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Lines in the sand, an assembly of the Light, and a small council that only you hold. The Stone of The Light is a legendary power that can be used only once. You have been summoned before the council, given this power, and allowed to answer. What will you do?

“Aqua Shaman” Harukana, an “Aqua Tamer”, wanders through the Land of Retribution, looking for action and adventure. She has a passive but powerful spell, “Water Water” as well as powerful stances that allow her to control water. This spell can be used as both offensive and defensive spells. Even if the enemy moves at just the right angle, you can stop the enemy with this spell.

The best warrior in that nation. The invincible “Iron Sword”. While she has incredible sword skills, she doesn’t use a sword. Instead, she wields a red weapon, similar to a red blade except it doesn’t have a thin edge. From this powerful weapon, she can attack and, in some cases, shatter any substance.

“Tatsushi Hekku” is the main protagonist and antagonist of this game. He is a “young master” who has come to the Land of Retribution to learn more. His “Seven Southern Axes” skills allow him to attack using simple attacks as well as through heavy combos. He has the potential to move quickly and limit the range of your attacks. You can face him off without struggling.

You are a “new rookie”, a “yellow” who is just now able to join the battle. Having not yet mastered any skills, you must defeat “Tatsushi Hekku” and “Aqua Shaman”. You must defeat them in an order that, at the minimum, allows you to take on “Iron Sword” one on one. After you defeat the two, “Young Master” Ryu Fujisaki, from the “Golden City”, will come to the Land of Retribution. “


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unprecedented World Exploration
    Explore the Lands Between, a vast world full of unexpected and exciting data points.
  • Epic Relics based on Mythology
    Harness the power of the famed artifacts of the past.
  • Character Customization to Make Every Fighter a Unique Fighter
  • A Unique Social Online Function that Laughs and Depresses Together
  • Will you become a Tarnished once more and return home to safety among friends? It is just beginning! The world between the light and dark awaits you.

    Elden Ring can be purchased through the UptOWN Store.
    ▼ Recommended hardware
    PC: Pentium 3 800MHz or higher, 4 GB RAM

    The War for the Atlas, the first major update for the new F2P version of Elden Ring, brings with it the two new classes and achievements: Artorius and Moreana. The new-and-improved Armored Armor and New Character CGs have also been improved. In addition, preliminary verification has been made for the “flash back” function announced in one of our last announcements.
    ◆ Patch Notes

    Class: Artorius

    – You’ll gain access to Artorius as your new class. Artorius, the Sword and Spider, is a warrior class that combines the skills of a sword user and an archer. With attention being paid to your strengths and weakness, Artorius excels at blocking and then delivering a strong attack. You can mount both your weapon and bow and receive a bonus to attack and resistances.

    Class: Moreana

    – You’ll gain access to Moreana as your new class. Moreana, the Lady of Foxes, is a mage. With supreme agility, Moreana enjoys casting spells. In order to utilize the various effects of the


    Elden Ring Full Version For PC [2022]

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    The Land Between the Waves is an open world action RPG that allows you to adventure freely in a vast and unknown world.
    A world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. You will experience the thrill of finding new and unexpected threats, while discovering the story that intertwines a vast world.
    As you explore the Lands Between, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you.
    The story begins in the Province of Elden, a land of enchanting fantasy where the main characters, Saedra and Catechu, grew up as


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    ※ You will obtain the weapons and armor you equip here.

    To craft Equipment, you will need components obtained by defeating monsters.

    You can obtain items that will not increase your level by defeating monsters that are lower level than you.

    Items not available for crafting will be shown on the applicable Equipment Status window.

    To easily check out your equipment’s status, you can also access it from the Equipment Status window:

    To simply check the equipment inventory of your character, the Equipment Inventory window will appear upon equipping an item.

    The Equipment Status window is your window to managing your equipment inventory.

    To check your equipment inventory, click the button on the top right:

    Upon acquiring the equippable items on the menu, you can equip them to your character.

    As you progress, you can increase your equipment level by equipping items of higher level.

    Equipment items that you can equip include:



    Combat Vouchers




    The following items can be equipped:

    The obtained weapons, armor, combat vouchers, charms, remedies, and elements can be equipped to your character.

    equipment status window menu

    An equipment that you can obtain and equip to your character includes:

    As you equip an item, be careful, as you will receive the following notification.

    An equipment you can obtain and equip includes a Processing Level and an Equipment Level.

    Processing Level

    Note: The processing level will decrease when you equip a new item. When you equip an item, the Processing Level will start at the first new equipment. However, you will receive the Processing Level limit notification at the end.

    The Processing Level indicates the amount of experience points you can obtain by equipping equipment.

    Equipment Level

    Note: When you equip a new item, your Processing Level will be fixed at the last equipment. However, you will receive the Equipment Limit notification at the end.

    The Equipment Level indicates the amount of experience points you can obtain by equipping an item.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    In Platform Mobile, Sakura Quest is a web browser game by interactive company Netmarble, where the players hunt monsters in the deepest depths of land in order to evolve a fearsome beast, and draw the battle with the dark god. On this quest, the players collect and use skill cards, and harvest the experience points of their monsters, to improve the attack and skill at their disposal. Players will be able to refine their monsters by evolving new points, skills, stages, to be able to end up being the strongest monster out there!

    It’s the year 2025, there are still only about 20 active warships in circulation, much less than the number in the 20th Century. Technology has advanced over the decades, faster than we imagined, and now there is a day of reckoning, when countries will engage in war to become the most technologically advanced nation, and the most powerful. United in the “Eureka Alliance”, the nations have sent enough warships and troops to participate in the war, as war fever spreads like a fire. Unlike a regular war where the enemy will approach, this time it will be the combat between technologies. The combat will be fierce, and the final result will be unpredictable. Will the victor be the most advanced nation, or will the ultimate war be waged between nations, and cause the end of the universe?

    Part0-1: Players are entangled in political intrigue, and their strategy for success will be decided by you.
    Part0-2: With several versions of equipment, and various skills at your disposal, you will set out on a journey of potential conquest.
    Part0-3: In order to solve the mystery hidden within the war, a new opponent will appear. Will you rise up to that challenge, along with the various enemies?

    •Finding the world of “Chiri”
    •A world filled with corrupted heaven.
    •A world which is oppressed and destroyed by the heavens.
    •A world full of destruction, and eternal death.
    Against these worlds, what is left for a hero?
    If there is a hero who wants to save the world, then what is that hero?
    This world welcomes you to play “Chiron”.

    Chiron: Hero of Water is an open-world action RPG set on the floor of the sea. In order to save the world, a young man


    Free Elden Ring [2022-Latest]

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 10 Mobile
    * Internet connection
    * 4 GB RAM
    * 1280 x 720 HD / 720p or higher resolution
    * 1.5 GB of free hard drive space
    * Android, iOS, Kindle Fire tablet, or other web browser (tablets, phones, etc.)
    * Laptop or desktop computer
    * 8 GB RAM
    * 1280 x 720 HD or higher resolution
    * 2 GB of free hard drive space