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Gameplay-wise, FIFA 22 introduces a wide variety of new innovations through a number of different attributes. FIFA 20 introduced the “Live Experience,” a brand new feature introduced with the game that focuses on social features, where you can interact in multiple ways with your friends both on and off the pitch. Some social features to consider include chat, club updates, in-game accomplishments and the ability to participate in online challenges.

The FIFA Core Player Model is a new, detailed game engine that was designed to enable designers to create the most realistic, authentic, and personal FIFA games. Player models have advanced to the point where the lower leg can dynamically bend.

Finally, the “Playmaker Experience” introduces a brand new gameplay mechanic that lets you focus on creating chances, rather than simply expecting them to come to you. The Playmaker Experience consists of new, immersive AI routines, a new Active Dribbling animation, a new suite of tactical instructions for all players, and the addition of a new contextual playmaker button in the HUD. With an improved playing style, different play styles and additional intelligence, this brand new experience delivers a more complete football feel, resulting in a more challenging and realistic playing style.

You will find the complete FIFA 22 system requirements listed below. The minimum system requirements are at the bottom of the page. Additional information can be found here.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at any time if you are having problems downloading the game or using your console.

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8

Processor: Intel Core i3

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI HD 6970 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 or greater (all are acceptable)

HDD: 7 GB available space

Please note that Microsoft Windows 7 and later will require.NET Framework 4.0 installed. If not, an older version can be installed at no extra charge (older versions of the.NET Framework may require you to download a trial version first). For more information on obtaining the.NET Framework, please contact us at:

A PC is needed to use FIFA 22.

The following is a list of features for FIFA 22:

Watch Your Moves – FIFA is all about speed. Fingers are faster than feet, but with the artificial intelligence (AI) in the brain and the visually accurate


Features Key:

  • 72 creative, authentic and brutal new player traits!
  • New uniforms, kits, balls and boots, giving you greater variety when it comes to playing the game.
  • New animation and physics systems
  • New ‘HyperMotion’ motion capture technology
  • Enhanced match mode
  • Brand-new online experience with new gameplay features, matchmaking, and an all-new Pro Clubs Manager mode
  • Career Mode now allows you to manage both your club and team management.
  • Significantly enhanced visuals, player-facing features, visuals, and controls.


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FIFA is the world’s leading football video game series, the most popular sports game franchise in the world with over 300 million players and over 100 million active players. Designed to provide the most authentic football gaming experience, FIFA has revolutionized football gaming since its release in September 1994. A complete sport video game, it delivers authentic game play and cutting-edge features in a game that is fun for all.

FIFA licensed games:


FIFA Mobile, FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile, FIFA 19 Mobile

FIFA Interactive Centre, FIFA Interactive World Cup, FIFA Interactive World Cup Online

FIFA Mobile Legends, FIFA Premier League, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Legends, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Legends

FIFA Online 3

FIFA on Xbox is the official game for the FIFA World Cup™. Take on players from around the world in a fast-paced, multiplayer experience, played by millions of passionate football fans all around the world. FIFA on Xbox LIVE takes you and your Xbox LIVE friends beyond the goal line to give you an up-close-and-personal experience of the world’s greatest sporting event. Download a demo for FIFA World Cup™ at

FIFA Companion app

Available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Apple TV® and Amazon Kindle®, the FIFA Companion app offers instant access to all that you need to play FIFA 20, including dynamic, real-time player ratings and Live Scores. Find out more about the FIFA Companion app at

Player Profiles

Authentic Player Profiles that provide you with a quick summary of each player in the game, including their national team, club, position, stats, highlights, personal information and history.

Preferred Teams and Tournaments: FIFA Ultimate Team™ Trading Cards

Pick your next transfer with your favorite football club by winning real-world trading cards. Collect your cards through playing matches and teaming up with real friends in the world.

Up to 32 in-game faces with the most realistic range of facial animations ever in a sports game.

Real player names, ratings, statistics and more.

Mix and match national team kits for every team.

New training camp and World Cup™-specific training camps for every


Fifa 22 Crack [Win/Mac]

FIFA Ultimate Team is back with an array of new ways to achieve your ultimate player goals. Create a collection of over 2,000 FUT players with new tools and techniques. Build a team that can rival any of the best in the world.

Training – Create custom training sessions or adjust your game tactics using new in-game Training tools.

Discipline – Play your opponent’s style of the game, using new Pro-Directions and Pro Dribbling options, and set up an entire team in a more accurate and realistic environment.

New Pro-Directions – Choose from a handful of new pro-directions.

The referee – Now creates real-world refereeing decisions, such as yellow and red cards, fouls and free kicks.

New social features – Ping to play on your Facebook friends list, compete for the highest Leaderboard stats, and create custom match videos.

Customization – Choose from over 1,500 player items to make your player look unique. Enhance your goalkeepers with unique goalkeeping equipment and even give them special “skinny” forms to help them contort to the ball when diving.

IN-CLUBS – Enjoy increased interaction with your fellow team members and your in-club advisors to help develop your club and achieve your goals.

FUT LEAGUE – Feel the game around the world as you take on and play against your friends over the Internet. Play along your friends who may also be online, and access your in-club history with a complete record of your in-club team performances and stats.

My Club – Your clubs can grow and evolve through your play and actions. Manage your player’s performance and the team’s development to achieve the end-of-season rewards and glory.

My Club World – Dream of glory as you play the world’s game of soccer. Your personal goal is represented by your personal club on the global competition leaderboard.

CONCACAF – Live out your dreams of playing in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, or anywhere else in the greater CONCACAF region.

Make the Playoffs – Start with a team of MLS or international stars and take the CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals into the knockout stages.

The Road to the World Cup – Experience the path to the World Cup. Qualify through five rounds of CONCACAF and regional competition by challenging for championships.



What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New Balls

    Enhance the ball physics on the pitch, and feel the resilience of new Tekno and Adidas PES2017™ footballs.

    • Five new stadiums from 12 clubs

      Bring 25 new stadium to the pitch, including the colosseum of Leicester City, the new Allianz Arena in Munich, the Stade de France, Liverpool’s Anfield, and the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.

      • Feel accurate dribbling with new Control Vision

        Feel more connected to your teammates and your ball with a refined control system and the new Pro Player 2.0.

        Just one tap can mean the difference between scoring or missing, but a second tap now means you’re setting up that opportunity. This new increase in accuracy and responsiveness with your kicks, takes your striking down to an all-new level.

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