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Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Roblox. In this episode I am going to show you how to host a ping pong tournament for your friends. So watch and enjoy.
The Tournament Rules
Rule 1: Each player has to get through a tournament. The tournament will start with 16 players. The winner will be the player who comes out on top. The player in first place will recieve 1 point. The player in second place will recieve 2 points. The player in third place will recieve 3 points. The player in fourth place will recieve 4 points. The player in fifth place will recieve 5 points. The player in sixth place will recieve 6 points. The player in seventh place will recieve 7 points. The player in eighth place will recieve 8 points. The player in ninth place will recieve 9 points. The player in 10th place will recieve 10 points. The player in 11th place will recieve 11 points. The player in 12th place will recieve 12


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How to get free robux online?

Just select the cheat code you want and press “Generate Cheat Code” and voila, you’re ready for some Robux! You’ll also need a Roblox account. Once you have both, here’s how to get free robux.

First, log into the platform in an empty game by following the directions on this website. You’ll see the “Create New Account” button. Do this. Make sure that you enter an email address and a password. Click on create account. Remember, DO NOT LOG IN to your actual Roblox account from a non-ROBLOX website. This will give your account away and prevent you from getting any more robux. Go to and create a new Roblox account. Don’t forget to create a nickname, which is an optional thing.

By choosing the nickname for your account, you can make a toon for yourself. Go to the account in which you made an account and click on it to open it. Go to “Your TOS” and click on “I accept it” and the “Email me news about Roblox” checkbox should be checked off. Check it and then save it.

Once that’s done, go to Click the “Email Roblox” button and click on the link that it gives. Enter your nickname from the first step and then enter the credentials for your email (the one you used to make the account). You can tell if it worked because it will tell you what nickname you used and if you got robux for doing it.

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If you’re interested in musical items, one of the most popular ways to get free robux is through Rock Band. Rock Band is a game for the Xbox 360. There are two bands and it takes place in a different place every time. You’re in charge of all the music, and your boss will punish you by decreasing your salary every time you don’t provide enough good music. Eventually, you’ll have to quit your job.

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