Exiso Gui V1.0.0.7

Exiso Gui V1.0.0.7

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Exiso Gui V1.0.0.7

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Convert GX2 ISO files to GX2 MP3 files. GX2 ISO files are used on the Xbox 360 console as a data storage medium (EXISOGUIDE2.BIN).
Xbox 360 GX2 files come with all sorts of audio tracks, such as commentary, in-game music, and sound effects. For this reason, it is possible to extract such files from Xbox 360 game discs, which are in the ISO format.
This is actually a really handy feature, especially if you have legally obtained the game disc for a Xbox 360. It is also an option, as we will see later on in this article.

Convert GX2 ISO files to MP3 with exiso gui

There are a variety of programs that can be used to convert Xbox 360 GX2 ISO files to MP3 files. In this article, we are going to talk about one of them. This tool is known as exiso GUI.

Overview of exiso gui

It has been created with a very clean and intuitive user interface. It offers various settings, which allow you to easily select the GX2 ISO files from the file system, as well as export the extracted MP3 file to any directory on your computer.

Actually, exiso GUI is able to convert a maximum of 1000 GX2 ISO files to MP3 files in a single operation, so it can be a very handy tool if you have a lot of Xbox 360 GX2 ISO files to convert to MP3 files.

I have seen on the internet that several programs say that they are able to convert Xbox 360 GX2 ISO files to MP3, but in reality they are not able to do such a thing. They are able to extract some audio files like in-game music or game commentary, but there is no way of getting all of them in a single operation.

With exiso GUI, you are actually able to convert a maximum of 1000 GX2 ISO files to MP3 files at a single time. You can even set to save the MP3 files to a different file name than the original GX2 ISO file, so you can even save the converted MP3 files on a USB drive, for example.

How to convert Xbox 360 GX2 ISO files to MP3 with exiso GUI

There are three main steps to convert a GX2 ISO file to MP3 with exiso GUI:

Select the ISO files you