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“We wanted to add FIFA to the limited number of sports that we play in this world and we set a three-year project goal to do that,” Tanguay said. “We faced many challenges in developing a motion capture system for FIFA but, we believe that we have done it. We are very excited about bringing an authentic in-game experience on PS4, PS3 and Xbox One and we know our fans will love it.”

FIFA Premier League is the new official football simulation title from the world’s most popular gaming franchise. Built on a new physics engine, the game features over 100 authentic English clubs from the Premier League, Championship and League One, including new leagues across the globe.

Discover a new off-the-ball engine that captures the intimacy of player-on-player soccer. In Fifa 22 Serial Key, fans will see how players use their feet, how they win the ball, and how they attack their opponents, with a revamped ball physics and control system.

“I’m excited to be part of FIFA 20 and I’m thankful to FIFA for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for soccer with all the fans,” said Dane Dugmore. “I was also impressed with the philosophy of our organization in helping to drive the development of the sport. Our dedication, discipline, and a burning desire to succeed is what makes me a true soccer lover.”

FIFA 20 introduces a new Off-The-Ball Engine which makes the ball more controllable to help create more physical and tactical moments. Players now win the ball in more tactical ways, so defenders now do more’mindful’ defending and’smarter’ tackling. In addition, realistic ball speeds help to determine which direction players use to attack the ball and create more realistic on-ball action.

“We had the challenge to create a soccer simulation as realistic as possible – and this can’t be done by making a soccer game so accurate that players enjoy the playing experience but at the same time we want to make the match as accessible as possible,” said Rob Ewing, executive producer, FIFA. “We worked closely with our development teams to achieve that and we are extremely happy with the result. The new Off-The-Ball Engine we’ve developed is one of the most significant improvements we’ve made to the game.”

FIFA 20 also offers refinements to Cover Crystals to make more visually


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager and a player.
  • An immersive player career that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
  • All-new management tools, including Best XI Manager and Best XI Bench Player.
  • Broadcasting enhancements on Xbox One, including social exclusives, icon animations and more.
  • New Coaching Career featuring new team tactics, new team shape editor, and the ability to edit formations.
  • New Skill Testers. Test your aim and shoot, tackle and dribble in a variety of conditions, shapes and challenges.
  • Brand-new online mode that includes local online play, cross-platform interaction with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, and multiplayer custom matches.
  • Customise your own kit and stadium and create your own complete club.
  • Spectate matches in ESPN Champions League, featuring real-life matches from all different leagues around the world.
  • New board breaking system, more player animations and realistic crowd sounds.
  • Adapted licensed teams, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus and more.
  • Complete gameplay videos on your Instagram story.
  • Updated live streaming.
  • HD graphics, resolution and frame rate improvements.
  • Slimline profile with new player celebration animations for added realism.
  • New music and original sound effects.
  • New Gamepad options.
  • Enhanced snap, save, and pause options.
  • The largest licenced team roster of any FIFA ever made, featuring more than 350 club players from 32 countries around the world.
  • Play with licensed 17 starting XI kits, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, and more.
  • New FIFA Ultimate Team modes.
  • Live Player Motion Editor. Feature accurate player and ball movement within the game. Fine-tune different elements


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    FIFA is the most successful sports franchise of all time. FIFA has sold more than 200 million games and is the best-selling sports franchise of all time. Today, FIFA is the most popular sports series of all time.
    FIFA is available on every platform.
    FIFA is where gaming meets real life.

    FIFA is back in the World Cup™, and with FIFA 20, EA SPORTS made the game even more deeply connected to the real thing through fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.
    As World Cup™ glory is within reach, FIFA Ultimate Team™ is celebrating its place as the most unique and deep online mode, and the Ultimate Team Champions mode is back to help those players work towards ultimate glory.

    Key Game Features

    Scenes and Elements: FIFA 20 features a revolutionary new game engine designed to bring the game closer to reality.

    FIFA World Cup™: A Revolutionized World: FIFA 20 takes the heart and soul of the real World Cup™ by adopting that tournament’s unique atmosphere and authenticating the game from top to bottom. The result is an experience that plays more like a real World Cup™ match than any other FIFA game.

    The Journey: FIFA 20 brings FIFA to new heights with more detailed game-play elements and a great story which tells the player’s story of football in the age of the streaming cell.

    Goal You can hear it from the crowd, feel it in the way you play, and even see it on the scoreboard: the sound of the keeper’s whistle will no longer be the only sound that defines the goal.

    Team Moments: Earn a goal, assist, or tackle before the goalkeeper has released the ball. You can hear it from the crowd, feel it in the way you play, and even see it on the scoreboard: the sound of the keeper’s whistle will no longer be the only sound that defines the goal.

    Match Day: FIFA 20 introduces new game-play elements that will make every player feel like they are in the middle of the most passionate match of their life.

    A Chip From a Friend: This year you have the choice of receiving just one chip or a friend’s chip.

    Engine: FIFA 20 takes the heart and soul of the real World Cup™ by adopting that tournament’s unique atmosphere and authenticating the game from top to bottom. The result is an experience that plays more like a real World Cup


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    Experience the thrill of managing your very own squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, the largest community-driven FUT mode in the series, with over 30 million players playing the game. Create, collect and develop a squad of real players to build your own team. Joining forces with your club or rival fans and groups to earn epic rewards, and compete in tournaments against all manner of players.

    Training Mode –
    Play through an array of training drills to improve your skills and become the best. From goal-kicks to set-pieces, through diving to tackling, you’ll be challenged and tested in a series of speed, stamina, strength and skill based sessions. Each session will test your abilities to the max as you’ll learn to be on top of your craft in an instant.Worried about the money you spend on your child’s edutainment? Well, parents of school-age children are probably spending more per student on education than they did two decades ago. Let’s look at why.

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