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FIFA 22 brings real-life, life-like player physics, tackling, and aerial controls to the world’s most popular sports title, delivering the ultimate soccer experience. With life-like physics and innovations to ball control, FIFA 22 delivers unparalleled responsiveness on the pitch, allowing players to control the game in a variety of dynamic ways that put a player in the center of action.

FIFA 22 is powered by an upgraded engine that features dynamic 3D crowds, improved lighting, and the first day-night game mode. In addition, the game features Football ID, a brand-new feature that allows players to create and develop their own players with enhanced customization options. As part of the “My Player” feature, players will be able to share their players with friends and compete in My Player tournaments, where they can earn Fame and Prestige points, while also comparing their skills and attributes with their friends.

This year, the FIFA license has been extended to players and brands from around the world, including the All-Stars from the 2003 FIFA World Player of the Year competition, the top U.S. national team player from the 2004 Olympics, and the German national team, who will compete in FIFA 22 as Germany, taking on their friends from France and Switzerland.

Fans will be able to experience the gameplay of FIFA 22 by downloading the demo version of the game, available from the official FIFA website. To download the demo, fans need to register at the website and enter a password created by their Xbox Live account.

As a reminder, players who are currently signed up to the Xbox LIVE Gold service will be able to download the demo version of FIFA 22 starting on August 22 and playing until August 30. For other players, FIFA 22 will be available in all stores nationwide on September 6.

The new FIFA Ultimate Team** introduces the new Ultimate Team Collection, which enables players to collect 99 players and kits from top leagues around the world. One player, nine kits, and the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Trophy**, along with a chance to win additional kits and awards, awaits players who can complete the most FUT packs between August 28 – September 8.

More details can be found at and fans can sign up for the beta test to join the party. To sign up for the beta, visit


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22: Challenge the best on the pitch with authentic movements and more ways to play than ever.
    • Play the way you want: Dynamic contextual game physics make every touch feel weighty. Use the R2 Button to balance the ball naturally in a way that feels natural. And that’s just the start.
    • Improved Player Behaviour: Players can freely turn and motion in all directions while aiming and shooting.
    • All-new Player Behaviour System: AI routines react to the game in real-time based on player intelligence.
    • New Pass Technology: AI routines to quickly and accurately read the intended pass path and then recognize which of your attacking teammates is best to play it with.
    • New dribble dribble AI: AI routines recognize when to defend against dribbling runs and when to rotate the defense with their passing.
    • Passing AI routines: Create the pass in a never-before-seen intelligent way, and complete in an intelligent way.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: More ways to get ahead by building, buying and selling players.

Key features for FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Significant Number of New Player Progression options: Includes items such as new training items, user created goal celebrations and stadium roof displays, goalscorers, world cup kits, kits to use overseas, all new soccer shirts and more to customize your team.


  • FIFA Play The Game You Love: Stay on top of breaking news, check out trending videos and read full length magazine articles all through the game on the EA SPORTS Football Club. This way we can stay connected to the communities we love.


  • Challenge your friends in the new Pro Clubs or play live for free online in the Mentor Academy by mastering the new Quickplay mini-game.


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FIFA is the number one videogame in the world. It is only second to the hugely successful Mario in terms of sales. FIFA is the product of an incredible twenty-two years of technical innovation and game play advances. It is also FIFA, the most famous videogame franchise in history, where the emotion of a world class player’s performance is the definitive measure of your team’s greatness.


Future Fitness Plus is our newest feature pack in FIFA. It is the first EA SPORTS FIFA game to offer real-time goal celebration animations, and makes the fans get involved and celebrate your goals with you right alongside you, on your choice of crowd.

It also introduces FIFA Ultimate Team’s comprehensive Player Societies teaming players from around the world together to enable you to assemble a team that reflects your personal style.

The player’s form and performance are complemented with statistics that inform the way you view your team. You will now be able to match your XI to style of play and see how they perform compared to other squad members.

A brand new content pipeline will give you the tools to create your own environments and set-pieces, giving you more control over your match day experience.

On top of this, the game features new camera modes, tweaks to the Create a Player command, and the introduction of a new Touch-based treatment for the goalkeeper. The use of the Context-based play-defence with an emphasis on the goalkeeper, is the most studied approach for FIFA.


FIFA Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular format for FIFA gaming fans and players, is back with an all-new “Player Societies” system.

This content adds in new and familiar faces that have been voted for by the players. Choose a club, and our advanced algorithm will search and find the best eligible players that have been voted for by fans in your country.

As you collect your cards, you will be able to attend a series of online events where you will be able to face off against other top-quality players and teams – you can even challenge the best players in the world in the newest-generation of competitive gaming. Compete for exclusive player contracts in an online ranking system where the highest-ranked player gets the higher-earning contract.

FIFA has also partnered with top players to make his first appearance


Fifa 22 [2022]

The Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in football games, because of its ability to provide a living, breathing gaming experience without interrupting the intensity of the match. This iteration adds a rich RPG style of gameplay to FIFA Ultimate Team. Players can earn and use FIFA Ultimate Team coins to buy more players and badges. Users can also challenge other players in Weekly FUT Tournaments or players with real world teams, enter Daily FUT Tournaments to win prizes and compete for more FIFA coins. FUT Champions Challenges let users test their skills against the best FUT players in the world on FIFA Ultimate Team.

User-created tournaments allow users to create tournaments on their own and invite their friends or opponents to participate.

FIFA Ultimate Team 22 Edition also comes with new game modes. In the Club Experience mode, users play as a football club owner or coach. The team’s performance will affect the club’s reputation, which will open the door to potentially lucrative career pathways in the game. The Club Experience mode also comes with a customisable manager league mode, as well as new “draft pick” features, allowing users to draft new players into their team as the season progresses, and the ability to reverse the draft at any time.

Additionally, the FIFA Experience pack gives players the chance to take a closer look at the game’s key features. This pack includes the FUT Masterclass, a series of video tutorials on key gameplay mechanics, and the FIFA ULTIMATE FUT TOWER, a virtual store where users can purchase and sell FIFA Ultimate Team coins and players.

Online functionality
The game now has significant online functionality. Players can now play online against one another, as well as against real-world football teams, through FIFA Ultimate Team Matches. Every FIFA Ultimate Team player has a pre-defined role, and players can earn FUT points through attacking, goal scoring, defending and set pieces. Once a match begins, the player chooses their role to play.

FIFA Ultimate Team Matches make it possible for teams to play each other as real-world teams from around the world. These matches will be played between the pre-determined roles of each player. However, one player can be switched for another in the middle of the match, allowing for greater flexibility when lining up a team.

In addition, users can also wage a virtual war through customized Soccernomics-based minigames in the new “Champions League” mode.

The game also


What’s new in Fifa 22: