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This tech delivers a level of realism not achievable in any other game. At PlayStation, FIFA fans can look forward to endless fresh gameplay experiences and an entirely new level of nuance, precision and control.

The FIFA team and all partners around the world have worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition to this “HyperMotion” technology. Both FIFA and PES teams have embraced this technology as we work together to create the definitive football game.

For more on FIFA 22, visit the FIFA website or watch our EA Play trailer!

FIFA 22 is an all-new soccer sim that uses motion capture and the incredible input of real players to create a truly immersive gameplay experience. The game also offers improved tactics, set pieces, new pre-match action, crowds and more.

Visit our FIFA website for a complete list of features and information about the game.

FIFA fans can pre-order their copy of FIFA 22 now and secure their place in the FIFA 18 Season Pass.

FIFA 18™ is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on 17 September 2018. Our lead producer Peter Chou, and product manager Joon Byun will host ‘EA Play’ on 15 September 2018, 4.30-6.30pm GMT/2.30-5.30pm CET at UCLANTS, Battersea, SW11 5TG. Register here.

FIFA 18 season pass details

Buy FIFA 18, get access to FIFA Ultimate Team, access to FIFA 18 soundtrack and the FIFA 18 live update.

Pre-order now to secure the FIFA 18 Season Pass, and get exclusive content within your game case including:

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Features Key:

  • Tactical Idioms are fun and accessible ways to create your own formation and tactics.
  • Being in proper possession of the ball gives you the opportunity to build from the back.
  • Off the ball, body blocking, cheating, positioning and intelligently using space make for a more tactical approach.
  • You can now use 3D Touch on the touch screen to make golden opportunities.
  • Get experience points to unlock new players, authentic kits and all of the gameplay-changing player attributes to include enhanced physicality, acceleration, stamina, vision and more.
  • Play your way through more than 400 authentic stadiums, including Liverpool FC Stadium, Anfield; Toyota Stadium, Toyota; Nacional Stadium, Montevideo; and much more.
  • POWER PLAY, more than “GOAL!” are in the rules:“Dribble”, “sniff the ball”, and “chase assists” grant points in key moments that reward skill, creating a more realistic gameplay.
  • Play Winning Conditions, Tactical Tactic, Protection Tactics, and Free Kick Tactic – three game modes that give players the option to play in a competitive, authentic way.
  • Dynamic camera angles bring the action to life and bring you closer to the action – watch your opponent’s reactions and predict their moves in one of 4 different match angles to gain an edge.
  • Using the ultra-precise ball physics, jostle players, slide tackles, and control the ball on the pitch like never before.
  • Responsive controls which take into account the pitch size and the quality of the player you want to pass to – responding to your touch.


Fifa 22 Crack +

EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic sports game. Players can relive the thrill of the real thing with more than 800 officially licensed clubs and 90+ real-world leagues. EA SPORTS FIFA is more fully featured than ever before, with all-new gameplay innovations, many notable improvements to the AI, and state-of-the-art visuals that take full advantage of PlayStation 4 hardware.

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FIFA 22 Get in the Game

This year’s game features greater interaction with the ball and improved in-game collision and realistic visuals. The new Defensive Systems lets defenders influence play, preventing balls from crossing the goal line and more effectively controlling the buildup of play. Meanwhile, Improved Player Control, Climbing, Passing and Shooting takes players’ control of the ball to a new level, bringing fresh ways to make every pass and shot count. Players and players, new camera angles bring the game to life, the new Spectator Mode lets you step in to another team’s view to watch the action from the stands.

FIFA Points and Pro Clubs

FIFA Points give you real-life rewards for your gameplay, providing you with virtual currency that can be spent on new players, squads, and gameplay extras, as well as putting you in the running for the jackpot. You can earn up to FUT Champions Club Card 12. You can invite a friend for a co-op experience and, as always, earn exclusive rewards and benefits when four players on PlayStation Network play at the same time.

Get FIFA Series Points in-game by playing FIFA, by finishing in the top 3 places in the weekly Live Competition Leaderboards or by participating in the in-game events. Players who complete offers for FIFA Points also qualify for the opportunity to win a trip to São Paulo in August.

Get Rewards in FIFA

FUT Champions Club Card 11

FIFA Legends Club Card 10

FIFA Ultimate Team Packs

This year, you will receive your FUT Champions Club Card as part of the FIFA 22 season pass. The FIFA 22 season pass also includes the debut of the FUT Champions Club Card 12.

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FIFA 22 Modes

FUT Champions

FUT Champions combines the world’s greatest players, clubs, leagues, stadiums, and more into a comprehensive soccer world where anything is possible. Choose your country and your role, and let your FIFA personal story set the path


Fifa 22

Now you can build your ultimate side from over 28 million players across the globe with FIFA Ultimate Team. Compete against real players in your favourite leagues and bring in the very best from around the world in the latest FIFA.

My Career –

Capture the moments, career your way. FIFA 22 builds on FIFA 21’s base My Career mode by introducing new My Career improvements that enable you to take over your career as a footballer at any point in your career. New features include everyday life, weather and clothing and new friends. With new Career Elements, build your player, create new skills and bring in the very best from around the world to use within the game.

Online Leagues –
Compete with other players online in a range of modes including Classic, Leagues, Leagues All-Stars, and Global Leagues. More details to be announced at a later date.

Friendly Match –
Take on a friend in free for all matches, competing by completing a series of FUT modes.

Career mode gives you the freedom to start a new journey. Play through the stories and capture your legacy.

FUT Champions –
FUT Champions builds on the Ultimate Team experience by giving you access to the best players in the world to assemble a team, form strategies, and compete in a variety of global modes. You can also create and join online teams and compete against other players in 5-on-5 live matches and challenges.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Player ratings. Stay on the ball, predict where the ball is heading and control your entire body to beat the controls so you can take on players at their very best. The impact and power of every player will come to life in every match, with each player’s ratings more reflective of how they’ll perform in the authentic and much-improved game.
  • “Head to Head”. Analyse and shape the games from new angles in the new “Head to Head” gameplay. Use the angles and trajectory of the ball in conjunction with the skills of the players on the ball to win the faceoff.
  • Goalkeeper controls. The goalkeeper can now choose to react to the ball he’s getting control of from 1-5, 5 being the best, meaning you can now really anticipate exactly what the goalkeeper is going to do, the best captain you could ask for. A whole new level of strategy with the new goal keeper controls.
  • Dynamic weather conditions. Stay on the ball and anticipate to avoid the rain or snow, freezing temperatures, and sand flies in the air. Each weather condition has been completely re-built, with built-in weather effects and weather controls such as snowdrift amount, time of day, rainfall and wind. You will also be able to make snowman with an upcoming feature.
  • Player data export. Your entire collection of players now feature increased ‘magazine’ style stats: Free player status (for all Pro Clubs where player bar ratings are available), mastery (will be split into 10 different categories to keep it relevant to gameplay) and player ratings, making it easy to save your best players and use them in your Ultimate team. All players exported for Ultimate Team will have an icon indicating their “Best in the World” status.
  • New opponents. You will be able to play as Real Madrid against Real Madrid, and face Manchester United in the EFL Trophy and English National Teams.
  • New community creation.


    Free Fifa 22 With Key [32|64bit]

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA is the world’s leading sports title and the #1 sports video game franchise. Play football, rugby, volleyball, and soccer. From amateur matches, to the pros, FIFA allows you to compete with the very best in a variety of authentic competitions including: the FIFA World Cup™, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, EA SPORTS FIFA Club Championship and many others.

    FIFA is a world-renowned soccer simulator played by more than 211 million players. Any platform or console, you can experience football like never before. FIFA’s official licenses, more than 800 teams, and an extensive array of authentic stadiums, kits, and gear bring the game even closer to the real thing.

    The fan experience

    Fan Engagement

    FIFA offers you social interaction with your friends and other fans all over the world, as well as a community full of content creators. Use any format or device to share your incredible moments and passion.

    FIFA Coins

    Purchase Players & Kits

    Create your own content

    FIFA: El Clasico 2018 Champions Edition, DELICIOUS Masterpiece Edition


    Starring your favorite football club and players.

    Make history with your very own club and player.

    Experience the most authentic football of all time.

    World Class gameplay, combined with innovations and refinements to bring the ultimate football experience to your home.

    Top of the line graphics and environments.

    Play the game like never before.

    Unlock all available gear, kits, and new player designs.

    Play in any global competition, including UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and UEFA Intertoto Cup.

    Delve into the new C.R.F.S. and R.P.F.S. game modes.

    Choose from more than 1,400 Player Career Goals, more than 700 Pro Clubs, and more than 700 Player, Skill, and Gear Packs.

    Jump online with up to 32 players in a multiplayer, fantasy, or league mode.

    Platinum-league players will feel the impact of new Elite Touch and Precision Passing mechanics that will influence their gameplay.

    Play in a wide variety of sports, including football, rugby, volleyball, and soccer.

    Enjoy new and improved Legend, Squad, and Show


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