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With dedicated motion capture technology, developers can play around with the exact amount of player and ball movement on the field. Details on what a single player and ball movement can do can help players discover how motion-controlled soccer is different from the traditional type of soccer.

FIFA 22 introduces more aggressive defensive tactics, and the pitch surface reacts to the players on the pitch. The Match Day Experience also introduces next-generation matchday atmospheres with music, custom colors and the ability to earn unique rewards from matches such as the Red Card Challenge, the Superstar Challenge and the Fastest Player Challenge.

The game will support Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will be available on September 27. The Ultimate Edition will be available for PlayStation 4 on August 18.Q:

Why does an Apache 2.4.7 server on Debian not have access to the “mod_unique_id” module?

A new Debian 10 Jessie server I have been installing has been refusing to load the mod_unique_id module (all other stuff seems fine). After reading a number of related Stack Overflow questions, I am struggling to understand why.
I have confirmed that mod_unique_id is part of my Apache configuration and is available on other Debian 10 machines, without any issues.
Can anyone explain why the Debian 10 machine is rejecting mod_unique_id?
Thanks in advance!


mod_unique_id is installed at startup, and at boot time, Apache does not start.
You could try to load mod_unique_id on startup, using the initscripts framework;


How to get a photo tag at HttpServletRequest object?

I want to get a tag(for example, ) of a received image at HttpServletRequest object.I don’t know is this possible or not.
And what’s the best method?


This is not possible. This is a question about servlet3.0 + JSP and jstl.
This is not possible because


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Game Modes
  • Speed of play
  • Intuitive controls
  • Crisp graphics
  • Flawless Virtua Benchmark


  • Online Alliances
  • FUT Rush


  • "Speed of play" up to four times higher
  • UI Kit customization & improvement
  • Complete, comprehensive lighting system


  • Complete “HyperMotion Technology” to animate players more naturally, making the ball feel more responsive.
  • FIFA 22 brings realistic weather and set pieces, like goal mouth or corner flags, with their own impact animations.
  • Pace of gameplay – up to four times faster than the previous game.

User Interface

  • UI Kit customization and improvements
  • New camera modes
  • Fully revamped My Career Game tab
  • All-new Player Intelligence view
  • Choosing your favourite camera mode simply by holding either the left or right bumper buttons


  • Improved AI teammates & tactics
  • Personal Stats page
  • Sound Advice recommended actions in-game; keeps your footsteps in your chosen scoreline!
  • Manage your own Alliances online.

Story and Career Mode

  • Complete your full Pro season in Single-Player & achieve a winning season in Career Mode. New ways to progress in Career Mode & new control methods


Fifa 22 Download [2022-Latest]

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the EA SPORTS FIFA series’ most authentic entry to date. Using the same updated physics engine and ultra-responsive, intuitive control system as the award-winning Ignite FIFA that launched in June 2015 and a more robust MyClub mode, as well as additional improvements to lighting, graphics, crowd response and gameplay, FIFA ’22 has been fine tuned in every area to deliver the true-to-life experience players have demanded.

Key Features

The Ultimate FIFA Experience: FIFA gives players the absolute feeling of control with authentic and responsive controls that feel like the real thing. With fundamental gameplay and AI improvements, FIFA ’22 delivers the authentic gameplay that will satisfy any skill level.

Dynamic FIFA: FIFA gives players the opportunity to truly connect with their teammates and opponents via the unique and enhanced player intelligence and versatility. This, along with the improved player communication, makes for a more vibrant, fluid and exciting game.

Tailored Match Experience: For the first time ever in EA SPORTS FIFA gameplay, the FIFA Ultimate Team Ultimate Pass gives players unparalleled access to both digital and real-world content. Players can now own high profile players like Neymar and Eden Hazard individually or as part of a premium squad, and enjoy the most dynamic trading system in soccer. With one premium item purchased for the Ultimate Team this season, more than 30 Ultimate Team packs are available to earn.

Quick Shoot, Quick Manage: With the new “Pick and Shoot” control system, players can swap between the most effective shooting techniques, including the ability to pick a specific shot type by navigating the menu using three different methods: with a dribble, a 2-step pass or a 1-step pass. This creates a wide variety of scoring options while maintaining the best balance between precision and creativity that gamers have come to expect from FIFA.

Ultimate Team™: As players battle to own the most popular club in FIFA ’22, they can seamlessly construct a team and grow their squad through gameplay, new draft picks and the new MyClub mode. FIFA ’22 marks the first time players will be able to enjoy the true-to-life trading opportunities in the franchise that allow players to not only own individual players but also their entire teams, giving players the ultimate roster-building options to succeed.

World Class Player AI: Both offline and online, FIFA gives players the opportunity to truly connect with their teammates and opponents via the unique and enhanced player intelligence and versatility. This,


Fifa 22 With Registration Code [Latest] 2022

The king of all digital football games returns for FIFA 22. With all-new FIFA Ultimate Team cards and intuitive gameplay that makes managing your squad effortless, FIFA 22 is the most authentic and enjoyable way to enjoy football. Play solo, compete with players from around the world, or join friends to play the most popular feature in any football game. Whether you enjoy FIFA Ultimate Team by yourself or in ranked matches, the most authentic football game on the planet will have you hooked.

The cornerstone of FIFA Ultimate Team, My Player brings the spirit and passion of football to the game like never before with unique MY FOOTBALL features. Will you be the next Gareth Bale, or Ronaldo? Be a legend amongst your friends. Attach your favourite player to your My Player, show them off to the world, and play their moves in game.

More ways to play – FIFA Ultimate Team
Now you can go head-to-head against football legends and top club teams from around the world online or in live matches on matchdays. FIFA Ultimate Team coins are just one of the different ways to progress in the game. Earn goals, assists and cards by playing through the game and breaking down the steps to becoming a footballer.

Personalise your Ultimate Team squad to discover new ways to play.

Customise your squad, kit and stadium to give them their own unique style.

Earn FIFA Points to unlock premium items from the FIFA world class range including boots, kits and more.

FIFA Ultimate Team is the key to unlocking FIFA Points for your team. Take on real football legends and top clubs in live and tournament modes.

Be part of the biggest celebration in football with more live matches and news through the game’s built-in LIVE portal.

Take your game into the next level with FIFA Mobile. With the power of Xbox One X, Xbox Play Anywhere, PlayStation®4 Pro and Nintendo Switch™, FIFA Mobile is the most powerful and visually rich mobile FIFA game.

With FIFA Mobile, fans can unleash their inner footballing icon and play out their own unique dream with a full array of licensed players, stadiums, and kits from the FIFA franchise. Play anytime, anywhere, and on a range of mobile devices. FIFA Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices now.

Players have the ability to choose from several different game modes available in FIFA Mobile.



What’s new in Fifa 22: