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This is what I would do
#row[user] #text[user] text = “user”

#row[content] content = “content”

and then
for item in row:
print item[text]

This makes the output for example

for the above input
Thanks @OP for the info that r is now a list.

Donald Trump has just come out and said it: ‘I don’t want a war’

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal this morning, Donald Trump said he wouldn’t order a strike on Syria without having a clear strategy for how to defeat Bashar al-Assad’s government and in the process, prevent a wider regional conflict:


“It’s not an ideal situation when you can see people getting killed in fake chemical weapons when you can see people getting hurt in a gas attack. It’s not an ideal situation,” he said.

While it’s true that the United States has no “ideal situation” in which to be involved with the situation in Syria, the prospect of the U.S. military getting involved in any way in Syria is a good one, as long as it doesn’t get dragged into a full-blown war with Russia.

Any military action in Syria, whether in response to an actual gas attack or not, will become a major war that the U.S. will be forced to fight.


The not-so-good news is that Trump’s administration is already in the throes of launching a proxy war with Russia. ISIS is likely to be involved in the war as well, though it is unclear whether Trump would consider that an “ideal situation” either.

Ask HN: Installed webapp. No Google Analytics implemented. – samuellevy

I made a simple webapp, which is mostly CSS and JavaScript. After installing it on my laptop, I realized that, though I added Google Analytics to the page when I was creating the project, I didn’t get any data sent to Google. Is this something common? Should I just add more

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