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This app is a free-to-play Android game.
In-game purchases are available to speed up your progress.

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1. Your GAME DATA may not be backed up onto any cloud service via the following methods:
or on your device via the following methods:

or simply using the Settings>Advanced option on your device.

2. You may also find it helpful to check the configuration file (generated when you first register your device) which is saved in the following location:
Windows: C:/Users{USERNAME}/AppData/Roaming/Electronic Arts/WARRIOR KINGDOM/rom8/config
macOS: ~/Library/Preferences/Electronic Arts/WARRIOR KINGDOM/rom8/config
Linux: ~/.config/WARRIOR KINGDOM/rom8/config
You may find this document instructive:

3. Any such backup or data


Features Key:

  • Jump Out of the Imagination
  • Create a heroic character
  • Unravel the Drama
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    I did this video on my 1st try, please don’t hate =(
    there are also many other new players who just join and want to learn the basics of gameplay, but find it hard to follow.
    The original game has a very steep learning curve, but for other newcomers it may not be that obvious.
    So in this video, I’ll try to describe what is a “walkthrough” for other beginners, without becoming too detailed.
    I hope you will find this video useful in coming to an own understanding of the game.
    Let’s have a look at the game first and understand the current situation in-game.

    1. Ensure steam clients can run mods.
    2. Make sure steam games are able to run mods.
    3. Download game.
    4. Grab the latest Hearthfire DLC and install it.
    5. Create a character and climb to level 50.
    6. Play the game from early January 2017.
    7. Equip your armor and your new summoner’s mark.
    8. Walk to Shimmering Flats in the far west.
    9. Go to Abandoned Camp and talk to Derendil.
    10. Go to the location marked by the two orange lines, then look up.
    11. Walk out of the plot’s map marker.
    12. Head to where the yellow line points.
    13. Before going out, be sure to claim the area using the red ghost marker.
    14. After you leave the map, go to the green marker and walk down.
    15. Activate the horse.
    16. Do not go further than the green line.
    17. Head to where the blue line points.


    Elden Ring With Keygen Free 2022

    • Online
    • World
    • Fighting
    • Items
    • Crafting
    +Game Story

    *Example: in the campaign, you will gather allies and recruit mercenaries, fight battles, and make choices to further your own agenda.
    +Campaign Story

    *Cinematic Story
    You can view battles in a 3D viewing mode and experience an almost cinematic story. If the battle takes a long time to view, a cinematic story will be implemented automatically.
    +Cinematic Story

    The mother-like elf goddess, who was a friend and ally of the adventurers, appears and tells you that she is going to leave.
    +Adventure Background
    • The World Map
    The Lands Between is a game world that uses the setting of the Lands Between as a background. As you play, you can freely roam around the vast world map and visit the various towns. When you enter a town, you can visit NPCs, learn their thoughts, and get different quests.
    If you want to know more about the Lands Between, the best thing to do is to visit the nearest town.

    The Lands Between.
    In addition to the Lands Between, you can also visit other worlds. If you enter one of the lands with a party, you can progress the main story. You can enter a town by using the All Locations menu. When you visit a town, you will be given a “Town Nameplate”, which will let you go to a specific location. You can store items here when you visit town, in addition to increasing your storage capacity by visiting a town.
    You can exit by going to the town map and pressing the exit button, or by exiting to the world map. On the map, you can change to the world map where you can freely explore the world and towns.

    (The Lands Between)
    The Lands Between are divided into three worlds. The top world is an area for 3D battle. The second world is a 3D space combat area. The bottom world is a world where you can travel and explore.
    The first world is the 3D battle area. Here, you can learn new skills and apply them to your characters. You can equip weapons, spells, and runes by obtaining items, and you can increase your combat ability with experience. With your combat power, you can enter the second world and choose a battle environment. In addition, you can learn new skills and receive additional skills


    What’s new:

    –Midnight Run

    After four weeks of release for closed-testing, Midnight Run is now officially out! The home version for the box comes with all three games, and will only cost
    Ω15 ($7.99/€9.99).

    Ω17 ($19.99/€19.99) will be
    sold outside of Japan, including Western players.

    Ω18 ($29.99/€29.99) will be released exclusively for
    Wii U, including an exclusive
    (24,000 progress steps) and 30 hours of the campaign mode, along with the ability to progress it up to level 100!

    ΩWii U bundle (〜3090 yen/$39.99) will be also available in North America.

    ΩWii U bundle (〜4235 yen/$59.99) in Europe.

    ΩWii bundle (〜4590 yen/$69.99) for Asia and Australia.

    –Huge Discovery

    Midnight Run is a game in which you get to command your customized character in a throwback fantasy RPG while completely free to enjoy to your heart’s content!

    ΩThe player character is generated based on the results of a battle, from a fairy to a human warrior, a maid to a human mage or a clumsy magician!

    ΩOur previously announced lucky draw
    Ωcontent for the boxed version, which is included in the home version, features four playable characters: Max Elliot (the Water Knight), Kintaro Shirogane (the Swordsman), Jackie Green (the Heavy Lance User), and Asami Morita (the Grim Mage).

    ΩThe player character’s demeanor and equipment can be freely chosen from the wide selection of kinds of gear available at the beginning of the game.


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    1. Download link from 2nd link below, and extract the game file to your Desktop.
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    More about ELDEN RING PC

    The game offers a linear story where the characters are connected by a ‘broad’ character. As you traverse the Lands Between you will have to face monsters, your enemies, and eventually arrive at a critical moment in your quest. When you find these critical moments, you can either choose to fight or pray, with the former expected to be more deadly and satisfying. Along the way, you can also discover hidden treasure and eventually other NPCs who can be used to help you on your quest. Note that despite its misleading name, it’s actually an open world RPG.
    The game also allows you to join online multiplayer to play in co-op or head-to-head against others. However, it’s still an offline game that can be carried via USB key, or simply loaded on the same computer you are currently playing, if you wish to play local.
    Multiplayer allows you to create a guild, establish an environment, and then play with your friends both in solo play and in co-op. You can then communicate with your guild and teammates using text and voice chat, as well as organize the maps you will play on using the in-game map.
    The game also contains a visual novel mode where the main character is accompanied by a second character. In this mode, the second character will provide an insight into the character’s life, and can be carried over between the main character and the NPC. There are also five side quests that can be performed, five combat skills, five stats, and a variety of background characters that can be recruited, as well as skill points, AP points, silver weapons, gold weapons, and even plot and quest routes that can be explored.

    A simple setup mode with minimal default settings and options as well as an advanced options mode that can be accessed by pressing Shift+F12, allowing you to set various options to the game (such as field of view and windowed mode).

    The game’s main menu displays various quick options to access important systems, allowing you to save, load, or save and load when you return to the main menu.

    The game’s main storyline can be completed in single player or through online


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
    Processor: 2.4GHz
    Memory: 2 GB
    Hard Disk: 2 GB
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    Size: 9.5 MB
    How to Install?
    Make sure you have downloaded the game first.
    1.Extract and run the download.
    2.Play the game after installation.
    1. Plug