors and weapons, become the ruler of the Lands Between, and tell the grand story of the world!
• The Endless Adventure Awaits!
Take quests, collect Items, Fight Monsters, and do what you can to save your comrades!
Key Features

• A vast world that is open to exploration.
▶ The world of the Lands Between is enormous. It contains dangerous territories, vast deserts and enormous mountains. Through these regions, you can travel around and experience various quests, from which you can also acquire valuable items. Furthermore, numerous monsters live in these regions. There are more than twenty types of monsters to encounter, and each has unique characteristics that allow it to attack you in a different way.
▶ The world is full of adventure. There are many sub-quests in towns and places that can be completed in all difficulty levels. If your decisions are not good, your heroes will fall into troubled situations.
▶ A number of dungeons are located deep in the Lands Between. The Dungeons are especially stacked with three-dimensional expressions, and all monsters and items are linked and arranged in complex combos.
▶ You can choose a variety of characters that you want to use in the game.
▶ You can combine a variety of items and weapons to create your own unique character.
▶ You can create your character, choosing the character’s gender and appearance. You can change the characters’ appearance by using a variety of weapons and armor.
▶ You can master all of the various abilities of the classes in the game. You can also be taught new abilities or even combine a variety of skills, to become a powerful hero.
• A deep plot with an online component.
▶ With the story of the Lands Between, the game begins where Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire and Quest for Glory III: Wages of War ended. You can not only get the job done through the game, but also team up with friends and meet with other players in


Features Key:

  • ● Create your own hero and a booming story, where only best quests survive.
    ● A new fantasy action RPG blended with the deep mythology of the Elden Ring and Sword Art Online.
    ● Experience an epic adventure with a massive world that is full of exciting stories, and where a possibility for you to meet old friends from across the world.
  • Elden Ring Hero features:

    • ● Create your own hero and a booming story, where only best quests survive.
      ● A new fantasy action RPG blended with the deep mythology of the Elden Ring and Sword Art Online.
      ● Experience an epic adventure with a massive world that is full of exciting stories, and where a possibility for you to meet old friends from across the world.

    Elden Ring Battle Features:

    • ● Unique online play system that allows you to fight against other players and travel together
      ● Descend into the bowels of the dungeon and enjoy a grand battle of sword and magic in a 6-dimensional space
      ● Real-time dynamic three-dimensional graphics that are ideal for play on any system, including 3DS and Vita

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    Question Card Game on the Vita

    A unique card action game developed by Lionhead Studios using their own engine. Players select their hero from a variety of characters and battle against each other. Characters and cards are placed on the board. Attack your opponent’s hero directly or use monsters.


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    In the distant future, mankind has colonized the galaxy. Over the course of the last two millennia, the planet Earth has lost all territory on the satellite, except for the lands between, where the Holy Church still has clerics able to cast spells.

    The land of mystery.

    The land that roars.

    The land of monsters.

    Vast and wild, the Lands Between is a fantasy world with monsters, secrets, monsters, and the world’s top, battle-mad adventure RPG!

    Minions of Hell.

    Legion of Discord.

    The iron-fisted leader of the Minions of Hell, the Demon Lord is the most powerful entity of the Lands Between and wields the Seven Demon Rings for himself.

    The high priest of the Church, Emperor Jimoka, realizes that the Demon Lord will become unstoppable unless the Church banishes him to the lands between before he acquires the Dark Hymn.


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    Eden Ring Review
    Eden Ring, a sequel to Ragnarok Online, will bring us to a fully three-dimensional presentation of the Lands Between, a fantasy world at the time before the curse was pronounced. As Elden, you will take the role of a hero descended from the race of warriors who arose with the support of the God of Creation to defend the world from mysterious invaders. You can freely personalize your character, and implement even more epic combinations. In addition to highly-anticipated PvP battles, the game will offer a large story, based on the popular fanfiction “Lords of Elemental Chaos, a multilayered third-person shooter.
    You will see the story as a series of brief scenes and fragments played by various characters. You can interact with other players by using voice chat.
    Develop your character, and combine weapons, armor, and magic to construct a unique tool set. During combat, it is important to keep your balance to avoid being knocked unconscious or being damaged by an opponent.
    Eden Ring is planning to add a variety of exciting environments to expand the game’s open, 3D world. Including vast plains, spectacular mountains, and colossal dungeons, “Eden Ring” will offer a variety of exciting games that can challenge even the most experienced players.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 98 (all editions), 2000, NT4 (all editions)
    Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core, 1.6 GHz Quad Core, 2.4 GHz Quad Core, 3 GHz Quad Core
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 2D/3D OpenGL capable graphics card
    DirectX: Version 9.0c compatible. Version 10.0 compatible via the DX9 bridge. This game requires a DX10 compatible graphics card.
    Storage: 4 GB available