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Name Elden Ring
Publisher triseld
Format File
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About You, The Player
If you have any questions, request, or complaints, we have prepared this document as a guide to help you.

① Who are we?
– Elden Ring Game is a new fantasy action RPG created and produced by Khone. Khone is a newly established studio for games with a group of smart and skilled game developers and passionate content creators.
– We are developing the game ourselves and therefor the game is in early development phase.

② Playability Issues and Character Sizing
– You will get stuck in some parts while playing. This is because we’re making the game play data and images that require a high amount of work as soon as possible.
– If you increase the character size, you will be able to see details of clothes and armor.

③ In some areas, see-through status effects will be displayed.
– Most of the game is designed to be viewed through a window. Some of the areas in the game, however, are designed to be viewed through a window. This is a design problem that we will resolve as soon as possible.
– This issue has no effect on the gameplay, and seeing through status effects can be useful for strategic planning.

④ In some areas, strange atmospheric pressure will be applied.
– The strangeness will disappear after a while.
– Check the player’s location. If you notice anything abnormal, immediately report it to our support email.

⑤ The World And Glitches
– We have a strict policy of no refunds. If the game causes you problems, please report it to our support email as soon as possible.
– If you create a ticket without mentioning the details of the problem, we cannot help you. Please make sure that you provide us with the details of your problem.
– We are always listening to your feedback and suggestions. If you find a bug, please tell us by writing a bug report.
– We will improve the quality of our product based on the information you provide.

⑥ Inappropriate, obscene, or hostile feedback will be deleted.
– Please use respectful language.
– If you are under 18 or may be


Features Key:

  • A Large and Vast World; Old City Contents; Rich Story; Easy Controls and Comfortable UI
  • A Hostile Land Known as the New World
  • A Story Full of Suspense and Mystery
  • Character Customization
  • Multiple NPC Characters
  • Elden Forest
  • A Non-Linear Story and Non-linear Hacking
  • Many Enemies: Perverse Quests and Large Dungeons
  • Special Effects from Up Close and Up to You
  • Additional information

    • Please stay close to the game company and refrain from wandering off or changing the status of other game users.
    • The Private Room feature is currently unavailable.
    • If an error occurs during gameplay, please report it using the download manager.
    • Please restrict access to your alternate ID account details or Login ID Password.
    • Please ensure that your microphone is on.
    • Please be sure to take sufficient time to get familiar with the location of the dungeon entrances. The area may be subject to the Coordinates method (tap the map in Gameplay).
    • Please keep your Save Data and keep it the way you want it to be.
    • Please use anti-virus software in order to ensure a stable system.
    • In addition, for safety reasons, please refrain from running large-capacity hard drives.

    Tue, 23 Jul 2016 10:03:58 +0900


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]


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    ▼ What is the significance of the colors in the Lands Between?

    By starting the game, you can freely choose a character that best fits your play style. A character whose color fits your play style will be more valuable than a character with a color that is not your style, so it is important to carefully choose a character. Furthermore, the color of the armor and the banner you equip can have a great impact on your character’s attacks.

    ▼ What is the difference between a “Conversation” and an “Assist”?

    There are a variety of conversation actions such as “Ask about a topic,” “Tell about yourself,” “Show appreciation,” “Tell about an item,” and “Offer advice.”

    There are a variety of assist actions such as “Give an order,” “Give a secret item,” “Give an item,” “Give a purpose,” “Give a task,” and “Give an experience.”

    Ask about a topic;

    Tell about a topic;

    Show appreciation;

    Ask about an item;

    Tell about an item;

    Show appreciation;

    Give an order;

    Give a secret item;

    Give an item;

    Give a purpose;

    Give a task;

    Give an experience;

    Offer advice;

    ▼ What is the distinction between a “Female” and a “Male” character?

    In the Lands


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  • How To play Online with a Friend:

    • Connect your PC to your TV on the same Local Network
    • Connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC on the same Local Network
    • Load up the game and play
    • Enjoy

    How to Connect to a Network:

    1. The Network (PC) – On your Network Settings, turn on “Allow this program access to your home/office network”, and leave “Require remote servers to allow access to these locations” off.
    2. The Network (Playstation 4) – As for the Network Settings on your Playstation 4, go into Settings, Network and turn on “One-time Eula”

    How to Battle with a Friend:

    1. Connect your PC to your TV on the same Local Network
    2. Connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC on the same Local Network
    3. Load up the game and play
    4. Enjoy

    How to Battle Online:

    1. Connect your PC to your TV on the same Local Network
    2. Connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC on the same Local Network
    3. Load up the game and play
    4. Enjoy

    How to Block Players:

    1. Connect your PC to your TV on the same Local Network
    2. Connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC on the same Local Network
    3. Go to Settings, Network&PlayStation Network Settings, Network Settings, and find the “Blocking Players” option in the list.
    4. Enable the setting and send away any players you don’t want to keep around


      System Requirements:

      Windows 7 or newer
      2 GHz or faster dual core processor
      1 GB RAM or more
      DirectX 11 graphics card
      Mac OS X 10.9.5 or newer
      2 GB RAM or more
      Minimum system requirements:
      1 GHz processor
      512 MB RAM
      1 GB hard disk space
      Graphics card with 256 MB
      Windows Vista


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